What I Wore Today: East Coast/West Coast

February 27th, 2014

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TSBmen rule #1: Always bring your ‘A’ game.

Use the comment section below to tell us which is your favorite outfit, and why!


1. Dan


The sun is shining, the weather is sweet.

In Southern California you can wear spring-weight tailoring year round.


Wool/silk suit (with a nice sheen in the sunshine), poplin glenplaid shirt, cashmere herringbone tie (courtesy of my friend Angel Bespoke), and seersucker peak-lapel waistcoat (part of a very dandy summer suit).

I also recently picked up these awesome new shades by Tortoise and Blonde.


Keeping the footwear clean and light with some sleek side-sweep dub monks.


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  • TO

    Late to the voting, but Dan has my vote on this day. Is there still an overall tally being kept?

  • BigBC

    Alex has begun to kill it with his fashion shout out to him, his look today is dope. I gotta go with Dan though!! Great job fellas

  • Silviu

    Dan. Hands down! Just look at those awesome stripes on that vest. Outstanding! Goes great with the tie and the shoes and the suit color very spring – like. Bring on warm weather!

  • A.M.

    When I saw Dan´d look in instagram I remembered that he is a genious of style and fashion and why Im following him for three last years and today.
    In this time, is not just the suit… is the suit with shoes, waistcoat, tie and shirt, is the excelent fit and the attitude. Perfect.
    To Alex, you always are rocking in your “personal” style. Not my style… but, that is the idea, diversity, or not?

  • JoeFromTexas

    Alex gets my vote on this one – that’s jacket is sweet. Dan looks great, really nice mix of textures and bright blogger blue. I like the subtle plaid on Townie’s cuz’ jacket, nice detail. Marcus looks good and like his ankles are freezing. I’m not digging the clogs though.

  • Adam

    My vote goes to McFly!

  • VB

    Alex killing it again

  • Nick

    Dan, that suit is bad ass bruh! What’s the typical price point for a suit like that through MAB if you don’t mind me asking????

    • wistfulwriter

      It’ll probably run you around $2,000 give or take a few hundred dollars, depending on the fabric (Dan didn’t list the mill on that one).

      • Daniel Moretz


        Wistful writer is correct. If the mill is Ariston (Dan’s go to mill) and if the suit is wool the price point is $1995 (give or take) plus tax. If you would rather have a summer suit in cotton the price point drops about $100. If you go that route definitely consider a half lining. Keep in mind that the mills run limited batches of fabric to keep their exclusivity. The new 2014 Spring/Summer books are coming out in the next few weeks so I would sugest waiting to see what comes out. If you really want this shade contact MAB and ask for Townsend and tell him TSBmen sent you and you will be offered 10% off your first order.

  • http://whentowear.tumblr.com/ WhenToWear

    Alex because he decided to grow his hair out, stuck through the awkward stage and now it looks great. Surprisingly digging the clogs. Wouldn’t wear them but they’re interesting.

  • Rilla

    yo dan nice fit, but i think its time you did away with that Part/combover look and rock somethin diff. just a personal suggestion fam. I feel too many ppl is rockin the part now, even though u been doin it for years

  • Toby

    Definitely Alex for me, his look is so suave. Marcus came in a close second for me but Alex’s execution was just so good.

  • Juan

    Marcus’s outfit’s practicality is pretty much zero. I’m not against clogs per se, I’m just against overly “flood” pants and hot weather footwear in the winter. Also, there is NEVER a good reason for wearing a “raised” beanie.
    The weather might have been very mild, but then why wear a down parka with a fur trim? I’m disappointed because I really LOVED his first feature.
    On another note, Alex has stepped up his game big time! Love the hair man, keep it up!

  • John B

    Voting for Dan. I think there’s a pattern here: everytime a suit on a somewhat unexpected colour I have to vote for it.
    Marcus’ jacket is pretty good.

  • David

    Loved Dan’s suit but Alex takes the win here. Definitely a look I could see myself wearing for a casual weekend in NYC.

  • Nick J.

    Just for the coat, my vote is for Marcus

  • Jack

    Alex and it’s not close. I’ll never like those clogs, sorry.

  • Bob

    Alex. He looks like he’s comfortable and not trying too hard.

    Marcus, your ankles look cold. Lemme loan you some socks, bro.

  • Pony Marshmallow

    Alex’s hair is starting to look really great and the rest of his look is on par today too!!! Dan, I love the color of that blue suit!!!

  • Sabir M. Peele

    The homeboy Alex for the win on this one. Big fan of that jacket! Dan, you were killing in that Colbalt blue. Marcus’ jacket is legit too!

  • Skip Powell

    Totally outgunned here, gents. Thanks for taking the time.

    • http://tsbmen.com/ Alex Crawford

      Thanks again for letting me shoot you in NYC! It was great to see you Skip!

  • Brian

    Marcus for rocking Imogene & Willie

    • http://tsbmen.com/ Alex Crawford

      I think you mean Skip? Imogene + Willie is one of my favorite brands. I used to go to shows at there shop all the time when I lived in Nashville.

  • FT_Tony

    Where the hell has Wes been?

  • Austin Roberson

    I believe Alex won this one. I love the casual cool retro feel. Totally rocked it!

  • WideEyesTWBlog

    Crazy tough to pick between Dan and Alex, but Dan’s suit is just stunning, especially in that sunlight. Dan the man takes it today.

  • cam

    for me, it came down to two pieces of awesome outerwear…the waxed jacket of skip and the badass parka of marcus…I had to go with marcus today…the clogs are so interesting bc in my neck of the woods, they are worn by preppy and sophisticated 50 year old women…to see marcus wear them (an pull it off) is truly inspirational…I mean, this shit is supposed to be fun right?

  • Shane

    Alex gets my vote. Really not into the clogs.

  • Owen

    Alex this time. Nice relaxed look. Great hair!

  • Jeanscuffed

    I’m going to agree with Shawn though, it’s a tough battle between Dan and Alex, but I’m going to go with Dan. Impeccable suit color and tailoring. I would have given it to Alex if he included a hoverboard in his pictures lol.

  • Shawn

    I hesitate between Dan and Alex so much! Dan; love the suit, shirt and tie, and also, those double monks are incredible! Gotta love SdB footwear! Alex, I love your look, that’s textbook definition of smooth casual! Love the hairdo! Marcus, gotta say I love his coat, the fur is awesome! I still don’t understand the exposed ankle/flood if the temperature requires that bad ass coat, but hey, to each his own I guess. You already know my take on those clogs, but enjoy them if you must! Keep up the good work!

    • Jeanscuffed

      Maybe Marcus enjoys the breeze on his feet lol. That’s what I do here n there.

  • http://alreadyinvoiced.tumblr.com/ Adrian B

    Dan, you finna make me bust out my blue joint next nice day we have out here on the EC. Awesome fit man !

    • TO

      What does “finna make” mean? Does the word “finna” replace “gonna”? If so, why?

      • Owen


      • http://alreadyinvoiced.tumblr.com/ Adrian B

        Perhaps because folks finna rustle your jimmies.