Corduroy Suits (On Sale Now)

January 15th, 2014

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Sooo… I didn’t get the time to finish writing our “Online Made-to-Measure Suit Review” yesterday because Alex and I got caught up shooting TYGA for an upcoming feature.

For now, here’s a quick lookbook of one of my favorite versatile menswear garments: the slim corduroy suit. It’s not too late to invest for this season (might be great timing actually, since winter clothes are just starting to go on sale). For example, here’s a great deal online right now:  Trim-Fit Corduroy Suit by Hugo Boss ($317.98) available in two of our favorite colors: Navy and Olive.

The casual nature of corduroy fabric makes the suit easy to dress up or down. And when you factor in the additional styling opportunities as separates (an all-purpose blazer and go-to trousers), this is a solid staple investment for your F/W wardrobe.

Hope this provides some inspiration.














Thanks, as always, for reading. Great content coming up!

Yours in style,



Photography by Alex Crawford

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  • Mens

    Good article,everything is perfect in this article.

  • joe

    the suits are nice, but that hat needs to be thrown in the garbage…makes the wearer look homeless every time, without fail

  • St. Julian

    I will have to admit. I wasn’t a big fan of corduroy suits, but this post changed my mind. I like a variety of looks giving style to a corduroy suit. I even made a post on my blog referencing to this one. Great blog post SB.

  • Isaac

    Great post! I really love the suede/leather monkstraps in the first and last photo. Dan, I vaguely remember you saying in a previous post that those shoes are custom made for you by Scarpe di Bianco. Does this mean that shoe is not for sale to the general public? I hope all is well with you guys!

  • Isaac

    Great post!

  • http://undefined Dick Lickerson

    Pretty rad looks EXCEPT the last photo. In that one you look like Link from Legend of Zelda if he played the wrong note on his magic flute and got warped to Brooklyn. You better go see if Mario and Luigi will let you shack up, or you might end up having to play the magic skin flute to make some rupees.

  • MS

    I remember some of those navy corduroy suit looks from way back when! One of the first posts I really enjoyed. I remember thinking for awhile that corduroy suits were “too much,” or somehow kind of CT-Dad-at-Christmas-Mass, if you will. That navy corduroy suit changed my whole bespoke life. Great post, TSB.

  • Richard L.

    GAH, that’s a good deal on the Boss suits posted.

    However I wish I could buy the trouser and suit jacket separately since my dimensions are weird.

  • RO

    Dan, I will be in NYC next month. Where can one pick up an unconstructed corduroy blazer? I am having difficulty finding one here in Ontario.

  • Miguel

    This is a great post, I actually bought the corduroy blazer first and wasn’t sure if to buy or not the pants, I found them at a great prize and bought them but felt a little overwhelm by the the corduroy suit, now that I see so many pictures of you wearing them I’ll give a try, thanks.

  • BougieHippie

    The 2nd look has to be my fav. Mainly because I enjoy the braveness of the floppy hat!

  • TO

    Haha Jeanscuffed, I have found myself wondering the same thing before.
    Its funny because Alex will talk, for example, about how he can shop in the kids section, but then somehow he will be wearing one of Dan’s outerwear pieces. And I have noticed a lot of items seem to fit on the majority of the team.

    While I can’t explain it, especially my example, I find, and appreciate, how most grown up men who are around 6 feet seem to be a 40 jacket and a 34 pant, or something very close.

    I am slightly smaller than this mold at 5’10″ 38/34 , but if I buy anything a little big I know it undoubtedly will either fit my dad or my brother who are 6′-6’2″. So it makes it easy to make gifts out of finds I really like but just miss the mark for my size. I am thinking most of the team is around the 6′ mark (except Alex), but this maybe wrong too!

    • Omar Shaikh

      This shall forever be a mystery lol

    • Dan Trepanier

      Haha. Alex gets the short end of the stick (no pun intended)…he’s the only one who can’t really borrow from the “TSB Styling Closet” (the clothes that we’ve collected over the years in sample size 40/M). Wes, Towni and I are roughly the same clothing and show size.

      When did Alex wear my outerwear?

      • Alex Crawford

        I’ve worn a few outerwear pieces that you’ve also worn. My favorite example is this chunky sweater:

        I’ve worn that in at least two WIWTs, it’s one of my favorite pieces of yours. I’ve also worn one of your leather jackets in a WIWT, it was a tad big on me!

        • TO

          Yeah thanks Alex, I knew you wore the cowichan of Dan’s which fit you real well and a couple other piece at some point.

    • Riff Raff

      At 5’9 and a 36R/29w, I couldn’t even borrow from Dan’s closet for my outer layers. Luckily, I’ve built my own robust styling closet :)

      • TO

        Riff Raff- Styling closet full of chains and tank tops?

  • http://undefined TimL

    Great recap of the cord suite.

    Still love the blue beast you have as a 3 piece. Great style!

  • Wistful Writer

    Relative to the weather in New York City, what months do you think you could wear corduroy? Would you say it’s a more insulating cloth like flannel?

    • Dan Trepanier

      Yes. Corduroy is a heavyweight fabric designed for the Fall & Winter. That said, don’t dress according to the calendar, dress according to the thermometer.

  • cam

    hey dan hope all is well…I’m really into seperates right now so if I went with a corduroy blazer, what fabric pant would you recommend?

    • Dan Trepanier

      You mean for pants go to with a cord blazer? Denim, tweed, or flannel would all be nice choices.

  • http://undefined Jeanscuffed

    Great post and love the lookbook provided. 2 questions:

    1. Just like there are different fabrics for Spring/Summer suits, are Cord suits the same? As in would you recommend a lower priced cord suit than a higher priced?

    2. I’ve been following this site for a while and noticed that the whole team interchanges clothing/shoes with one another. Are yall ALL the same shoe/clothes size? If yall are then fate has built a great team where no one needs to purchase any extra clothes for one person.

    • Dan Trepanier

      1. I’m not sure I fully understand your question…? There are some high-end corduroys out there (like cashmere blends and such) as well as some really cheap cords (that are stiff as a board and feel harsh on the hands). Prices are all relative but I would shoot for somewhere in the middle.

      2. There’s certainly a lot of sharing and trading going on. It was worse when we all worked out of the TSBmen office in NYC. Towni, Wes and I are all similar in size (roughly 6′ and size 40R), but Alex is 5’6″ and more of 38S.


      • http://undefined Jeanscuffed

        Sorry for bad explaination but your answer is basically what I was trying to ask. Wow, Alex is 5’6″ with a 38s? It’s weird that I’m 5’9″ with a 38r. Funny how that goes…

        • http://undefined Robert

          Dude, call Ripley’s ASAP…you guys might be able to go on their traveling tour…..because we KNOW all body types are usually identical based on height.

        • Dan Trepanier

          That sounds about right…

    • http://undefined DeptofRedundancyDept

      “yall ALL” enough said.

      • Alex Crawford