Season 1/Episode 4: “From AM to PM”

May 1st, 2011


Enjoy Episode 4!

Don’t forget to set the video to HD (and full-screen if you want) in the toolbar at the bottom of the video screen.

Thanks for reading/viewing.

Yours in style,


  • BP

    Glad you showed the production floor, too many people need to see that so they can get the typical stereotypes out of their head.

  • NastyNate

    dope. glad to see you’ve come this far!

  • Boyd

    Can’t wait until the line drops

  • Anonymous

    Can’t wait until the line drops!

  • a peak in time

    really enjoyed this episode, a lot of fun to see where the products actually are made. One thing, the sound quality is a bit off, would prefer if you’d get a mic and lower the background song.

  • Mike

    Looks pretty amazing, hoping they’re gonna be available soon.
    Nice sunglasses, just wrote a piece about sunglasses styles this summer, check it out here :)

  • JMRouse

    Went to Beijing a few years ago for a couple weeks. Great city.

    Can’t wait to see the new line. Hope the sizing works out for us taller readers. hah

  • Mango

    What mic do you use to record this video? Do you use the in-camera mic?

    Thanks and great produciton.

  • Mr. W

    SB – Who makes the loafers that are featured in the Midnight on Midnight post in SB daily?


  • Carter

    Amazing work. Looking forward to seeing the entire collection. Continued success and keep chasing your dreams!

  • 510

    Very nice, seems like everything is coming fast for you. Continue great success and we will look forward to the line

  • e.luiz

    Love the video, love the suit and shock to see how clean the factory is in China. What a great inspirational clip. 900 is a steal…I’m in.

  • Reckon

    Cant wait for the collection to arrive.

  • Joey Dee

    I know how i feel when i watched this episode. I can only imagine the exhileration you must be living, making your dream a reality. Looking forward to seeing actual products ! Your dedication to quality will return tenfold.

    It was nice to watch something productive today, thank you.

    All the very best,
    Joey Dee

  • Alex

    Great video! I was just curious, I can’t find any good hair product, what do you use?

  • rob

    Your drive is admirable. Keep pushing, Dan!

  • Ben Epstein?

    This IS “How to Make it in America” – the true story!

    Pretty amazing watching this whole story – athlete turned style icon/fashion designer

    They should feature you in an episode this season….they shoot in nyc

  • SB




  • J.Carlos

    excelent video.

    hi from spain

  • Brad

    Hey I was just wondering, what kind of fabric books or fabric brands are you offering for the 900 range?

    Is there a way you could list this?

    I would definetly be interested at the 900 dollar range if the fabric’s used are decent.

    Let me know, and i’ll drop by.

    • SB

      More information (pricing, details, fabrics, etc) coming soon.

      Also, the collection will be sold exclusively on

      Online store coming soon.


  • Rashon

    Many blessing and continued success for you.

    Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  • Rich

    This vid makes me miss Hong Kong. So much shopping…

  • Alex Wilson

    That view behind you when you were picking the replacement fabric was sick.

    Suits look great and that button factory looks tight.

    oh I liked that you used “The Food” as the background music. Good call.

  • Chris

    Suits are looking sweet! It’s very interesting to see the process and facilities thanks.

  • cam

    dan, it’s really interesting and inspiring to see your dreams coming true. in a weird way, it’s like listening to an album like Nas’s “Illmatic” and seeing the innocence there. I know that’s a strange comparison but i’m sure you understand. the suit is so nice and im glad to hear of the $900 price point. quick question..have you experimented with a 3/2 notch lapel roll on any of your suits?

  • Maurice

    Incredible. I was surprised by how modern the production facilities are.

  • Brendan

    Pretty amazing stuff that your doing right now, keep it up

  • Emanuel Iuhas

    Very interesting!
    We are waiting for the collection!

  • House Of Style – England

    The beige suit in the factory looks right on the money – wouldn’t touch the thigh Dan – looks spot on to me!