Now Hiring: Part-Time Intern (LA)

April 16th, 2014

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tsbintern2 copy

TSBmen is growing fast and we’re taking on a number of new projects. Therefore, we need an extra set of hands!


  • Must live in Los Angeles and be available to meet with our staff (in Silver Lake area) 1-2 days a week (and work online from home other days)
  • Position will include back-end content management, social media development, assisting with photo shoots, tracking user experience/data collection, contributing to creative direction, etc.
  • Experience in digital development and/or social media management preferred but not required
  • Great opportunity to learn first-hand from Dan Trepanier and the TSB Team about the menswear industry, online publishing, and building a multi media fashion/tech brand.
  • Opportunity for growth and potential full-time position with the company.


  • Apply via email to Include all of the below.
  • Cover letter with biography and your relationship with style/readership of TSBmen
  • Availability May 2014 – August 2014
  • Up-to-date Resume
  • Photo of your personal style


Looking fwd to finding our next team member!


Yours in style,


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  • Austin

    i would LOVE to do this but i live in san diego and work full time in retail…

  • Neil Fortin

    Sounds awesome! Wish I lived in LA

  • Amelia

    If I wasn’t a minor I’d apply right away, sounds like a great opportunity!

  • Hunter Brodt

    This would be a dream internship – Disney, Goldman Sachs, and Johnson & Johnson have nothing on TSB Men.

  • Jerms

    Makes me wish I still lived in LA.

  • Miguel

    Great opportunity to gets the job, too bad I don’t live in LA.

  • Got dat Heat 4 niggas – AHVB

    Best of luck. Great opportunity for a dedicated reader who’s picked up a style tip or two over the years. I wish you luck in this endeavor!

  • David

    If I wasn’t on the other side of the continent (Newfoundland) I’d jump at this. Sounds like a great opportunity for those who can get it!

  • Lothar

    Question for Wes if he’s reading the comments on this post: The Schott Perfecto you picked up recently…what size did you go with? I’m thinking of buying a Schott (different model), but the sizing is tricky because I don’t know how much it will stretch/relax after some wearing.

  • Jeanscuffed

    Sounds like a great opportunity you’re providing Dan. This brand has grown tremendously since I discovered this site last June and even lurking back from when you started TSBmen I have found you really have created a strong platform for dialogue and creativity based around menswear. Looking forward to more content.

  • Christian

    A few questions guys:

    Any conflict of interest if I already write for another menswear publication?

    I work full time M-F in Marina Del Rey. Will the days of work primarily be on the weekends or will it be more sporadic?

    Is me using public transit a big issue?

  • Tom

    yeah, somebody needs to file the tps reports

  • Jeff P.

    If I weren’t already working a full time job, or have a fiance, or lived in Chicago…I would be all over this! Haha, good luck!