Season 1/Episode 6 (Season Finale): “Open for Business”

August 1st, 2011

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Enjoy Episode 6 – the Season 1 Finale

Don’t forget to set the video to HD (and full-screen if you want) in the toolbar at the bottom of the video screen.

Special thanks again to everyone who helped make this happen.


Thanks for reading/viewing.

Yours in style,



Filmed, recorded and edited by Chris Caro, with some additional footage by Westley Dimagiba.

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  • Jason Wong

    Nick Wooster is a badass

  • Avery James

    Hi SB!
    I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and I love what I see and read. Being an art school student ( I graduated from The High School of Art and Design and Parsons) I’m very critical of men’s fashion, but your blog is amazing when it comes displaying the clothes and putting them together and creating inspiring outfits. I only wish that the episodes of your show could be a bit longer. They’re great.
    Keep up the AWESOME work.

  • S.

    Hello SB, I’m an avid reader of your blog, for almost a year now. I’m finally getting the chance to go to NYC for a week! I’m a 16 year old HS who pays of his own clothes and was hoping you could give me some mid to low priced clothing store options for while I’m in NYC. Thrift stores are fine too. I’m mainly looking for semi casual wear to school in Ohio (Button down sport shirts, polos, Khakis and Jeans, sweaters, etc.) Thrift and vintage stores are fine, even preferred in my book.
    Many thanks,

  • ab

    As a viewer, I think I’d be able to get into the video more if I could see who is talking before you cut away (in the video) to all the different outfits. I’m not immediately sure who is talking and its a little uncomfortable.

  • TheUnique28

    Wow. you guys are amazing, love the blog. Following you on twitter as well.

  • SB


    If you’ve had a problem viewing our latest video episode from your part of the world on Youtube, try it here on Vimeo:


  • Carter

    Congrats on the collection coming together. Continued success with the blog and line!

  • Owen

    Wooster is a BEAST!
    Hey Dan I was checking your e-shop and I realized that you don’t carry 38S, any hope in the future?

  • Joey Dee

    You have truly accomplished a lot since i started reading your blog about a year ago. This episode and the shoot at the end along with your collection are genius.
    Glad to see dreams plans collaborations materializing.
    Forgive my ignorance, but who is the guy you introduced earlier as one of your style icons?
    Thanks for sharing this with us all
    Joey Dee

  • VB

    Funny I always thought Wooster was taller until i saw him standing next to you. I guess he has so much presence he just seems bigger.

  • Paul fredrick

    I cant believe it is over so soon

  • TO

    Congrats on Season One! What a ride…
    Woost kills it in TB. Fit of the line is verry fresh.. New watch is a beaut. Great editing Chris! Look forward to more seasons!!

  • T. Zagraniski

    I really like this one, SB! You’re improving by leaps and bounds. You’ve clearly got a great crew behind you, too. Keep it up!

    - TLZ

  • Tony

    Your stuff is getting better and better all the time. Great stuff man.

  • Anonymous

    Vid isnt available @ germany :-(

    • SB

      Something about Youtube and Germany…
      We will be putting the new video up on Vimeo later tonight.

  • shawn

    are you going to make short sizes (cough…36 short…cough) for next season’s line???

  • Mirko

    Hey TSB-Team,

    could you upload this video on vimeo as well?!
    Unfortunately it is not possible to watch it on youtube in Germany.


  • HugoGM

    Hi, congratulations for your new shop, just wanted to say that I’m a huge fan of your web and can’t wait for the second season hoping more episodes

  • Shakespeare

    Great video, horrific poetry.

    Wooster is ridiculously cool, as is the new collection

    Best of luck with it

  • Steve

    Love it! When is Season two!?