Outfit Suggestion: Workwear Weekend

January 25th, 2014




1. Spiewak Waxed Deck Jacket by Club Monaco ($395.00)

2. ‘Journey West’ Pattern Lambswool Shawl Cardigan by Pendleton ($98.98 – on sale)

3. Kensington Cashmere Hat by Club Monaco ($79.50)

4. Denim Work Shirt by Billy Reid ($87.75 – on sale)

5. Slim Fit Corduroy Pants by Brooks Brothers ($47.49 – on sale)

6. ‘Beckman’ Boot by Redwing ($330)



Yours in style,


  • Bobby P

    Nice brown cords. Dan/Alex/whoever is still with TSB, I have a question about this exact cords:

    Brooks Brothers offers them as part of their Red Fleece collection, but even when fully stocked, BB only carries up to a 32″ inseam (unless the waist size is 38″ or more). Have you guys noticed this, too? I’ve watched these cords show up for two years now under “Red Fleece” but the longest one you can buy is a 32″ inseam until you super size the waist. Any ideas?

  • Cam

    Workwear “inspired” might be more accurate

    • cam

      not sure who this is but please don’t use my name….thanks

      • Cam


      • SL

        Just a thought, but what if that’s his name too?

        • Cam

          Exactly. What if it is my name too?

          • caM

            As long as you two don’t punctuate like me then I’m cool.