High-End & Low-End feat. Anthony Ollmann

February 14th, 2014

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2. Throwback Gent


“I started at Old Navy and now am blessed to be in charge of the west coast made-to-measure program for Gucci… It’s a great opportunity for men to fine tune their closets based on their specific needs. It allows them to take control of what they want and how they want pieces to fit without waiting from season to season to see what is offered. I fell in love with this program because of the options available and the freedom it gives myself and the customer.”


“This is one of my favorite looks. I was able to get my hands on this Vintage Gucci Tuxedo and I try to find any way to piece it with an outfit. The huge lapels and the ultra-low DB button stance is killer… To me it’s a black jacket. I can wear a black jacket with virtually anything.”



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  • Josh

    The blazer in the third look is great, any clue on how to find one similar?

  • Jonathon

    Are you wearing suspenders in look 1&2?

  • http://unseenflirtspoetry.wordpress.com Unseen Flirtations

    Aspiration without desperation, and assured enough to play with ‘the rules’ sans safety net. Yep.

  • Jeanscuffed

    I love high/low style posts especially this one. Where on this site have you featured a guy wearing something from Forever 21? I love all three looks. I’m not a fan of the super wide lapel Gucci blazer, BUT I like how Anthony pulls it off. It’s all about confidence as well, and I can see he wears it better than his clothes. Look #1 is definitely something I would wear.

  • Brent

    The tux jacket looks absurd. First look is pretty cool.

  • Jeff Russell

    While not all the looks are to my taste, Anthony owns every look and just looks comfortable. You can definitely apprecite that.

    • Brent

      It’s a professional photoshoot for a blog feature of course he looks comfortable that is the point. If he looked socially awkward and like he was holding in a bowel movement it wouldn’t be featured.

      • Jeanscuffed

        Cool your jets Brent. He was only complimenting the smooth nature of how the pictures came out. It’s already known if the pictures looked weird or awkward in any way, they would re-do or just not post. C’mon now.

        • Brent

          Cool my jets? That was a very level response?

          • Jeanscuffed

            There’s no pleasing you lol

            • Brent

              The most repetitive comment on this site is always “he looks comfortable” or “not my style but he owns it”

              • Rob

                That doesn’t surprise me given how many guys I have observed in my day who just look awkward in certain clothes. The site puts up guys who are top level in their style and inspiration. No wonder you see those comments so much.

      • Rob

        You’re right, I totally forgot I was looking at a picture on computer screen! Man, that always gets me every time. I always think it’s real life.

        • Brent

          That is not what my comment is about one bit completely off. But saying a model looks comfortable in every single post is a point that holds no weight since it’s a professional photoshoot that’s meant to make the actor look comfortable.

          • Rob

            I think this is an issue over differing understandings of what a camera shoot can bring. You are correct, it is a professional photo shoot and it is going to turn out looking great no matter what. However, you put me in those same clothes, with the same team and I doubt I am going to “look comfortable.” The photos might turn out beautifully, that does not always entail comfort. I am speaking more about owning the look and making it a natural expression then necessarily poses and expressions on the model’s face. An intangible comfort and confidence that cameras cannot always provide. Though, you may disagree and I think that is fine.

  • Kevin Wood

    I’m so proud of you man so happy your my brother

  • Josh Mendez

    One of my favorite articles. Because I’m only 18, and it started with me back in High School, reading GQ Magazine, competing in my schools fashion show, winning Best Dressed my senior year. I never had the money to spend $500 on a pair of shoes/a nice article of clothing. So I used to just go to Uniqlo, H&M, Zara, & Urban Outfitters and try and mix & match. It’s all about making the item look like it costs more than it really does. I have a Trench Coat my mom got me from Jamaica Ave *New Yorkers (Particularly Queens) know this* and people thought I got it from H&M or Bloomingdales. And my first (and current job) was a sales floor associate at Old Navy. I figured why not get into the retail business if I’m a fan of fashion? So I started in the summer, and 3 months later I became one of the managers. Fast forward to now I’m still one of the managers. But this shows me that what I’m doing is going to aim me in the right direction if I keep at it. Thanks TSB, from one of your younger readers.

  • Koska23

    I’m all for creativity, but the hat in look 3 is a bit much for my taste. I like looks 1 and 2 though. Thanks for the post.

  • amy bennett

    Anthony is my nephew and he has been awesome since he was a baby!!! love you Tony!!!!

  • Miguel

    The first look is on point, the last two kind of busy to my liking, thanks for posting.

  • John B

    I like the post, especially the two first looks. The shoes are amazing (minus the Toms ones) and I really like the DB tuxedo over DB vest (wish I could find one off-the-rack).

  • Ian K

    Wow, that third look is killer! I’m already plotting a way to mimic it with a LA Dodgers cap. Thanks!!

  • Nate

    I love layering and I particularly enjoy the contrasts in color and tonality in the first look. There is enough complexity to keep any men’s fashion aficionado busy, yet the overall look ties together in a decidedly un-fussy manner. My hat’s off (haha) to you, TSB and Anthony for this post.

    • http://www.TSBmen.com/ Dan Trepanier

      Thanks Nate!

  • Dennis

    On the first look, did you mean “Goorin Bros.”?

    • http://www.TSBmen.com/ Dan Trepanier

      Yes. Good catch – just fixed it. Thx

  • http://www.wellbuiltstyle.com/ WellBuiltStyle

    Definitely like the first look. I think it would be that much better without the hat and bow tie. Simple is stylish.

    The other two looks are definitely more “fashion forward” but I find them to be a little too thought out or affected.

  • WideEyesTWBlog

    Not as sure about the other two, but I love the first look. It’s definitely something I would wear, and I really appreciate the inclusion of items I could actually afford. While I still take great and useful inspiration from pieces showcasing mainly high-end goods, it’s nice to take some of the work out of the equation by showing those affordable versions right up front. Nice post.

  • http://whentowear.tumblr.com/ WhenToWear

    I actually like all the outfits, minus the waistcoat in look 2. For some reason is appears more formal than the actual jacket. Other than that I think it hits that perfect medium of looking tailored and looking casual. The layers allow you to go either way when called for.

  • cam

    I guess I would need to live on the West Coast to understand this. Maybe someone else could explain to me a double breasted tux jacket with denim, bow ties with fitted sport caps etc. This is just all over the place.

    • http://www.TSBmen.com/ Dan Trepanier

      Too much structure can kill a man’s creativity.

    • Jimmy_Johansen

      I’m from NYC. I love the 3rd look. I’m not even into bow ties but this is perfect. I would do this in a second. I think I’ve already done a variation of it