1 Piece/3 Ways: Driving Mocs ft. Sabir Peele

August 6th, 2011


Driving mocs don’t have to be reserved for automobiling.

While certain models are still more appropriate for pushing the pedals, as more and more men have preferred wearing them as walking shoes the market has responded with versions featuring stronger leather uppers, comfortable padded insoles and more durable rubber grommets on the soles.

In this feature Sabir Peele, a style-conscious and thrifty Philadelphia native who has been a long-time reader, shows us how he takes his driving mocs to the city streets in 3 different outfits.


1. City Lounging

“This is my seasonal uniform for a day strolling in the city - nice and easy with summertime accesories. The clean look and feel of the blue shirt & white denim reminds me of my honeymoon in Greece where a lot of men dressed in similar outfits…  Camel leather is my prefered shoe color for complimenting white denim.”
Bonus Tip: “These mocs are as comfortable as sneakers, but keep the look leaning toward the ‘dressed up’ side – say, if we decided on a whim to pop into a nice restaurant.”
Bonus Tip II: The shorter your hair, the more appropriate a hat looks on your head – generally. (That is not to say that you can’t pull one off with a full head of hair)

  • Straw Hat by Scala
  • Blue cotton oxford shirt by Izod
  • White denim jeans by Converse
  • Brown leather driving shoes by Cole Haan
  • Eddie W

    Wow, this look is genius. Definitely recreating this weekend!

  • ATH

    Love the last look!
    This post might make my invest in some driving mocs.
    -ATH (exceedinglypreppy.blogspot.com)

  • Step

    Could you say where that watch strap was purchased from?

    • http://MensStylePro.com Mr. Sabir P.

      Hi Step,

      I picked the shades up via AJ Morgan eyewear.

      • Mr. Sabir P.


        The watch strap is from j.crew.


  • Mountain Dandy

    Great post. The guy with the ribbon belt looks great…not too preppy…not too street. The perfect balance. And I love the bracelets.

  • Marco

    Great post SB, I love it when you feature shoes.
    With that being said, I don’t know if I’m alone in this, but in the first look with the shirt half tucked in; does anyone else find it a bit contrived?

    It’s either tucked in or it’s not.
    Seems a little force, non?
    Maybe I just need to loosen up. Haha

    Otherwise, keep up the great work Dan! Us Canadian boys are proud to have such fine representation south of the border.

  • Jonathan

    is he wearing persol 719′s too?

    • Adam

      Nope. Those are not Persol’s, nor to my knowledge has there ever been a 719. There is a 714 on the other hand, which is a folding variant based off of the 649 (which Dan heavily features on this site). Persol’s are easy identify, just look for the “Supreme Arrow.”


  • Glauco

    Very nice blog! I’m always reading your posts and enjoy it so much!
    Best regards, Glauco – BRAZIL

  • dre

    Looking good! What are the glasses? Those are sharp. nice post.

    • http://MensStylePro.com Mr. Sabir P.

      Hi Dre,

      I believe the glasses are by AJ Morgan.



  • RH

    My previous comment seems to have gone missing. Not that it’s so important but my thought is that while his outfits are great and very well put together, since it’s a feature on how the driving mocs complement the outfit (and/or vice-versa), the shoes should be seen a bit more. Aside from color, it takes until the 3rd look to see what the shoes actually look like.

  • RH

    The outfits are good, but if it’s a post on driving moccasins, shouldn’t the shoes be featured a bit more? I could barely tell what was on his feet in the pics. Seems he could’ve been wearing any shoes here. Only in the 3rd look can you get an idea of what the shoes actually look like (other than color) and how they complement the outfit.

  • http://MensStylePro.com Mr. Sabir P.

    Hi Dan,

    It was awesome working with TSB Team. I will definitely be making my way up to NYC very soon.


    Sabir M. Peele

  • l3on

    I have a moc and in summertime I wear them regularly. But obviously they start to smell. How can I avoid this? Or at least disguise it…

  • Another Dan

    Cool post. I like driving mocs, but I actually started to use them for driving. They are awesome for pedal grip, but the little rubber nubs wear off too easily with normal city walking. My suggestion is to get real moccasins from some of the companies in Maine (e.g. Quoddy). They have camp soles which are much more durable and can be re-soled.

  • Anonymous

    The second outfit is just plain awesome.

  • Carter

    It is about time that this collaboration took place! SP you are killing it my friend. Keep the posts coming, and continued success to the both of you!
    Be Well,

  • Emanuel Iuhas

    Like it the first outfit!
    Love it the second one!
    Adore it the 3rd!Is so…hot!
    Thank you , both!

    Emanuel Iuhas
    Visual Merchandiser/Fashion Blogger

  • Cory

    I have 2 pair of driving mocs, which I don’t wear very often. This post makes me want to pull them out of the closet! Great looks.

  • TO

    Sabir, looking great my man! I know from seeing you pop up over the years that #3 is so ‘you’! Love the frames and you make H&M look like a million bucks:) Great feature Dan!

  • JHenry

    Excellent execution on al looks. Awesomeness!


  • Desmond K

    That bengal striped shirt in the last pic is beyond awesome!!!

  • Desmond K

    Bengal striped shirt in the last pic is beyond awesome!!!

  • cam

    drivers look so much better than the boat shoe craze that is going on. spot on!

  • mcr

    Nice post, Great feature on Sabir Peele and driving mocs. The second outfit is flawless.