What I Wore Today: TSBmen NYC/LA

April 24th, 2014

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2. Alex


Today Alex is getting his Western Menswear Michael Jackson on…and I’m really feeling it.


“I found this hat at Target for $16. In the men’s section no less! I can’t believe that Target is up on the brimmed hat game. Granted, it was in Beverly Hills.”


“I’m still rocking that frayed denim - it always adds an interesting touch to my usually very simple outfits.”


  • Black Felt Hat by Target
  • White Short Sleeve button down by Polo
  • Black Denim Jacket by Levi’s
  • White Jeans by Levi’s
  • Black Leather Double Monkstraps by Just A Men Shoe
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  • Desmond

    Townie’s on the money for this one. Top job.

  • Bart Hutchins

    “I can literally get these folks to like anything I wear”

    Alex crushing it.

  • Sam

    Haha, Alex as “Alex DeLarge” today!

  • face

    you guys were all on point but i gotta give it up to Wes. not an easy feat pulling off a super clean look with a db jacket on a smaller frame. understated but very “F#&* You, Pay Me” without saying it. head to toe aesthetically pleasing fit. have a good weekend guys.

  • http://unseenflirtspoetry.wordpress.com Unseen Flirtations

    Instant win for Dan. He accessorised with a handful of fruit for chrissakes. #win

    • http://unseenflirtspoetry.wordpress.com Unseen Flirtations

      ps: I’ve recently been playing with denim shirts in formal contexts. Can really soften suiting and add textual interest to an otherwise anonymous ensemble. Yep.

  • http://storniman.tumblr.com Alex G.

    Alex has shown the greatest style evolution so far but I can’t go with the frayed jeans (They remind me of Lima in the 1990s: there were no many options for jeans, all of them were imported and for giants…)

  • Felix

    Alex. Killer. Holy shit man. On another note, ever gonna take a world tour and come to NZ TSBmen?

  • AdamE

    Towni by a country mile!

  • Sean

    1. Wes
    2. Towni.. Would have won but that half tuck

  • Lothar

    Isn’t that a 1/4 tuck not a 1/2 tuck? The whole back is untucked.

  • Alex

    What’s the watch that Wes is wearing?

    • Celestrium

      I think Wes commented on someone else’s post. Reply to it and ask him

  • Beto

    Dan wins. Coffee bean linen suit..are cats still tryna compete..smh.
    Yo Dan, can you do a piece on T-shirts for the summer. Esp those long baggy type T’s that are coming back in style..i see high fashion brands making longer and slouchier T’s ..some even got zipps on the side. ish is bananas and im feelin it …just dont know where to cop

  • hose07

    Dan for the win. Love the brightness of the tie and the mixing of textures. Towni comes in a very respectable second.

  • http://l33tminion.livejournal.com/ Sam

    Dan: Looking like a dandy as always, but the green socks makes it all a bit much. Bet that’s less jarring when less posed, though. Love the loud tie.

    Alex: Combo of black hat, curly hair, black jacket, white shirt makes him look like the coolest Jew. White shirt with white pants, black dub-monks with frayed cuff and no socks. Somehow it works.

    Wes: Looks like a very well-dressed guy who ran out of pants and is now making it through his laundry-day business meetings on sheer gravitas.

    Towni: Nice, but I don’t like the half-tuck. And the outfit is pretty straight-forward.

    I’m most impressed by Alex.

  • Anant

    Towni knows whats good and gets the W

  • http://www.tsbmen.com/ Westley Dimagiba


    • http://tsbmen.com/ Alex Crawford

      Thanks breh.

  • kellen owenby

    Dan is crushing. You had me at brown linen suit & denim shirt…

  • ACE F.

    Towni’s the man!
    and Dan’s tie is killer!

  • Obie

    Alex Killed it.

  • Eric

    Holy heck. Upon seeing Alex and that head of hair, I actually questioned my sexuality for a second. HANDS DOWN WINNER.

    • http://tsbmen.com/ Alex Crawford


    • http://www.TSBmen.com/ Dan Trepanier

      CrawDaddy (~Kr – aw – dad – ee~) Noun. “A Texas native who dresses with so much style, straight guys wonder if they might be gay”

  • http://www.TSBmen.com/ Dan Trepanier

    Love the fabric! Not sure about such a bold red color long-term tho…

    • cam

      Thanks Dan…yeah I meant to link the navy one as opposed to the red.

  • Pony Marshmallow

    Would’ve been Towni, but the untucked shirt just took the edge off for me. Dan Gets my vote for two reasons, 1) Obviously that brown suit! 2) Reminds me of my holiday two weeks ago when I was eating them very limes and oranges!! Thanks again Alex for letting us crash!! Great post guys

    • http://tsbmen.com/ Alex Crawford

      You know, I let sleep on my couch, I give you fresh citrus fruits from my backyard, and what do I get in return?! Nothing! You can’t even vote for me in a WIWT!

      • http://tsbmen.com/ Alex Crawford

        Also, please come back soon!

        • Pony Marshmallow

          If only the Poms and Avocados were ready! I Was thinking about your trip later this year and it might be cool to see if you can do a feature on ‘The Shoe Snob’ Justin Fitzpatrick. He’s just launched a new shoe line and it might be nice to spice things up with a post on mens shoes.

    • http://www.TSBmen.com/ Dan Trepanier

      Thx Pony. Plenty of citrus left for your next visit.

  • Jakob

    Dan crushed this one. I love the pop of green.

  • TO

    Alex on this one. Bringing a fresh look I know I haven’t seen before. Everybody was dressed great today.

  • Noah

    Dan, I know this is a little off topic, but I was wondering about your J&M Hutchins cap toe boots Ive seen you wear. What is your impression on the quality and fit, and do you have them in the smooth leathers or just suede? Thanks!

  • Sabir M. Peele


    You get the thumbs up on this one my man!



    • http://tsbmen.com/ Alex Crawford

      Thanks brother!

  • HarrisonK

    I’d be interested to see Towni’s hairstyle evolution. How did he go from shorter hair to what he has now? How did he style it during those in between times where the hair isn’t short but isnt long yet?

    • Townsend

      I had a side part… But mostly just wore a lot of hats. Thanks for reading!

  • David

    While everyones look was on point, I’ve gotta give it to Alex today. I basically wore the same thing the other day and it’s one of my favourite looks. White denim with black dm’s has this sort of rock vibe to it that I really dig. Add in the dark denim jack and boom.

  • Alex

    Gotta go with Dan slightly over Towni…Towni got the basic game going, but tropic colors and those socks on Dan? Game!

  • Miguel

    Everybody looking good, but I got to go with Alex, it’s spring and the white on white plus the DM straps, well done Alex.

  • MS

    Good job, everybody. I’m going with dan. I’ve never seen anyone make a suit look as unstuffy as you, my man. And Townsend: No on the half-tuck brother, NO! Bad!

    • http://www.TSBmen.com/ Dan Trepanier

      Call me Leisure Suit Larry.

    • http://www.lucidlingo.com.au/ Gazman

      Less said about the half tuck the better. I remember when that show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy was popular and that Carson dude tried to popularise the half tuck. Didn’t look good then, same today.

  • cam

    Towni #fanboi #hewentfromclassytoashy

  • Shawn

    Dan; I love that outfit man, classic menswear with a tropical twist! I’ve always wondered about Dolbeau ties, being they’re made near where I’m from in Montréal. I find that for my corpulence, 2,75″ at the widest point ain’t cutting it. They have some interesting patterns though!

    Alex; love the hair and jacket, got a cool vide going on.

    Wes: all the pieces look good on their own, but together I’m not so sure. I think what kills it is that the orphaned suit jacket looks just like this, a suit jacket instead of a dedicated sport coat. And to my untrained eye, the formality clash between the odd suit jacket and that denim wash is somewhat too obvious (IMHO). But, the tailoring is spot on, the fit is great on all elements!

    Towni; love the casual look going on, although as Celestrium pointed out, I’m not sure about the obvious sprezzatura (half untucked shirt) going on.

    Can’t pick a winner today guys! You all have your best foot forward! Sorry for the ranting guys, I’m just offering my honest opinion!

  • Dave P

    I was going to vote for Dan until I saw Towni. This is probably because I am dressing a bit like this at the moment. Dan’s shirt and tie are both great though and affordable. Here’s a question though: Do you guys put a bit more thought into what you are wearing when you know that it is a WIWT day?

    • http://www.TSBmen.com/ Dan Trepanier

      Rule #1 of TSBmen: ALWAYS bring your A Game.

      • Dave P

        Oh yeah, good point. I forgot that rule. Keep up the great work guys. This WIWT highlights the great thing about TSBmen. Four great, very different looks, all executed well. Keep up the variety guys! Well done.

  • Sergio Arteaga

    Wes gets this one. This is probably because I have a DB light gray jacket and light denim that I haven’t worn yet and will likely steal the look, thanks Wes!

  • Steve G

    Dan wins hands down! Well put together and that tie is awesome, I want one.

  • Celestrium

    Everlasting style is a by-product of good fashion which, for us men, is a by-product of utility and comfort. Half tucked in shirt isn’t good fashion, vogue nor style.

    Towni, we’ll pretend a kid ran up to you and pulled out your shirt, so you can win today.

    • http://www.TSBmen.com/ Dan Trepanier

      I like the half tuck. With a full tuck I probably would have cut this look.

      • Celestrium

        For any occasion, we shouldn’t do more than one simple thing to invoke “flare” to the outfit or it starts looking odd. If there isn’t a pressed cuff in the pants and you choose to roll them, let that be you one thing because everyone will notice it.

        Seeing that half tuck makes me wonder how many times he needed to retuck. Its not that it doesn’t look good, it just that seems like he tried too hard.

        • Zachary Glotfelty

          God that sounds so boring…

          • Celestrium

            So are tuxedos when you’re in a room of men wearing virtually the same outfit with only 1440 traditional variations, but that’s society.

            • Zachary Glotfelty

              Dan’s wearing a brown linen suit, bright green socks, a VERY loud tie, and a spread collar denim shirt. I think maybe he’s got a little more “flare” going on than Townie. Whatever, I think they both look dope.

  • Willie JS

    TOWNI WINS… For the simplicity of his outfit and the nonchalant appearance he exhibits !

  • Massimo

    towni wins…game over

    • David Pardo

      Yep. He totally owns the style.