The Chief of Dandy – Neckerchiefs

August 30th, 2011

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Typically my view is that clothing should be functional first. There are, however, some accesories that I wear only to add an extra element to an outfit.

It’s okay to have a little fun with your clothes. If anything, it shows confidence and comfort.

Here, three ways to use a simple “neckerchief” to give your look a new spin.


1. Rugged & Cool

A neckerchief puts the emphasis on the details, and can turn a simple look into a well thought out one.

Put some thought into your fabric selections. It doesn’t have to look dandy, or un-masculine.

Bonus Tip: If you’re going to try the neckerchief, tie it low on the neck so it only peeks out from under the shirt. Buttoning one extra button can help keep it subtle as well.

Bonus Tip II: A “neckerchief” is simply a triangular cut of fabric (or a bandana folded in half).

Bonus Tip III: Love Clarks original desert boots, but want something that will set your feet apart a little? Invest in a well-made pair of chukka boots, you can find them anywhere. Not only are they more comfortable, durable and can be dressed-up, next to a pair of Clarks they are like men next to boys.

Bonus Tip IV: I’m not a big fan of chambray (or denim for that matter) in the summer. Early fall is the best time to break it out. Keeping a seasonal wardrobe not only looks more appropriate year-round, it also gives you clothing to look forward to wearing every season.

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  • brit

    Nice!..what’s the measurements for it?

  • Jonathan

    Really like the seersucker shirt in the second look (Club Monaco) can’t find it though…hints?

  • Oscar Navarro

    Love the first look! The neckerchief is so cool! Not every guy is brave enough to wear one.

  • ak

    this look was all over gossip girl last night.
    see chuck bass. all about the neckerchiefs.

  • michael

    its my opinion, neckerchief only looks great on big neck and hairy, other whise its like bigger ring than fingers. the married not goes well.

  • Kin

    Hey dan where are those glasses in the first picture from?

  • Chris R

    correct me if im wrong but was the neckerchief originaly a very functional article of clothing used to stay cool on a hot summer day. Even going back to western days cowboys would sock on in cold water and wear it around their neck to keep cool. The same could be done today.

    • SB

      Love it!

  • Dj Mode 5

    Nice.. I’ll try this out soon.. Maybe in a smoke grey, red, black, and white tartan pattern. But idk.. Lol

  • Awn

    SB, What is the hairstyle called? I want that….very cool.

  • dre

    last look steals it. pushing these lines of conventional style. it makes some uncomfortable; but if it works, it makes everyone take notice. Youre doing it right dan!

  • mortar

    great bandanas and scarves. however, wish you would have shown a variety of ways to tie them around your neck and collars. they can also look masculine and more heritage if worn less dandy like

  • John Foster, III

    I like those sandals, and I have been meaning to ask what brand and where are they availble.

  • Brandon

    The neckerchief is just not for me. It’s something I’d never wear but kudos to guys that can pull it off.

  • Arron

    They actually have some cool ones at levis that I’ve bought for 5 bucks that work really well. Different designs and what not. Cool look , first style I did actually before seeing it on the here

  • jessie

    as much as i like the website, I cannot fathom wearing a neckerchief here on the west coast. this one’s too much for me.

  • Miguel Ramalhão

    love the colors of the last bandana!… just gorgeous..

  • James

    what kind of eyeglasses are in the first pic? do you actually need them, like you wear contacts when you dont wear glasses?

  • Anonymous

    what kind of eyeglasses are in the first pic? do you actually need them, like you wear contacts when you dont wear glasses?

  • TO

    SB- your bonus tip 2 on the last one, is that referring to trendy businessmen? And with all the shirt’s buttons buttoned? I’m sure it’s a cool tidbit, that’s why I’m curious exactly what you mean:) Thanks.

  • Sincere

    Yo SB, i did not see that one coming. Brilliant as usual. I do see the boy from the farm with that neckerchief look Splendid. The boy from the farm is now a fashion icon. That’s right haters. This is only the tip of the iceberg. There is no stopping you man.

  • Isaiah Johnson

    I enjoy your style and website.I wanted to know if you could check out my blog and maybe leave feedback or advice.

  • John Ryan

    Ha! I have the exact same madras neckerchief from F&D – gets tons of compliments.

  • cam

    hey dan, i haven’t worn one of these since i was a boy scout…i think i’m going to fall into the “it may not be for you category” but as usual, you pull it off. thanks for the post!

    • SB

      Haha. Thanks Cam

  • JC

    Nice looks but your seersucker shirt has stains on the left placket…a little sloppy for a stylist.

    • SB

      I just noticed that.

      I spill sh-t too.

      Thanks for reading,

    • Sincere

      Really JC…really…
      Show some respect.

      • SB fan

        Great looks as always, then again, hard to find something thatll look even half terrible on such a handsome man. Even neckerchiefs!

        Thanks again another inspired post, Dan!