Spring Showers

May 10th, 2011

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3. The Lightweight Trench

Seasonal trenches are where it’s at. I bought this light blue “color degrade” one with the concern that I may not wear it much…than wore it three times last week. This proves that classic design and shape is just as important as color neutrality when it comes to the wearability of a garment.

Bonus Tip: With the right outerwear and accesories, there are countless ways to wear the good old white t-shirt & indigo jeans.

Bonus Tip II: Scarves aren’t just for the winter. This one, in a lightweight heather grey jersey, is perfect for those cool-but-not-cold Spring days. More on this soon.


  • Jersey scarf Handmade
  • Light blue cotton trench by Burberry Prorsum
  • White linen blend t-shirt by Kenneth Cole
  • Watch by Montblanc Timewalker
  • Indigo denim jeans by JBrand
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  • Light blue

    Where could I get a trench coat like the one in style 3?
    Been looking for a while but can’t find anything, ideas anyone?

  • Meg

    What kind of boots are in picture 7?

  • ark

    Is it normal for trench coats to look incredibly baggy when its not buttoned and youre standing straight?

  • Matt

    What kind of umbrella do you prefer?

    A Vintage style like in this post, or a high-tech dealy like a Davek that you have in other posts?


  • Jason

    The Mac Coat ensemble is simple elegance at its best. This ensemble demonstrates that one can have individual flare with such a look (the patterned pocket square and vintage tie bar) but keep the base of the ensemble in neutral shades of tan/brown and complement with with a light blue shirt and solid navy tie. Bravo!!

  • Jason

    Great representation of all different rain wear!

    Jason Konig

  • Arsene

    The yellow raincoat look get a “+1″ round these parts. Working as a finance manager at an ocean freight company in a shipping port in Brooklyn, it can be a bit challenging to maintain my individual style while being practical. Definitely inspiring….

  • Morry

    I like the brown raincoat look.

  • oliver

    cool rain gear, see some other cool mens gear here http://www.artofgear.com/

  • Scotland

    It actually kills me that I can’t find a single breasted trench coat that is in any way as nice as your Burberry one. I love the blue, it’s really simple yet different enough to stand out.

    Great post, great inspiration, great site.

    Thanks from rainy Scotland.

  • Matthew Mejias

    Congratulations on your campaign with Bar III and Macy’s I just saw my first email with you in the Macy’s advertising… also… great post… I like the galoshes in the last picture… you wouldn’t really know unless you saw them up close…keep doing what you are doing… :)

  • Phil

    Great Post! Do you have any recommendation for looking sharp and professional at the office in hot weathers with temperatures over 115 degrees?

  • Thomas

    Great poast as usual. That linen suit is gorgeous. What color would you call that? Oatmeal?

  • MrPracci

    Dan, you are the “God of Style” – elegance at its finest! The details in the 1st and 2nd pics are amazing + the chocolate brown Mackintosh…nice. Obviously, neutrals go together (khaki suit with blue shirt) but the small details make this look. The floral and neutral colors in the pocketsquare highlighted with the blue trimming is to die for. Plus, did anyone notice the buttons??!! Are you kidding me??!! Blue thread against the brown buttons??!! All hail the “God of Style”! Dan, keep up the EXCELLENT work – we need to talk!!

  • Kristopher

    Lovin that you rocked LL Beans in 3/5 looks. LL Bean is the bees knees and most defns a go-to brand in rainy weather. Makes me feel rugged haha. Great work

  • Reckon

    I am loving this post.
    The green pancho, with the linen suit and the shoe-condom is an awesome look. I am just wondering, why the umbrella if the pancho has a hoody.

    Great work Dan.

  • Chris P

    Hi, love the blog, it’s fantastic. There’s so much unique inspiration in every pic.

    Just a quick question: Where are the shoes you are wearing in pic 5 from? You wear them in your post on henley layering but didn’t list it there either. Are they just boaters?

    Many thanks and congrats on the new MAB line.

    • A.H.

      The Shoes in Pic 5 are from:

      LL Bean

  • Cami

    exelent post thanks Dan

  • Kyle

    I am loving this post. It is always difficult to dress for grey days, and you hit it on the tee. Also, thank you for throwing in some more casual looks here. I love all your posts, but its hard to pull of a suit in a lecture hall! And, Bean Boots all the way!

  • Joy

    Great layering for spring. Awesome.

  • Kin

    Man you are just dishing out these posts 1 by 1 and I love reading them. Really liking those trenches you are showing here. Loving looks 1 and 4.

  • Dee Tee

    Love the yellow rain coat!

  • S.

    I am loving the frequency and variety of these posts! Keep up the good work Dan! Do you think you could do something on how to shop for clothes, like what to look for and how to know when you’re getting a ‘good deal’ etc.
    Many thanks,

    • TO

      I concur, this is a great post idea that I’m sure Dan would kill! I’m starting to see the lack of need to purchase “designer” or expensive hoodies, sweatshirts, etc. I picked up the best-fitting hoodie I’ve ever owned for $10, (actually fitting my short arms b/c it is a women’s medium! lol)

      • S.

        Agreed, I know living in suburban Ohio finding any designer brands that are even close to worth their cost is like finding a needle in a hay stack… Department stores are like highway robbery. I end up compromising quite a bit, like I’d love a pair of APC Jeans but I never buy jeans without trying them on and have to settle for the local Gap etc.

  • Jared Gamble

    Great tips SB. I’m diggin’ the pocket square in the 2nd pic. I think you have a typo in the first line of the first paragraph. You have “No mater…” instead of “No matter your personal aesthetic”…

    • Jack

      Jared, if you’re really looking, you can find typos in nearly every post on this blog. I tend to ignore them because I do not follow this blog for the writing, but for the pictures.

      • http://www.thestyleblogger.com SB

        Please excuse the typos (and poor grammar).

        Thanks for reading.


  • Matthew Mann

    I am loving the classic yellow rain jacket, that’s gonna be a must have for me this season! Thanks

  • Tony

    Great post. I was reading your earlier posts and saw that you were wearing a yellow raincoat. I had to buy one and I get compliments on it all the time when I walk to class on campus. Thanks for the tips!

  • Sindre

    Hey, I totally love the blog! One quick question; how can you layer in the summer, when it’s getting up to 70-75 and more? I find it really hard, haha.


    - Sindre

    • Chris

      Totally, I live in Phoenix and really enjoy this blog, however 8 months out of the year I cannot really ‘layer’. Even a blazer is too much haha. And raincoats? Forget about it!

      • khordkutta

        I feel you Chris, I live in Lost Wages,NV and the summer months are brutal. 110-117 degrees some days, 100 @ night on some occassions, or as I like to say “One hundered and death.”

  • Fabio

    Thank you for the tips.
    Here in Sao Paulo, Brazil, is fall season and rains all time this tips will be perfect… also it’s nice take the last trends from NY city.

  • Karlis U

    Thanks, now I know, that I’m wearing s.Oliver black buttoned MAC coat.
    I’ll use these tips on this season.