Night Clubbin’

September 19th, 2011

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Firstly, my apologies for the slow posts lately. I wish I could spend more time blogging, but it’s only one of the projects I’m working on at the moment.

Secondly, thanks for all your visits – because of the site’s traffic we managed to crash our server, again (we’re on our 3rd!).


This is a topic we get plenty of questions about: going out wear.

Here, Alex and I got together to lay down some ideas for a night out to a “fancy” high-end club.


1. The Black Shirt

Black shirts, in my opinion, are strictly for night. They can look sharp and sleek without getting confused for officewear.

Bonus Tip: If you’re going out in a suit, leave the tie at home, unfasten 2 or 3 buttons, and make it’s the right suit (think slim, textured, and softly constructed).

Bonus Tip II:  A button-down is the best collar to wear open, it stands on it’s own and frames the face rather than creeping under the lapels.

Bonus Tip III: As you can see from most of these looks, a black and grey palette is always safe for a night out.

Bonus Tip IV: If you plan on really cutting a rug, a black shirt is a great sweat concealer.

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  • Nater

    I like the henley under a 3-piece suit. Reminds me of Ian McShane’s character in “Deadwood”. His was actually the top half of his union-suit underwear.

  • Sam

    Generally I do not read post on blogs, however I would like to say that this write-up very forced me to check out and do so! Your writing style has been amazed me. Thank you, very nice post.

  • Chris R

    Lol @ the grinder…I have the same one.


    Dan please tell me which is the trade name about your las pair of shoes, because I love it. Thanks for your attention and regards from Buenos Aires

  • Mike

    Regarding outfit nr. 2: That vest has soooo many buttons:|
    Taking a girl home and getting naked after a couple of drinks will be a hard job with that many buttons:))

  • mikey

    Hi where can one purchase the black shirt (which appears to be silk) from? I have looked online to no avail?

  • Nikita

    The purple on the three-piece look is an excellent eye-catcher! Well thought out, keep up the wonderful work SB!

  • Style Anywhere

    nice read and great style!
    Onin –

  • Marcus

    Keep up the good work, SB.

    Sincerely, I do not recall any other blog delivering the quality shown here. Take your time, finish off your projects with calmness and they will shine off the same quality as we are witnessing here. I dig the “keep it simple”-attitude and your ability to see menswear as a tool in someways and not just a form of art distant to most average joes.

  • michele

    I have subscribed to your rss so I could continue to receive such wonderful information with your articles! I will share it with my friends, too!

  • Joe

    Would it kill you to buy a razor and shave your damned face? You look like a grubby high-school boy.

    • SB

      Thanks for reading, and sharing, Joe.

      All the best,

  • l’élégant

    Hey Lloyd I think I know what it is:

    1. recent posts were made during summer, too hot to wear denim.
    2. I recently had an experience: Few days ago I had nothing else to wear to go to college but some old dressy pants I hardly ever use, so inspired by SB I decided to try it (some boat shoes and a Tee). on my way to college (on the bus) I noticed that every single person had jeans. Its boring. Its like a uniform; after a while I realized that they looked like factory workers.

    I have to admit though, at first I felt somewhat awkward but later on and with a little bit of confidence it was great. Now I am looking forward to buy different kind of pants instead of jeans.

    Ps: I’d like to know what Dan thinks!


  • Differentwatch

    Wow – pretty inspiring stuff! You’ve just made me realise that i am seriously need to reevaluate what i’m wearing at the moment.

  • Anonymous

    I think you may have more influence than all of us are aware of…

  • Lloyd

    Hey SB

    Been following your blog for a while now and I noticed that you hardly feature any denim / jeans.
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely diggin the grown-man swag with the pants and trousers, but is your seemingly no-denim stance just a personal style trademark?


    • anonymous

      are you joking? numerous numerous posts on denim….

      • cam

        @lloyd – dan is wearing jeans in this post

  • Joey Dee

    All great looks. Love the henley suit idea. Fcuk you formal is great too, but would have to say, look five is the best.

  • Chris

    No need for the disclaimer Dan, we all took up smoking after your Nick Wooster feature…

    All the looks are great, particularly the 3 piece one

  • Alex

    1, 2, 4, 5 fantastic!

  • Jason Wong

    Hey Dan, it’s been bugging me a lot but in Season 1 Episode 1 you were wearing a coat with a piece of jewelry of what appeared to be coins on your breast pocket. Where did you get that and what is it formally called? Thanks so much! Keep up the great posts

  • Luis Alcaraz

    All the looks are amazing!!! I would wear 90% of this.

    And yes we get it you have a great body, but we need to see you belly button always?

  • dre

    level up. Im glad the green is the drink of choice. A solid whiskey/scotch > all others.
    When the blue is flowing, you know youve finally made it.

  • Mace

    Great Post Dan,
    Killed the club look. I like the “destination” themed post (i.e. the club) – and would like to see more. The east coast vacation? the city? the mountains? europe? the office? the game?

    Keep up the good work on the blog, photos, and the line. Looking forward to the Fall Collection.

  • Robert Charles

    This is swagged out. I dig your everyday man posts. Very applicable to daily life. Bravo.


  • Mxolisi

    I see you blowing smoke like The Boss, Ross. Sipping on that Green, too. I’ve always wondered what you’d come up with on a post like this. Now I’m answered. And all these looks are so summer appropriate as well.

    Thank you, Dan.

  • anonymous

    SB, what fabric is the Hugo Boss shirt in Look 1?

  • Mr. Sabir P.

    Hey Dan,

    The reason I like this post is really because you showed the wearability of the pieces. All the looks are really spot on and you showed that you can really look put together and still have fun. I think often guys feel like that can’t dress up to go out, without feeling out of place. This post shows how to bridge those gaps and you are actually having some fun too.

    Great work,


  • Brian

    Super fly.

  • Every Man’s Closet

    F You Formal is hot!

  • Saul

    It just made me want to go out, dance, come home, wear shades and smoke .

  • Driven By Fashion

    Great article. I have 3 black Hugo Boss shirts that I have in my “going out” rotation.

    • awesome

      thanks for sharing

  • Sean

    Dan, you killed it.

  • Michael

    Really great photography on this one, and great looks that are actually functional for the everyman. I love it.

  • khordkutta

    wow, pants in look three are crucial my man!!!


    I absolutely love the way you wear your pants! Fit and super clean!

    I hope you and your fine readers come and visit my Fashion blog as well!

    -paul Chin

  • iQuell

    Great post! I always always always try to encourage other folks and my friends to keep black shirts for the night and out of the office and to never ever where ties with them. This is a great example of how to wear one out.

  • Rory O’Hearn

    Looking sleek. Great choices for this one, love it!

  • Tyrone

    I only really liked the last couple of looks, but this post is great! It looks like you had fun. Nice job!

  • katal doesn’t promote smoking, yet there’s that dude looking cool with his cigarette in the middle of the masthead. I never had an issue with him & his smoke before, but it does seem hypocritical.

    Hate to be critical of the blog, cos I love the work you do. But I couldn’t not point that out.

  • Plain T-Shirt

    Good lighting.

  • B

    “after all, there are times when your eyes simply aren’t photo-ready”- Red eye Jedi. Swag

    • Jayzee

      B! get yo a$$ back in the kitchen and stop making lame comments on blogs!

  • Jeff

    Great clothes, horrible scenarios….Whiskey bottles and all? You didn’t start this way my man, don’t get lost in all of the success.

    You still have created a great blog.

    • Ryan

      I hardly think including a whiskey bottle in a post titled “Night Clubbin’” is inappropriate, nor does it insinuate that this blog is going downhill. Just my thoughts though.

    • SB

      Change is good.

      Perhaps the ultimate “tip” underlying this website.


      • Anonymous

        What in gods name is wrong with whiskey you prude.

  • D. Knott

    look 4 is awesome. that watch definitely makes it all pop. i’m glad you did this post because i’ve always had an issue with this. i can wear a nice well put together fit and go to the mall or downtown during the day and get plenty of smiles, compliments, and inviting eyes from the opposite sex. but i can wear the EXAXT SAME thing to the club that night and get no where near the same attention. i too find that black, grey, or white work best for nights out. especially when kept simple and not over accessorized(which i can be guilty of sometimes). another thing i realized is that a great looking girl of the opposite sex is quite possibly the best accessory a man can have. a female friend and i were bored and decided we would go out to the club together. we danced and had lots of fun with each other and got lots of attention from the opposite sex respectively. we tried the same thing at another club on another night and worked like a charm.

  • Fabian

    I love what you are doing man! Quick question I try to get the best fit possible when buying clothing, but I I’m in pretty good shape and off the rack clothing doesn’t fit well at all, but I live in a small town so I don’t really have an option for a tailor. Any suggestions?

  • Arsene

    This is one of the few posts where you can’t pick a clear favorite. Every outfit is perfect for just about any occasion without looking like a dick…

  • CM

    Loved the post and the tongue-in-cheek photos (particularly the leather jacket shot)! Re: smoking props. Can I just add one of my biggest dislikes, being a politically incorrect puffer myself. BIC lighters. Nothing worse than having to offer a lady a light with a piece of shoddy, disposable, drugstore plastic.

  • cam

    dan, thank you

  • Oli

    Amazing. Looking forward to seeing the MAB Fall collection now…

  • Fiori

    Hi Dan! Your blog is amazing! i just love all the posts! I’m from Brazil and I’m always connected in your blog =).
    sorry for my average english.

    Muito Sucesso, Feliz aniversário.

  • Herbert Morrison

    Happy Birthday homeboy–have a great one! You finally answered a question I’ve had for a long time; turns out we are the same age. Keep doin’ ur thing because things are only getting bigger and better. The little preview of the fall collection looks dirrrty, especially the flannel. And good point about living in one’s clothes; I need to remind myself about that from time to time. Always much love from T.O. and this next joint is what I wake up 2 every morning, going out to my brother from the Windsy:

  • Dan

    Thanks for the post Dan – no one can mix it up like you can, thanks for sharing and keeping it real!


    • Jayzee

      Yeah hard to mix black and grey up…take note player!

  • Sam

    Great post. I especially like the “tailored simple” style. Very clean and sophisticated but still has that easy-going look that’s really nice.

  • L.Hanohano

    These looks are flash mate. Look#3 = SICK!! And the Gucci loafers in Look#4…GOLDEN!!! By far, one of my favorite posts. Rock on.

    • L.Hanohano

      oops…I meant the Gucci loafers in Look#5…GOLDEN!!!

  • Emanuel Iuhas

    My dear GURU ,

    I’m totally in love with this post!
    Is awesome & usefull!
    My favourite? The 4th outfit! That jacket is…gorgeous!

    Thank you very much!

  • TO

    Seeing this made my day! The dinner jacket look is genius SB.. and the tips are invaluable in this one. Alex- you’re photography in this post is incendiary!

  • Bob Marley

    What’s in that grinder there, Dan?



  • Artist

    You are truly a great performance artist. But what about the poor fools who think you are serious?

    • Anonymous

      Since he’s also selling the suits he wears perhaps you want to label him as a con artist as well?

    • Senior

      Not sure what your point is but let me introduce you to Dan Trepanier. Dan is not about fooling any poor souls.
      Keep following this blog and you will learn how to wear your clothes properly

      Here is what Dan does and does it well:

      Blogger check
      Stylist check
      Designer check
      Innovator check

      • Artist

        Gentlement Gentlement, don’t mistake my comment for criticism. Dan is the Andy Warhol of menswear blogging. He puts a mirror up to our faces so that we can see what we have become. He can’t do that if he just stays within the parameters of established taste. All hail Lord Gaga!

  • David

    Do you own these clothes, or are they lent to you? I will start my own blog just to wear some of these threads, esp the leather jacket…

    • SB

      All the clothing I wear on the site is my own.

      Good luck with your blog.


  • Senior

    Love the way you roll up your sleeves when wearing jackets.
    Only you do that. No one else does that. No one else can do that. No one else will do that. SBism at its purest. I also appreciate the bonus tip. They are like gospel in the world of fashion. I collect those tips in a binder format and alphabetize them.
    Job well done SB You are the man and a half.

    • SB

      Hah. This is too much. Thanks for the compliments, sarcasm included.


  • Maurice

    No problem on the slow posts – I’m amazed how many high quality posts you are able to do given how much you have going on. Quality is more important than quantity. You have a very bright future ahead!

    • SB

      Thanks for the kind words Maurice.


  • Romania

    Great !
    I really like the 4th ! :)

    • SB


  • Dan O

    This is probably one of your more awesome posts. Between liquor chugging, hilarious faces, empty 40′s, and sunglasses on at the bar (with go to hell Gucci loafers), I can’t help but smile.

    • SB

      Hah. Thanks Dan. This one was fun.