Menswear Inspired (Part III), featuring Jenilee Thornton

August 28th, 2011

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As I’m sure most of you remember, Jenilee was the site’s first photographer/intern.

Not only is she a talented photographer with equal parts cute and smart, she’s also one of the most stylish girls I’ve ever met. The best part is, she loves menswear and pulls it off better than most men! See her first feature here.

We caught up with Jeni again, this time down in her hometown of Nashville Tennessee for another series of menswear-inspired looks.


1. His Look, Better Than Him

“This is one of my favorite everyday outfits. I love how comfortable and easy it is.”

Bonus Tip: “Makeup and hair are easy areas to add a womanly touch ““ and remember good posture helps you look less like a man and more like a dainty woman.”

Bonus Tip II: An earthy color palette looks good on just about any skin tone. I’ve actually worn an outfit almost identical to this one.

  • Green plaid cotton shirt by JCrew
  • Brown chinos by JCrew
  • Watch by Timex
  • Brown waxed leather desert boots by Clarks
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  • Monica

    Hey Jen,

    I love all the looks but I so love the last one. That’s the kind of style that I really like. And I so love the watches. Great post!! Hope to see more.


  • Claire

    The stripped top looks more like a St. James than J Crew (who happens to sell St James). Am I not mistaken?

    • Jenilee

      The top isn’t a St. James (though J.Crew does sell those). Mine is just straight up J.Crew. They look super similar!

  • Rob

    What kind of boots are those in the first picture?

  • Will

    Good looks, but posing with any Modest Mouse album besides ‘Lonesome Crowded West’ is a serious faux pas.

    • J

      The Moon and Antarctica (reissue) goes better with her outfit.

    • Jenilee

      Will: You’ll be pleased to know, I own all of Modest Mouse’s albums. But We Were Dead.. is the only one I have on vinyl (unfortunately). Thanks for reading and commenting!

      • Brent

        Not to mention the “lonesome Crowded West” Vinyl is a $300 Album… Just the fact that she has Vinyl’s is awesome… Nice work on this shoot you guys. I like it a lot

  • Nicole

    LOVE LOVE LOVE these posts.

  • paula lynch

    Hey Jenilee! Wow! I love all these looks and you wear them so well and with such style! I love the white bucks. I used to have some pink ones! Those are truly a classic as my dad wore white bucks in the 50s and still has some today at 81! My boys wore them too. Love them. You have inspired me so much! God bless you and I can’t wait to see what he has in store for you!
    Mrs. Lynch

  • Rossycam

    I’m a big fan of these posts, I believe that men inspire women and also women inspire men when it comes to fashion. However, in my opinion the post with Helen Weselcouch or whatever was your best menswear inspired so far. Still this was a good one though.


  • Joey Dee

    A beautiful young woman indeed. All great looks, especially 2, 3, and 5.

  • Alicia

    great to see you did another menswear inspired post. the sailor look is always a staple for me. and its no secret that i hit up the boys section. crew cuts and polo are two of my favorites for menswear items.


  • justin

    i’m seein’ some Annie Hall in the first one. very nice. the 3rd is my fave however.

  • VB

    Seriously, how perfect is this girl.

  • Joy

    She looks great!

  • James

    Number 3 is amazingly spectacular. Love it all. Anyone know where i can buy a mens sailor shirt?

    • Joey Dee

      Rugby has them on sale and st james is available at jcrew

  • Arsene

    There’s something excessively cute about a woman waring men-inspired outfits. Great post.

  • Mike

    Jenilee looks great in all of these shots although I’m partial to seeing a slim gal like her in slim pants so I’m not too keen on the wide-legged trousers on her on in the last shot. But again she looks fantastic in all of the shots, and she gets bonus points for the Modest Mouse vinyl album she’s holding in the 3rd outfit.

  • dre

    Jenilee, you look gorgeous. Good looks that I can take a lot from. Dan, youre killing it.