Spring Wardrode Boost: Easter Pastel Jacket

April 19th, 2014

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In the spirit of Easter (and celebrating the end of an absolutely brutal winter), here’s our favorite dusty pastel blazers to give your Spring wardrobe a fresh color boost.

EasterCollage copy

1) Sky blue flax/cotton jacket by Armani Collezionne ($995.00)

2) “Gatsby” pink linen stripe jacket by Brooks Brothers ($698.00)

3) Faded lemon slim-fit blazer by Asos ($122.29)

4) Lavender lightweight pincord blazer by Ralph Lauren ($595.00)

5) Dusty sage cotton/linen blazer by Reiss ($425.00)



Thanks for reading. Great content coming up!

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  • Jorge B.

    Ya’ll have definitely opened my eyes to exploring jackets in different patterns and fabrics, but I can’t yet say I’m at a place where I’m ready to dabble in colored jackets. I’ve just never found a way to wear one without thinking that I’d look like a cartoon character. I don’t think I don’t I’m alone on that stance either, I’ve almost never seen guys wearing jackets like that lavender piece. Perhaps you could put together some looks with these and we’d get a better sense of what could work and not work.

    • AFH

      +1 for speaking your brains. I think navy blue or white cotton trousers would go with all of them. If you follow the links you see them modelled.

      That ASOS jacket is not something you’d find the TSBMen crew in, I would suggest: Body: 54% Polyester, 46% Viscose, Body Lining: 89% Polyester 11% Cotton. I actually own a linen-poly linen miracle (crease resistant) black jacket, but that material was woven in Italy (and besides it was $4 new in a M&S Outlet).

      The Reiss jacket is better (linen/cotton blend, cotton lining), but £225 in UK (and will likely be reduced to half that or better by Summer’s end). Given that we Brits are often asked to pay over the odds for US goods I enjoy the switcheroo of them asking $425 in USA. But I’m going to suggest that Reiss stuff isn’t so amazing as to justify that kind of premium. It’s no better than M&S for the most part, who do have some interesting Summer jackets and currently offer free delivery to the US & Canada.

      That being said, my tip with Summer gear is that the sales are really good and start quite early. Paying full price is madness 98% of the time.

    • http://www.TSBmen.com/ Dan Trepanier

      We’re currently working on Color Filters in the TSB Style Guide, so, for example, you can click “Blazers” than select any color…


      For now, here’s some inspiration on keeping it simple in a colored jacket:


      • Jorge B.

        Wow, that’ll be an awesomely useful feature. I’m looking forward to when it’s implemented!

        Haha how could I have forgotten about Angel. He’s the go-to guy for how to wear a colored lightweight jacket! Thanks brother Dan.