Outfit Suggestion: Tropical Getaway

February 15th, 2014




1) Straw Hat by Borsalino ($235)

2) Downing Shades by Warby Parker ($95)

3) Floral Print Shirt by AMI Alexandre Mattiussi ($260)

4) Linen T-Shirt by Sandro ($150)

5) Trunks by J.Crew ($64.50) 

6) Moisturizer by Kiehl’s ($25)

7) Sandals by Ralph Lauren ($185)

8) Beach Bag by Ralph Lauren ($50)

9) Linen Pants by Hugo Boss ($155)

10) Beach Towel by Pendleton ($49.50)



Get away from the winter mess and enjoy your beach vacation in style!


Yours in style,


  • Jeanscuffed

    At 1st glance I thought this was a monthly giveaway. I was stupid excited winning that shirt lol.

  • J. Darko

    Link number 2 (shades) is not working. At least for me ..

  • TO

    This is my favourite one of these you’ve done! Those shades are beyond sick!! This would make a killer beach outfit. Too bad this entire spread is WAY out of my budget, but good inspiration as always:)

    • Nick

      Well use this as a form of inspiration, the floral shirt can be thrifted for example. Then for most of the other stuff feel free to check HauteLook they have a bunch of designer on the cheap from Nordstrom!