TSB Now Hiring: Summer Photographer!

May 24th, 2011


Hey Everybody,

Alex is going back to his home-state of Texas for the summer, leaving us without a photographer. We’re looking for a summer “photography intern”, who can start ASAP! Although this is an unpaid position, it is a good opportunity for exposure. The term runs until September 1st, when Alex returns to NYC. Applicant must be available at least two days a week, Monday to Thursday, 9 am – 2pm.

If interested, email dan@thestyleblogger.com & townsend@thestyleblogger.com.

Please include:

1. Your resume

2. A brief paragraph about yourself

3. Some of your photography


Looking forward to the responses!


Yours in Style,

The SB Team



  • Joey Dee

    Do we get to pick again ? What fun that last round was .

    • S.


  • Sindre

    Too bad I live in Norway. >_<