A Dapper Evening at Disney Land

February 24th, 2014

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I just had perhaps the most dapper weekend of my life.

Friday night was a friend’s housewarming party in Hollywood with an “Art Techo” theme (think Futuristic Art Deco). Then Saturday was the kick-off party for Disney’s bi-annual Dapper Day, hosted by our friend Natty Adams. Natty, along with co-author Rose Callahan, shared their experiences of traveling the world to photograph and interview some of the worlds best-dressed men for their new book “I Am Dandy“. <- Highly recommended.

After hearing some of the stories behind these incredibly interesting and eccentric men, the audience engaged in a thought-provoking discussion about the history of menswear and dandyism, the psychology of dressing, and the current movement toward classicism. Most importantly, though, we all came to celebrate personal style and to showcase our passion for clothing.

As you could imagine, it was a very diverse and eclectic crowd that came to celebrate their Dandy side at Disney Land. Here were some of our favorite Dapper Gentleman (and Gentlewomen) from the post-presentation cocktail party.

Rose and Natty – Signing Copies


1. My Look


I went with my trusty burgundy evening suit, some velvet tassel slippers, and the same combo as last night: vintage silk polka dot shirt, diamond-point chambray bowtie, and chambray cummerbund.

2. Tommy Gun Chic


3. “Knickers”, for you new-school cats


4. Bowtie, Beard & Beauty


5. Capes are Coming Back


6. Not His First Time


7. Well Done, Sir


8. Punk Rocker Dapper


9. When Pleats Make An Outfit


10. Well Tailored Boater Boys





Thanks for reading, and special thanks to Justin and the crew at Dapper Day for inviting us! Check out their calendar for upcoming Dapper Day events in your area.

Yours in style,



Photography by Alex Crawford

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  • Jeswa


  • ChrisD

    Can everyone iron their pants? =

  • Menswear

    Trying too hard in some. Just boring in others. Dan looks great as always.

  • Juan

    Although in my opinion wearing a waistcoat with a belt is a huge faux-pas (especially when trying to achieve a vintage “dapper” look), I really dig the two guys with the boaters. That Gatsby vibe is killer!
    Also, Natty’s looks are always on-point. I’m a sucker for 20s-inspired fashion, and I’d love to see more from him!

  • http://theteenagegentleman.tumblr.com Ethan

    I’m glad everyone loved the boaters on my friend and me!

  • Jaws


  • JS

    #2, #10, and the lady in #7 are winners.

  • Brandon

    I personally don’t prescribe to any particular style movement as I don’t really like attaching labels to the things I do in my life but I love looking at this stuff. While majority of it I would never wear, I love seeing small details that I like and can incorporate into my life and style.

    I do love look #10 though.

  • RO

    Dan, that cumberbund rocks.
    I may reconsider for a wedding I will attend this August.

  • Misterserios

    I own this book, very unique !

  • Owen

    Dan – the best dressed real man in this post. Not a big fan of Dandyism, but of the rest, #6 is the stand out for looking genuine (he’s probably dressed this way for 40 years).

  • Miguel

    I guess Dan is the only safe thing here.
    Some freaky outfits then again is a Dandy convention so some folks will try hard and over do it at the same time.

  • Robert

    Pitti, for freaks and geeks.

  • http://whentowear.tumblr.com/ WhenToWear

    #7 jacket doesn’t look like it fits at all. Appears to be too big in the shoulder and chest. Or it might just drape weird because he buttoned the last button.

    • AFH

      All of the above. In a couple of looks at least, it appears that they found out 2 weeks ago that cool kids don’t do slim anymore, and they’ve ran out and bought some vintage bits, or they’ve reached back to some classic cut suit they had made a while back, but they haven’t quite made it work yet.

      • http://whentowear.tumblr.com/ WhenToWear

        That’s what I was thinking, I know he has on a sack jacket, but the bubbling on chest from the lapels shouldn’t happen if it fit him properly.

    • http://www.TSBmen.com/ Dan Trepanier

      That’s that true old school fit. Jackets were made large and padded through the shoulders, to convey size, power and wealth (since fabric costs were at such a premium, especially during war times when quality wools were scarce)

      • http://whentowear.tumblr.com/ WhenToWear

        I’m aware his jacket has massively padded shoulders, it also doesn’t have darts, hence the sack fit. But it shouldn’t have bubbled up on his chest like that if it fit properly. And actually during times of war, suits were made with little padding and were cut shorter to save on material. Thats why the zoot suit riots started.

        • Jaws

          U so smart

  • WJ

    #4 just rocking it, love his style. also #10 very smooth

  • Ryan

    Dan – what mill is the burgundy fabric from? Love it.

    • Robert

      Dumbest question ever, but call MAB, I’m confident they will provide you with the mill….

      • http://www.TSBmen.com/ Dan Trepanier

        Not a dumb question at all. I often get my fabric sourced from outside vendors, so MAB might not know where it came from.

        • Robert

          According to your hyperlink you added, they made the suit. I hope they would know? No?

    • http://www.TSBmen.com/ Dan Trepanier

      Vitale Barberis Canonico – “Brilliance Solids” book.

      • Ryan

        Thank you, Dan.

  • Steve

    All great looks but I especially liked #10. Those boaters are superb guys!

    • http://www.TSBmen.com/ Dan Trepanier

      Agreed. I just picked up a new boater for the Spring/Summer. More on that later. Thx for reading Steve!

  • MN

    LA really has no style.

    Great weather doe.

    • ikenna

      sadly…that is so true

  • Massimo

    Are you sure you didn’t wander into a Star Trek convention?

    • http://www.TSBmen.com/ Dan Trepanier

      You’ve obviously never been to a Star Trek convention.