1 Piece/3 Ways: Slim Cargos

September 12th, 2011

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Adopting a “trend” is okay, just don’t become a victim of it.  As long as you’re blending it naturally with your own personal style, you can add new elements to your look without trying to be something, or someone, that you are not.

As I write all the time, the key is to find your own personal style and undertsand what works – and what doesn’t – for you.

It’s no secret that cargos are popular right now, and for good reason. They’re rugged, functional and versatile.

Here, 3 ways to pull off the new breed of slim cargo pants.


1. KISS Principle

It’s a transitional time of year. Not warm, not cold. Perfect to start introducing some lightweight knitwear.

As you may remember, I like to wear knits on their own. It’s a comfortable, simple and confident look.

Bonus Tip: Mixing earthtones can make an outfit appear masculine and appropriate for Fall.

Bonus Tip II: Most cardigan have the same neckline as a v-neck t-shirt or sweater. But if you’re uneasy about wearing it on it’s own, throw a thin layer under it (tank, henley, t-shirt, washed button-down, etc).

Bonus Tip III: Don’t forget the pockets are functional for storage. Every time I put these on I find some hidden treasures in the pockets from their last wear.

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  • axel

    The last look is killer

  • Kate Lasater

    Love the looks! It’s always nice to see people mixing up their wardrobe and wearing a great piece again and again. You look great!


  • michael

    The rucksack looks great, i think I’m gonna get one, it might be goes well with another brother cargo i guess….

  • l3on

    But the question still remains: what about sweating on the penny loafers? They make the shoe smell terribly… How can we avoid that?

    • http://www.thestyleblogger.com SB

      Never wear the same shoe to days in a row. Keep cedar shoe trees in them to soak up the moisture, and allow them to air out.


      • l3on

        Thanks a lot!!!

  • jim
  • Kasidy

    The third look is my favorite. Wonderful tips!

  • Dave

    Love the first look, especially the sweater! What are your thoughts on cargo pants and braces?

  • A

    They used one of your pictures on their blog if you weren’t aware.

  • TO

    #1 and #2 are dangerous! #3 shows midrange game like Rip haha

  • kennyjay

    the first look and third look are my favorites, but the second look is a “NO-GO” for me. I just can’t fathom a suit jacket being paired with slim cargos. It just seems a little bit off.

  • Kip

    I’ve always loved cargo pants, the perfect trouser for those days you are running chores or doing crap around the house and need a few more places to hold stuff. Michael Bastian did a slim cargo this season for Gant. Also, BBs A/W Black Fleece collection has a few suits with what is referred to as “bellows” pockets

  • Emanuel Iuhas

    The 3rd outfit is my favourite!

    Congrats & thanks again!

  • Nate

    Sorry, but I have to disagree. Cargo pants will never be very stylish in my opinion. And as far as functionality, anything that will fit in the cargo pockets without making them bulge noticeably will probably fit somewhere else just fine. For instance, in that squeaky clean Filson.

  • Every Man’s Closet

    Love the cargos and sport coat. And love the term Business Artistic! Great post.

  • illtek

    Not a fan of the almost skinny cargos. Just doesn’t look right. Maybe if the pants had a bit more room they would look better.

  • Gary-A

    Nice post, SB! Would you mind giving us some info on those J Brand cargos? Their fit looks similar to the Kane jeans, but the color in the pictures appears to be a solid olive, not the slate or brown colorways advertised on the J Brand website.



  • James

    Look 3 is fresh to death!!!

  • Anonymous

    Looks great. Each outfit is definitely representative of your own unique style, and they’re each looks which in my opinion would look less interesting if they were without cargos.

  • Senior

    what can be said about another great post and true measure of SBism. I got the perfect blazer and I love it. Best blazer ever better than my Isaiah blazer or Tom Ford!

  • jim

    Are you going to be restocking the blue blazer?

  • mrclosetstatus

    Yo that cardigan is on point! i love the looks you have here but i just can’t get into cargo pants… shorts yea but not the actual pants. They seem out of place to me. I always enjoyed regular khaki pants without the extra pockets. none the less great style as always.

  • ramsay


    As always, very nice.

    I’m about to go home and pull out the slim cargos!

    I need to hang out with you and Sabir!!!


  • kayvaan

    Are cargos making a resurgence? I thought that was kind of a 90′s look that went hand-in-hand with the “relaxed” / wide-leg look. Although I have seen some slim cargos pop up on BR.

    • dish

      Considering that GQ and Park & Bond recommended a very similar piece (the JBrand Aviator), yes, slim cargos are trending right now.

  • Plain T-Shirt

    Last look is fresh.

  • Romania

    Hey man
    I want you to know that I really learn from you…All of your tips are great and you became my style icon.
    Thanx alot !

  • http://MensStylePro.com Mr. Sabir P.

    Hey Dan,

    So good looks here. I want to point out that that club Monaco cardigan is legit! Seeing a great pair of cargo pants that do not look like army wear is refreshing.



  • Darius

    Love your articles as always but personally not on board with Cargo Pants in a non-hiking/camping situation.

    To me they aren’t timeless – just fashion for the sake of fashion.

    Last look is pretty sharp though, no doubt.

  • Cory

    Another excellent post! All great looks. And I’m a huge fan of General Knot ties!