What I Wore Today: NYC/LA/TO

June 5th, 2014

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TSBmen rule #1: Always bring your ‘A’ game.

Use the poll below to vote for your favorite outfit and tell us why in the comments!

1. Dan (NYC)


My 4 week/4 city road trip continues. I’m in NYC for 10 days to catch up with the East coast team and handle some business

1) Denim on denim is always easier with white jeans

2) Navy leathers always get slept on.




2. Wes (NYC)


“A denim shirt can be dressed-up too…like this indigo spread collar with a charcoal suit, vintage paisley tie, and chocolate lace-ups.”




3. Alex (Los Angeles)


“I firmly believe that you should never outshine (or out accessorize) your date. When I saw that Jess was going with simple black lace dress, no necklace, and understated black wedges I lost the tie and colorful pocket square and simplified my look.”



4. J.S. (Toronto)


Following up on his “Couture Streetwear” post, I had to let you guys know that my man Sox also knows a thing or two about a clean sartorial look.




Use the poll below to vote for your favorite outfit and tell us why in the comments!

Thanks, as always, for reading.

Yours in style,


Photography by Alex Crawford  and Westley Dimagiba.

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  • J

    Dan, who made the denim shirt you’re wearing? Thanks.

  • Miguel

    I’ve been wanting a u-shaped waist coat for some time now, it exudes class and elegance

  • rule_of_thumbs

    going with Alex on this one… he knows how and what to wear for the right occasions …. and it is on par with his message.

    Details on those killer monks??

  • Simon Strömstedt

    Wow, this is the best WIWT yet! Every combination is flawless. Great job guys!

  • Cliche

    JS because he just EDGY and on trend for men’s dressing. Although Dan looked fresh and summery…most guys wont pull off the white/cream jeans…

  • Fabio d’attimis

    Without the terrible (imho) shoes, JS would win easily :D

  • Austin

    Blue leathers are my shit. I saw a navy blue balenciaga double rider at a sale at Bloomingdales that I have dreams about

  • Docjlewis

    No socks? Id hate to be around their feet at the end of the day…

    • http://www.tsbmen.com/ Westley Dimagiba

      imagine how our shoe trees feel.

  • Carter

    The footwork is off the charts bro! Love the entire look.

  • http://www.anorexicescapades.com/ BougieHippie

    Alex looks awesome! Dan, nice fit on the pant pants & Wes that a really goof suit but JS suit the beyond brilliant.


  • Daniel

    Was between Dan and J.S. for me. J.S. took it because he doesn’t have an entire tube (or whatever the container is) of hair product on his head. Sharp looks!

  • Johann

    Went with Wes today, very cool, dark look.

  • Josh B

    I vote for Dan, well put together. I can’t stand Alex’s rolled jeans, looks so sloppy for the outfit and for a date.

  • JoeFromTexas

    Could have lived with myself voting for any of the gentlemen. But it came down to Wes and Alex. Wes for the clean look and old school tie, and Alex because he just looks so happy in that first pic. I went with Alex.

  • Todd Ruhnau

    Dan with the killer summer look! Bringing that wavy Cali hairdo to NYC. But all four were solid looks today. Wes’ tie is something I definitely need.

  • Marcus

    As always, everyone really showed out, but in my humble opinion, Wes murrrrrdered the rest of the team. The peak lapels and the subtly matching vintage tie and chocolate lace ups really did it for me.

  • TO

    Alex because I LOVE the explanation he gave and how he actually adapted his outfit. Plus, it’s a sharp date look, great use of a black blazer.

  • Miguel

    Everyone looks good, specially Alex with his date, kudos Alex.

    Dan is the winner here, he simplified what we all should be wearing right now, Jean, Linen (Hopsack), white and Loafers.

  • Shane

    Alex really nails a casual elegance this week, followed very closely by Dan. Nice job as always!

  • Livestrongcmc

    All 4 look great! Dan and Alex get my nods today but I really like each outfit.

  • cam

    Dan with the navy loafers. As stated, definitely underrated and more than likely my next shoe pick up. The linen sport coat is also the most seasonally appropriate of all 4 looks.

    • http://www.TSBmen.com/ Dan Trepanier

      That’s hopsack baby!

      • cam

        Well fu@k…still an appropriate fabric ;)

  • http://www.twitter.com/iPodschun Derric

    Voted Alex because being next to a pretty lady makes a well-dressed guy’s outfit look better in my mind.

    • http://www.TSBmen.com/ Dan Trepanier

      That’s cheating. Jess looking hot tho! Owww

  • http://alreadyinvoiced.tumblr.com/ Adrian B

    JS murdered it. Adelaides on point.

  • Shawn

    Damn, that’s a close tie this week. It was a tie between Dan and Wes, but I really liked Sox cleaner look as well! I still think Alex has too much contrast between the formality of his upper body and the casualness of this particular denim wash. The fact that the jacket looks like an orphaned suit jacket adds to this clash. Maybe patch pockets instead of flaps and a less business shirt would help even things out. That’s just my 2 cents, I don’t want to teach the pros how to do it!

    • http://www.TSBmen.com/ Dan Trepanier

      You can’t deny the power of that flow though!

    • AdamE

      Alex’s look is like a mullet, Business up top, party down below…

  • Andrew

    Was all set to vote for Dan until I saw Sox… He’s killing it, love how the shoe color blends in with the other oranges

  • http://www.jollybengali.net/ Maher S. Hoque

    I wasn’t much of a fan of Dan’s look in the first pic. But the second picture of him standing up sold it much better.

    • http://www.TSBmen.com/ Dan Trepanier


  • Alex Mărginean

    Dan, you nailed it this time! Quick question: What hair products are you using?

    • Robert

      It’s a cream, Ovsomyungai

    • http://www.TSBmen.com/ Dan Trepanier

      Clay Pomade by Baxter of California