March Giveaway Winner!

March 31st, 2014

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Congrats to Lukasz M. from Poland for being voted the winner of the TSB March Giveaway!

Lukasz Maslowski Poland

Lukasz, you will receive an email from our team later today for your sizes and mailing address.

Thanks again to all who participated.


Think you got what it takes?

The TSB April Giveaway kicks off next week!


Yours in style,


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  • d4nimal

    I was one of the people that spoke up with concerns about the results of the March contest – I wanted to follow it up with a few thoughts.

    #1 – The comments were related to what I (and likely others, judging from the comments) perceive as a flaw in the system and not to you personally; similar to how Yao Ming got voted into the All Star Game every damn year. Not Yao’s fault.

    #2 – You had a great look, regardless. Great attitude and hope to see more from you.

    • Lukasz Maslowski – Outdersen

      Thank you for kind words.

  • LouCaves

    Congratulations Lukasz! It was was an honor for me to be picked as a finalist and to go up against some very stylish men.

    Don’t let the detractors take away from your victory. Enjoy it!

    Be blessed.

    Thanks, TSB.
    Luis C.

    • Lukasz Maslowski – Outdersen

      I’m happy that I had opportunity to rival with people like you.

  • Jack

    First of all, there’s nothing wrong with using the resources available to you to promote yourself.
    Secondly, and more importantly, Lukasz was a deserving winner. I voted for him despite having never visited his blog. His look is simultaneously elegant and casual, and the sheen on that suit is sick.

  • Miguel

    Congrats Lukasz, are those loafers from ASOS?

    • Lukasz Maslowski – Outdersen

      No, they’re from F&F, but looks like those from ASOS. I think, that both comes from one factory somewhere in Asia.

  • Owen

    Congrats Lukasz! You are a deserving winner and your humble and honest acceptance is a credit to you. Well done!

  • Christian

    Congrats man! Enjoyed the outfit quite a bit and I’m diggin’ those loafers.

  • Corey K

    Congrats my friend! Your look was definitely one of my favorites and I think one of the harder ones to pull off. Monochromatic done right can be tricky! Keep it up man!

    • Lukasz Maslowski – Outdersen

      Thank you!

  • Lukasz Maslowski – Outdersen

    Thank you so much!

    It was honor to be a member of this competition, especially, that TSBmen was for a long time main guidepost on my way to be well dressed.
    I found this site accidentaly few year ago, and thanks that, what presents Mr. Dan, I realized that mens fashion don’t have to be boring. Thank you for that!
    Finally I decided to create my own blog about personal style. By the fact that I was in the contest, I had opportunity to show to some new people place that helps me a lot in the past (and give me plenty creative inspirations at present).
    It’s hard to be happy winner, especially after lecture of some of yours comments, unfortunately, will never be a satisfactory result for all.
    I hope that next time Dualleh will be winner.
    One more time thank you all for voting and being part of this contest.

    • Brady

      Congrats Lukasz! Dont let the haters get you down, as Dan would say, just do you

      • Lukasz Maslowski – Outdersen

        Thanks, I’ll try.

    • BougieHippie

      Sleek style, congrats!

    • Unseen Flirtations


      • Lukasz Maslowski – Outdersen

        Język polski jest wszędzie ; )

  • TO

    The plain tan tassle loafers are pretty sick and he does the monochromatic blues very well here.
    Also, what makes it a bit more interesting is the purposely messed with twisted tie actually using a slim knit tie, where both tie blades are basically the same width. Usually I have seen this done with wider tie where there is more of a width discrepancy between the two tie blades, but it looks great here. Congrats Lukasz !

    • Lukasz Maslowski – Outdersen