Casually Double Breasted

May 22nd, 2011



2. Seersucker + Chinos

The traditional 1/8″ blue/white stripe seersucker has been done a million times. As a suit, it’s expected. As a blazer, not so much. As a double breasted blazer with gold buttons, not at all.

The more traditional something is (meaning many people own it – like this style of seersucker fabric), the more likely I am to play with it’s styling, cut, details, etc… to update it and make it fresh.

Bonus Tip: A summer fabric in a double breasted cut makes it appear slightly “heavier”, meaning it also works for Spring/early Fall.

Bonus Tip II: If possible, try to match all your metals.

  • Tom

    I enjoyed reading this post and absolutely love double breasted suits, but I think the DB jacket with jeans might be a bit daring for me! Still, if you can pull it off, fair play to you :)

  • Turban

    I savour, cause I found exactly what I was taking a look for. You have ended my four day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man. Have a nice day. Bye

  • Joseph Brennan

    Love these looks! You prove that DB doesn’t have to be super formal! That’s just the argument I try to make at my site,

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    Nice.really a attractive look.I like all the present a good men sportswear.Dig the db jackets makes a funky look and a gorgeous style.With a good stuff it is very nice.

  • Junior

    Very stylish. But I really loved the second one. I want a striped double breasted jacket, and these shoes are beautiful.

  • Dave

    Dig the db jackets – they all look great. But rolling the sleeves of one just looks weird and unnecessary – the jacket has enough going on already, what with the peaked lapels, the multitude of buttons, and the fact that db jackets are a bit more ostentatious to begin with

  • IlGattopardo

    I love double breasted and the post is very inspiring, but I think you would benefit from a larger lapel, especially for a dress down look.
    And I think you look sharper with the navy four button. Don’t you thik the buttons are too high in the seersucker jacket?
    Love the site. Keep up the good work.

  • alan m.

    Good stuff. The DB is classic no matter how you look at it.

  • Aggie K

    The first look is great.

    I love the saddle shoes in the second picture. They look exactly like the ones I wore in elementary school. I think this look would be improved with argyle socks.

  • Michael

    Now THIS is a sick post. Love the H&M chinos.

  • Anonymous

    Double Breasted Jackets should always have buttons where you nipples should be!!!!

  • Wayne

    The 2nd look is sweet! Those Bass shoes are awesome, I am off to find a similar pair.

  • Reckon

    Yo dawg, your style has so much swagger and flavor, it is sick. ICU sick. Once again you are killing it dawg. The V neck with the blue 2breast is awesome..and with the sleeves up… Dan is the man. The world does not know about the 2breast jacket, jeans, no socks and V neck. School is in session!!!!

    • Parker


    • Owen

      LOL BIG TIME……..

  • Jonathan Charles

    Love the Seersucker look.

    Will the store be suit-centric, or will there be a range of clothing?

  • Julian

    Love the first and second look.the third is cool to, eaventough I’m not a fan of the “no-shirt look”. I’m certain that the menswear bloggers will hate again;-)
    I think you got it right with doing you instead of doing the common opinion of what a look should look like.
    As you always say, it’s about inspiration and not about copying.
    For my part I’m perfectly fine with picking out the stuff I like and leaving the rest alone.

    Keep up the good wor and thanks for the inspiration


    p.s. Please excuse my cappy english…

    • SB

      Thanks Julian.
      For the record, in look 3 I’m wearing the blazer over a white v-neck t-shirt.


  • Bart

    Overall great looks, esp #2.


    DB seems to be very in right now but I just can’t get into it. The jackets look weird unbuttoned and generally feel awkward. Also, the 6-button ones look like they have nipples. I’m personally hoping that this is a short-lived trend.

  • Joey Dee

    Can’t wait for the seer sucker ! Thats really exciting. What other colors do you have comimg ?

  • Maurice

    I like the brown double breasted jacket a lot.

  • Anthony

    Great stuff man. Love how you have the sleeves of the blazer slightly rolled up to show the bracelets and watch.I’m going to have to go out and get a nice cotton DB blazer now! Thanks for all your stuff and keep it coming!

  • Rosstin

    Double breasted seersucker = bravo, nice!

  • Ariel…

    Incredible post as usual Bro! Posts like this get me upset that I outgrew my DB Blazer! Definitely must get another one ASAP and give some of your tips a try.I’m definitely feelin Look #2 and #3 because of how clean those outfits are. The Seerssucker DB is sick! *Will anything Seersucker be featured in your upcoming collection?* As always keep inspiring and styling!

  • Blake

    Love the post SB. Just wondering if you now have a set date for the release of MAB. Need to start saving. Keep up the good work

    • SB

      Good question. We are waiting on one last sample. We should announce the official opening of the SB STORE sometime in Late June/Early July.

      Start saving! :)

      My apologies for the delays….trust me, nobody wants to get these done and ready more than me.

      All the best,

  • swashbucklr

    all great. your mixture of formal and casual is one of my favorite things of your style.

    the first look is super awesome. and the jacket (and suit) is still my favorite piece of yours by far.


    • SB


  • John Ryan

    Not a fan of the consistent ‘I wear my shoes with no socks’ look that you’re trying to go for, but it works marvelously in look #2.

    Also love the first jacket – the low button stance on the double-breasted is a great look!

    • SB

      Thanks for reading, and sharing, John.