What I Wore Today: TSB OGs

June 13th, 2014

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TSBmen rule #1: Always bring your ‘A’ game.

Use the poll below to vote for your favorite outfit and tell us why in the comments!

1. Dan


If you follow me on instagram you know that I just spent a couple weeks back on the farm helping my family with planting season. Being back always feels enriching and puts things in perspective for me. I also always find unexpected treasures when I’m there, like basketball sneakers from my playing days, my brothers’ old flannel & denim shirts, or my mom’s retired country western bolo ties.

This time it was the blue shop jacket that my dad was wearing. It’s a vintage uniform piece that the employees of the (now sadly defunct) Chrysler auto plant would wear in Windsor Ontario. My father, in addition to farming 1,000 acres every year, worked there for more than thirty years.

The jacket is just a thin layer of cotton/poly, fully unlined and cut in a snap-front 3/4 topcoat style with patch pockets. It caught my eye right away and I had to steal it because it represents the beauty of menswear’s roots in utility and functionality. Days before this jacket was worn on The Style Blogger, my dad was wearing it while laying under a greasy tractor. If it were brand new I probably wouldn’t have looked at it twice, but this thing is literally stained with my father’s blood, sweat and tears. Well, at least blood and sweat – my dad doesn’t cry.


The military inspired shirt is a brushed cotton in a dark khaki, and these are the same high-waisted cotton/linen jeans that I featured in yesterday’s post on Summer Denim.

I’ve been wearing them for three days straight. They’re still currently on sale at Nordstrom.


I dusted off the ol’ cognac chelsea boots for this one.

Limited sizes are still available if you’re looking for an affordable Spring boot to add to your rotation.


2. Townsend


Towni doing what Towni does best. You know, other than cooking, fishinggardening, huntingrelaxing, playing the banjo by a campfire, and just being an all-around new age Brooklyn hipster.

Seriously though, he’s always been known to nail the prep classics. Today he’s putting together some Spring staples; tortoise frames, tailored navy suit, khaki trench, plaid cotton tie, rep stripe umbrella, monkstrap loafers, and personalizes tote bag.


3. Alex


“I just got this tribal print short-sleeved shirt from Forever 21. I know, I know, that’s two items from F21 in the last month. To be fair, they sent us this one, whereas I bought the military shacket while at the mall on boyfriend duty.

Originally the shirt was a little long for me so I just took some scissors to it, as I’ve done before. I’m hoping it doesn’t fray too much. If it does start to go I’ll just have to take it to the tailor and get the bottom hemmed.”


Thanks, as always, for reading.

Yours in style,


Photography by Alex Crawford  and Westley Dimagiba

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  • Edward

    Where is Towni’s tote from?

  • Jeanscuffed

    I’m going for Alex but so much diversity with everyone’s fit. You go from Dan’s blood spattered coat to Towni’s clean and proper to Alex’s laid back cool. Dan, you do have some balls to be wearing blood so publicly so hats off to you. Alex, I’ve cut a shirt that was too long for me but it didn’t go as smoothly as yours. Good job fellas

  • Marcus Forlan

    Wow … Alex beat Dan and Towni. There is hope for TSB yet. :-)

    • Marcus Forlan

      I meant to say Alex beat Dan …..

  • Maxwell

    Anyone know the make on Alex’s shoes?

  • Ishandev

    Towni looks super. Must admit, he’s representing in all the right ways. However, Alex for the win! Looks uber comfortable and mirrors his personality I think. 6 pack of Dos Equis anyone?

  • ikenna

    What type of glasses is Alex wearing

  • Tom

    Ha! Dan went to the west coast and turned into a slob

    • http://www.TSBmen.com/ Dan Trepanier

      Haha. I’ve been called many things, I think this is my first “slob”. Thanks Tom.

  • Juan

    Towni cleans up WELL, man! I’ve always been a fan of his more prep/ivy-inspired looks, and just had to go with him on this one, although I love Alex’s woven loafers.

  • http://Keyboardandcompass.com/ Jeff McAllister

    A blood-stained jacket: although that sounds pretty dope in theory, I could see it really misfiring in person. It looks great here though!

    I’m a chemistry student, taking some time off between by bachelors and masters, and have always wander a subtle way of incorporating that part of my identity into my ‘real-word’ dress. Thanks, as always, for providing food for thought, Dan! The rest of you look great as well.

    • Sal

      I have several clothing items (pants, shoes, etc.) that got bleach and grease stains that were acquired during grad school (cell culture cleanup –> bleach stains, lab equipment setup –> grease stains). In a previous stage of my life, I would have thrown them away. Now, I wear them proudly.

    • http://www.TSBmen.com/ Dan Trepanier

      It’s only better in person my man!

  • Alex

    All three are fun and great layers…but Alex wins for looking like Summer personified!

  • Todd Ruhnau

    I’m liking all three outfits today and Alex’s is something I would personally be wearing out here in LA. But damn, Towni brought it today and takes the win!

  • MS

    I think there’s a real dialectical symbol that exists in that jacket that I would love to like, sit at a panel at on Saturday evening and see dissected.

    By wearing a jacket that someone else, not you, did manual labor in, what image are you attempting to project? Does it matter that you yourself didn’t do the work—i.e., does that still make the jacket a priori ‘authentic?’ What does the general work wear trend say about society, but also the people who consciously choose to (even though they’re more than often not) wear the clothes are not actually manual laborers? Etc. Great photos today, guys.

    • http://Keyboardandcompass.com/ Jeff McAllister

      That would be a convo to have! A female-friend I used to blog with had a work wear theory: being one of the first trends to rise to prominence in the #menswear generation, she thinks its popularity is the result of masculinity posturing and a ‘safe’ entry point created by a lot of young men experimenting with the traditionally feminine field of ‘fashion media.’

      From my perfective — which is more aesthetic than anything else — it works when it serves a function within your life and dies a horribly, costumey death when not.

      Either way, I like what Dan’s doing here.

    • http://tsbmen.com/ Alex Crawford

      I’ve thought about this idea a bit. I think, for me at least, there’s a workwear hierarchy.

      The best pieces are the ones that you wore in and beat up yourself, nothing’s better than having a story for every rip and stain on a pair of jeans or jacket.

      Next is heirloom items. When a piece is beat up because your father or grandfather wore it when they were your age. I inherit a lot of clothing from my dad and I cherish it not just because the clothes are great, but also because they link me to the past and connect me with him.

      Third is thrifted or vintage items. These items were genuinely work in by someone. Maybe it wasn’t you or your kin, but the stains were put there in earnest. The best example for this is a leather motorcycle jacket. Buying a new leather jacket is a pain, it’s super stiff and super expensive. Used leather jackets are in abundance and they’re already worn in at all the right places making them super comfy.

      Finally, at the bottom of the totem pole is pre-distressed clothing. I, personally, don’t have a lot of respect for clothes that were ripped and stained by the manufacturer. Not saying I don’t have some clothes like that or that I wouldn’t wear them, I do and I would. But in the end I’d rather avoid pre-distressed, it just seems a bit like cheating to me.

      In the end it doesn’t really matter to anyone but the wearer.

  • Mirko Laflamme

    Love the tote Towni! Who makes it?

  • Shawn

    Alex, love the whole vibe going on! Especially the basket weave slippers!

  • Rafique

    First comment. all the way from Kenya, east africa- call it Obamaland. Alex wins.. am always for a twist on the basics.
    Towni’s look is too plain,anyone with a well fitting suit can pull that look. where’s the creativity?

    Dan…with that shirt, I hope you’re still at the farm

  • cam

    Respect for the jacket Dan but I think ppl seeing you on the street, without knowing the back story, may get a Patrick Bateman vibe from you haha….had to go with Townsend.

    • http://www.TSBmen.com/ Dan Trepanier

      lol maybe that’s what I’m going for

  • Rob

    Nice looks all but Alex – I’m surprised to see a men’s styleman wouldn’t just hem his own shirt if it needed it!

    • http://tsbmen.com/ Alex Crawford

      I used to make small alterations to my clothes all the time in college. Hem and slim a pant, dart a shirt, etc. I kind of miss it. I need to buy a sewing machine.

      • http://www.TSBmen.com/ Dan Trepanier

        We should definitely go in on a new sewing machine… I have some things I need to bring to life to complete our summer editorials…

        • Changingman

          I just bought myself a sewing machine at Target. I was thinking about returning it, Im torn….
          It was like $89 , should i just keep it? I havent used a sewing machine since 7th grade Home Ec class in ’87.

  • John B

    Towni has to win this one. I like Dan’s jacket though! Looks like well-worn lab coat!