Spring Outfitting, featuring TSB Readers!

May 16th, 2011

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As I’ve mentioned, the TSB team met some awesome readers at the launch party the other night.

The morning after the party, although some of us (definitely myself) were moving a little slowly (thanks again to El Tosoro Tequila), we got together to for a brief shoot around Washington Square park.

I’ve met several well-dressed readers in passing on the street, but after getting to know these guys a little, it was flattering to confirm that what we do here at TSB.com is effective. As I’ve said a dozen times, the purpose of this site is not to offer outfits for replication, but rather to inspire ideas and give tips and advice for guys looking to put a new spin on their own personal image.

As we see here, each one of these guys may be using a little TSB.com inspiration, but ultimately they each put together a sharp outfit that complements them and that they are comfortable in.



“My outfit today was from an old tip from Dan on wearing a loud piece and keeping the rest of the outfit neutral. A single does of madras in warm weather works everytime.”

Bonus Tip: White pants and brown shoes? Go with navy socks! Brown wouldn’t offer any contrast, and white wouldn’t make sense. A runner up would be light tan/beige (or a pop of color – see DJ above). The navy also plays well off the navy down vest.

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    • Arron

      I had a ? For Gagan.. I was wondering how those bass shoes fit after u broke them in? I tried a pair on tonight and couldnt find a size to fit right, they seemed way stiff. Just wondering with wear if they loosened up at all? Thanks for the feedback.

      • Gagan

        Just find the size that fits you best (even if they are a little tight) and they loosen up after wearing them for a while. Also keep in mind, if you plan on wearing socks or not because how thick the socks are will also play into the fit.

        Hope that helps!

        • Arron

          Thanks for the info man. Ya I got a pair at the bass outlets, fit nice!

    • CARLOS

      agree with FPMD, Alex looks fresh. jean jackets are always classic and the white pants look effortless.

      Gagan is my second choice. Always gotta give props to a guy that can accessorize without looking like he’s trying too hard.

      great job to whole group though. very well done.

    • Paul

      Any idea what brand pants Alex is wearing?

      • Alex

        Hey man. they are H&M. I think i got them for like $34. Only problem with them is that the sewing is kinda shotty along the seams. Not too hard to sew back together though

        • Paul

          Great! Thanks man. Love the footwear too.

    • FPMD

      Favorite outfit of the group has to be Alex. Definitely an outfit I’d wear..although I wouldn’t hav worn a belt and half tucked the shirt.

      I like Bill’s outfit but I’m not a fan of the sweater I would have done without it n kept the chambray shirt (I think it’s chambray?) w/a lightweight henley underneath. And the shoes.. I’d def. replace with boots.

      With Gagan’s outfit I would have worn a silk/tweed blazer..everything else is on point though!

      Ariel’s outfit is real nice.. I just don’t like the down vest past a certain point as the weather gets warmer. Would have looked better with a lightweight cardigan.

      DJ.. I like it (could never pull off the all white) but the shoes throw me off. Perhaps a sand suede desert boot?

      I understand I just made small criticisms.. but I just look at style and others as.. inspiration.. and what I’d do to change each outfit.. to make it my own.

      Overall a very well dressed group of guys!

      • kevin

        I disagree about DJ’s shoes. They create a a good balance because they match so well with his skin tone. I think they worked perfectly

    • DJ

      Thanks again to the TSB team, it was a great experience.
      Also, i have to shout out Ariel, Bill, Gagan and Alex; their unique styles.

      All this talk that “Dan needs to come home” have you not read his DB post! If not that, go read “Sunday Best” The man is fresh.

      Also, the shirt im wearing looks all white in the picture, it’s actually green/white, to compliment the socks.

      Dan keep doing your thing, like Alberto said “Being the topic of conversation is always good”


    • Dorsia

      Dan: Let me an opinion: It is not “break to break, but the quality that you do.
      Let the dandies who gave us his art and although it is clear that “no art where there is no style, no style where there is no unity belongs to the individual unit, not all individuals can be artists.

    • CAS

      I saw that look a couple summers ago.. and dude pulled it off. The look is def not for everyone.. but like you said.. you’re a stylist with an influential blog and you have to take chances. High risk/high reward. Watch in a couple months ima see mad dudes rocking cardigans/blazers/denim jackets with no shirt. Be an individual. Why do you think Gagan got so much love? Dan, keep doing you. You know what your doing.

    • alan m.

      Dan, your look works in this post. Who cares about the chest. Big deal. Plus Ilike the dedication to your grandmother with the tattoo. People are starting to take themselves a little too seriously. Style is what you make of it.

    • swashbucklr

      i couldnt pull that off at all. but i think you said it best in sb daily—youre doing you. and it works great. thats what style is, right?

      its a shame this post isnt being taken for what it is but used for hollow criticism.

      it is such a good/different post. these guys are making us other readers look bad!

    • Alexander Albao

      Can you plan something in the west coast (LA)?!

      • http://www.thestyleblogger.com SB

        I should be hitting the west coast this summer. I’ll shout out to the readers, maybe throw an event or schedule a shoot of some kind…

        • Arron

          I was gonna ask the same thing, I live outside la and would like to see some styles u would wear out here on the westcoast. I’d be stoked to go to an event if u had one. Keep up the good work!

    • TCKeefer

      Love the shirtless cardigan. Not sure what the fuss is about?

      • http://www.thestyleblogger.com SB

        Agreed…some people are so anonymously uptight it’s comical. We’re trying to break the “mold”.

    • Jay

      Great looks! But a chest tattoo? Appalling.

      • http://www.thestyleblogger.com SB

        Dedication to my late grandmother. Had it since I was 17. Get compliments on it all the time…again, to each his own.

        Thx for reading,

    • Sexy!


      - One of your many female readers :)

    • John

      Gagan style ROCKS!
      Dan for real what’s going on with your style lately sir? showing off your chest? I’ve to say this one of most D grade execution you’d have done!
      Please sir come home!

    • David Hoggatt

      I think Dan’s outfit is the good looking, but I think wearing no shirt with a cardigan is very backwards. If you want to wear something lightweight you wear a t-shirt or a polo or a buttonup, wearing a sweater with no shirt doesn’t make sense because sweaters are for warmth.

      • http://www.thestyleblogger.com SB

        The sweater’s linen/cotton…not really for warmth. Soon I’ll do a post on knitwear on skin…and you’ll all be believers! Mark my words. haha

        • cam

          dan, i’m curious, would you wear the look with the jacket off?

          • http://www.thestyleblogger.com SB

            Hell yea. Why not? I’m not “scared”

            The funny thing is, if I were European, all this chit chat (and there seems to be alot of it buzing around the internet right now) wouldn’t even surface.

            I’ve seen fit French and Italian men, in hot summer days, wearing blazers without shirts (or with REALLY low cut ones), sitting at cafes laying low…and it’s awesome!

            I’ll do a more formal post on this, and it will change minds…that’s what makes this fun.


            • Parker

              if you European, you would just do it without making it a novelty and blogging about it. There is nothing European about you, even without the socks on. Your look screams average white boy.

              • http://www.thestyleblogger.com SB

                So much Irony here. I didn’t even mention anything about my look, the post is about the readers. I do have ancestral roots in Europe, I am French after all. Not sure what part of the world this is an “average white boy look”.

                Neverthless, thanks for reading Parker, it’s nice to have a breadth of opinion.

                All the best,

                • cam

                  @parker…i think the look is awesome…dan has always been very humble and as he pointed out, he didn’t even mention it in his post

                  • iis of Faith

                    @Parker…what is the problem…Dan, can wear anything he wants! He has the height, looks and physique to wear anything he choses! I don’t undersand all of this “negative” criticism!

    • Dan

      Gagan easily the winner and then I have to say Dan. They actually showed individuality. The others are good but it looked like they all bought clothes from the same store.

      • http://www.thestyleblogger.com SB

        Thx Dan!

    • Another Dan

      Everyone looks good except DJ.

      We all love you very much, but Dan, this is bad that you look the worst out of everyone at the photoshoot. I really suggest reading DieWorkwear’s latest post…


      • http://www.thestyleblogger.com SB

        Even Jordan missed some shots (in fact, he shot 49% on his career). Not that I’m comparing myself to Jordan.

        But check this out;

        “SB HOME RUN!! I love the cardigan without the shirt!!! Awesome laid-back on a sunny day. on some new age Newman. Leave it to you to bring some completely new shit when the readers are using your old tips. So innovative everytime. Well played sir, things like this are why your blog is by far the best in the game (better than GQ, Esquire, everybody!!”

        Actual email from reader.

        Remember, to each his own, there are no “right answers”. The open chest is prob a little too Euro for you…but trust me, the euro ladies love it ;)

        Thanks for reading,

        I should probably start finding time to read blogs…our photography seems to be all around the internet (Alex should be making bank!!)

        • Another Dan

          Yup, you’re right. To each his own. I like the Jordan metaphor–not everyone can be A+ all the time.

          I can see how someone may like it, but seeing your previous styles, it was just a bit shocking (yeah, the chest scared me a little bit haha). Props for doing what is original though and sticking to what you think is right.

          I’m looking forward to what else you have in store for us.

          Dan #132509823

        • rismomax

          Brush your shoulders off Dan, you’re the man.

          • http://www.thestyleblogger.com SB


      • John

        Man… people just love to hate.

        • Alex

          I mean i saw the dan’s outfit in person and I thought it was fresh. I don’t him sitting shows the actual coordination of the outfit. Maybe I’m bias but I think its a statement. I think many people get too caught up on the cookie cutter idea of men’s wear. anyone can wear a suit and thats why I appreciate when someone goes beyond typical pairing of garments. It takes real ambition to try something new. As said though to each his own.

          keep doing what you do dan


          • Alex

            I know* him sitting.

            that second sentance was all kinds of strange. stupid laptop pad

            • fergal

              going for alex look me. big fan of desert boots right now and that trucker jacket always works well…well done sir

      • http://www.thestyleblogger.com SB

        Also, completely disagree on the comment about DJ. Dude looks fresh.

    • cheeky

      Gagan = Outstanding

    • SJL

      Gagan has great style and a real unique look. It’s inspiring to see someone be so stylish while still staying religious and conservative. Keep it up!

    • David Hoggatt

      Hmmm, no shirt with a cardigan?

      Is this acceptable now?


      • http://www.thestyleblogger.com SB

        It’s this exact notion of “is this acceptable?” that makes menswear mundane and boring. Acceptable to who? Legally?

        It’s this idea that we are trying to encourage people to break.

        I don’t really understand the need that so many guys have to “blend in with the crowd”. Is it insecurity? Gang mentality? Human nature?

        Neverthless, I’ve never really been one to try to “be like everybody else”.

        Thx for reading,

        • iis of Faith

          I agree with you! It is very tiresome to see many of us “dudes” mimic, copy, and desire to be “as everyone else”! Your style is “GREAT” it is a true reflection of you i.e., the person. However, many individuals just can’t grasp the idea of individuality. It is “awesome” that your creative style is manifested in your dress. And yes, many can’t understand, thus they criticise the very thing that “frigtens them”…
          In essence, you are a true ARTIST! a CREATOR of fashion and I truly applaud you on ALL your efforts!

    • Gagan

      First off, I just want to say I had an awesome time with the TSB team, they are all awesome guys, as are Bill, Alex, DJ and Ariel.

      Thanks @ HLN, Miguel, Carl, Shay, Arron and Jen.

      @MCR, they are Bass Leavitts.

    • Joey Dee

      Time to stock up on punchy socks ! All look great !

    • HLN

      Gagan’s style is just awesome. Easily the best.

    • Dee Tee

      Love Ariel’s pants! I have been looking for a white pair of five pocket pants that are reasonably priced and not cheap looking. Any ideas? Pls help. Great piece!

      • Dee Tee


    • Emanuel Iuhas

      Love the photos!
      Style,and something more…
      Good job!

    • Emmanuel

      Great photoshoot guys! Love the individuality!


    • munez


      im so envy.
      im just a little bit short from other men,
      so, can i wear some stylish outfit even im short???
      please request me…

    • Zulhilmi Rahman, Raja


      To be honest, I am so envy.
      I want to be in here too, except I’m too far.
      Anyway, these gentleman are stylish.
      Great job!


    • Miguel Ramalhão

      Love Gagan’s style. Sometimes I’m not really sure about wearing a grey jacket with dark jeans, but he pulls it of beautifully!
      Great post, you could do that with readers from around the world.. I would love to send some pics..



    • JHenry

      Very disheartened I missed out on the launch party and the opportunity to hang out behind the scenes with TSB team.

      Always greatly inspired but all I see and read.

      Continue to bless the world through the art of creative fashion.


    • alan m.

      Awesome post. Guys are very stylish and all looks are unique.
      Good job guys.

    • TCKeefer

      You guys look great but I’m starting to get tired of the cuffs and no socks with shoes.

      Except jeans that are cuffed (or any pants being worn while on the beach) and / or sneakers w/out socks…

    • Ariel…

      As always, and for the hundredth time, Thank you Dan and the entire TSB team for the 2 days chilling out with you guys and learning how everything’s done. Seriously one of the most inspirational nights I’ve ever had in my young life! Shout out to Bill, Alex, DJ and Gagan for our accomplishments and being featured here on TSB! Definitely a reader for life. Thanks for putting me up!
      Check me out at: http://urbanaesthetics.net/

    • Carl

      Gagan reminds me of casual fridays at the office. Fresh.

    • Shey

      All the guys looks great but there’s just something about a guy with the turban, he looks so great!

      • Arron

        Agreed, best dressed for sure.

    • mcr

      Gagan what exactly bass weejuns are those?

    • cam

      everyone here looks on point and you can tell they follow the blog…the only continual theme i don’t like would be the bracelets…a nice timepiece is all that is needed IMO but to each his own…keep it up dan

    • Jen Smith

      All the guys look great! I must admit that Gagan is my fav!