Season 1/Episode 5: “Ready, Set, Launch”

June 1st, 2011


Enjoy Episode 5!

Don’t forget to set the video to HD (and full-screen if you want) in the toolbar at the bottom of the video screen.

Special thanks again to everyone who helped make this happen.

Thanks for reading/viewing.

Yours in style,


Filmed, recorded and edited by Chris Caro.

  • Ishaan

    Award Tour!

  • Luis

    Videography question: in your sketch scene — does your watch work? Looks like it should be time lapse, the hands on the watch all seem the same.

    Awesome stuff on the site and just getting introduced. Keep up the good work!

    • SB

      You got me!

      My watch actually stopped a few weeks back, just recently found the time to bring it in to the Montblanc store to get serviced.


  • manfromplut0


    • sean

      loved the f. ocean in there

  • JJ

    I enjoyed the video and good luck with your menswear collection!

  • Joe

    Hey Dan,

    In FIT, what is the difference between fashion design and menswear majors?

    • SB

      Hey Joe. “Fashion Design” is womenswear design. The menswear program at FIT is one of the few design programs that is menswear-only.


  • Alexander Albao

    Novacane intrumental… nice pick!

  • S.

    Loved (most) of the video. I agree with Tande, the phone scene didnt do much for me, maybe if it was half the length it’d have been okay. However, quick questions: at this cheers scene: The gent on the far left of the shot, with the khaki suit and plaid shirt. Goodness, I love that look? Does anyone know more about that shirt? Maybe SB could do a piece on bringing more of a punk look, as I like the khaki suit in contrast with that offbeat shirt.

    Thanks again,

  • Tande

    A little critical feedback, since I was actually a little disappointed for once:
    Do these videos only when you have something to say. And make sure you have enough to say to make the whole episode worth watching.
    That whole phone call scene was incredibly uninteresting, yet for some reason it dragged on for about two minutes.
    All in all, I think you’re doing good work and I’m a huge fan, but I think you need to work a little on your formula for these video episodes.

    • Sylvio

      Why the hate Tande.
      Dan is the leader of the wolf pack and it keeps growing by one.

    • Mr Mongoosealotondleborough

      have to agree with Tande. And very well argued it was too. I love this site and all that goes on but I do occasionally find that these vids let the rest down a bit. Not that the two should be compared necessarily (although I will do anyway) – look at the PutThisOn vids. They are interesting, informative, beautifully shot, the works. I know this aint trying to be that per se, but I just feel that these lack something, somewhere, somehow.

  • Sylvio

    Man you look like a natural on the sewing machine. You are a stitching master. Love the scene on the phone, so like RussellSimons like, fashion guru. The back and forth on the phone is just all natural, no script.
    Job well done Trepanier.

  • Jonathan C.

    hey dan

    Great video thanks for the info.


  • mcr

    Great video, keep up the great work.

  • Jason

    Great job keep it up!


  • Herbert Morrison

    Doggie fresh 2 d-e-f. As a reader and fan from (almost) the beginning, fellow Canadian and style enthusiast I will be extremely upset if I don’t copp at least 1 suit, specifically the olive cotton number we’ve seen here several times. I’ve been looking forward to (and saving for) it for a number of months now and have put off searching elsewhere because I’m convinced, Dan, you’ve nailed it, to a T. Much like yourself, I keep it gullier than most, and would be hardpressed to find another ready-to-wear summer suit + have it altered by August 6th for my boy’s wedding. Besides that, I also know that this will be a suit for which I will get many, many years out of, and you can’t put a price on that. You have never disappointed yet, so I hope I will have the opportunity to rock what we see and read here everyday. Blessed, and much love from Toronto!

    • DK

      Keep it in your pants, fella!

      • Herbert Morrison

        Bunn u 2 fossi

  • Oli

    Only ten of each piece?! Are you planning on auctioning them or just selling them first come first served?

  • Christopher Milan

    I cannot wait to see the full collection. I know its going to be super dope.


  • Joey Dee

    Looks like great products and good times. im wondering where can i get that mariachi mix? its the coolest thing ive come accross in a while. thanks for sharing.
    joey dee

    • Chris

      Hey Joey,

      The song for the party is “Return of The Tres” by Delinquent Habits.

      Thanks for watching,


  • Adrian

    Hope you ship down south to Little Rock, AR

    • Steven Owen

      I second that!

  • Adrian

    Keep doing you… so ready to buy from the collection

  • Shey

    awesome! congratulations!

  • Emanuel Iuhas

    Like it!
    We are waiting the next episode!
    Cograts man,congrats!

    Emanuel Iuhas
    Visual merchandising/Fashion blogger