Transitional Knitwear

October 2nd, 2011

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You know those days when it’s cool in the morning, warm in the afternoon, and chilly at night? They can be a b*tch to dress for, especially if you’re out and about all day.

Option #1 is wearing a smartly layered outfit (think washed shirt, thin knit, light jacket, light scarf, etc) and carrying a bag in order to add/remove pieces as the weather changes.


Option #2 is to wear a breathable knit – thick enough to keep you warm, but breathable enough to get a breeze through it and stay cool when the sun pops up.

Here, 3 “sweaters” than can help you get through those up-and-down temperature days of early Fall.


1. Loosely Knit Drape

What I love about this sweater is that the color scheme, knit style and drape fit make it look elegant – and expensive. In truth it was under $20, on sale.

Bonus Tip: Early Fall is a great time for earth tones (browns, kahkis, olives) and deep saturated accents (burgundys, maroons).

Bonus Tip II: It’s also a great time to introduce suede footwear, and boots (or both).

Bonus Tip III: I’m typically not a big fan of synthetic fabrics, but I can get behind (or in) an acrylic sweater done this tastefully. (Some advantages of acrylic: affordability, colorfastness, strength, washability, cool to the touch)

Bonus Tip IV: Same versatile cargos as featured here.


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  • Corey

    Hey Dan,

    What make/model are those sunglasses? I’m loving them!

    • Corey

      *The one’s in the very last look

      • Jake

        Those are Persol 714s.

  • Stuart


    Is the Long sleeve cotton crewneck still available? I cant see it on their website. If not do you know where else I can get it from. I really like it.


  • Nikita

    Fall simplicity.
    Brilliant post!

  • Vidal

    Another informative, and timely post. I see the need to diversify my sweater collection. Most of them are heavy and only suited for when the mercury nosedives and doesn’t surface again for weeks.
    I guess now is also a good time to start mixing in some scarves as you are shown doing here:

  • Be Dapper

    Great post, can’t wait for cooler weather to start layering up and rocking some sweaters.

  • J

    Is it just me or is that henley diaphonous? That takes major swag to pull off…

  • MOZART5000

    Despite the weather here in GA and FL, I dress like this year round. LOL

  • any

    TYPO – “They can be a b*tch to dress form” should be “for”

    • SB

      Thanks for reading (and editing).

      All the best,

  • Every Man’s Closet

    I think the Theory henley is super sexy, but its loose enough that I would pair it with a trimmer pant.

  • HLDM

    In the first look, there are a pair of John Varvatos chukka boots. These do not have “wooden” soles – this mistake quite often appears in fashion/style sites. These are leather soles. Wooden soles are used for souvenir clogs in Dutch tourist shops not men’s dress or casual shoes.

    • SB

      Sorry this was a typo, it was meant to saw “wooden color” or natural.
      Of course, the soles are not made of wood – that would be very uncomfortable and impractical.

      Thanks for reading,

  • Senior

    You need some tanning brother…really!

  • BKnashville

    I love The Style Blogger!!! I check you guys several times a week.
    Keep up the good work!



  • toby bailey

    Not feeling any of the looks, specially the pleated pants. I like the Gucci loafers though. Can you feature Marwan more often. Marwan has great taste.

  • Emanuel Iuhas

    Like a lot the 1st pullover!

    Thank you Dan for showing!

    Regards from Romania!

  • Morgan

    Hey Dan,

    I love navy chino but I don t know what to wear on top of it if a shirt or a tee-shirt is not enough like on this post.

    Do you have any suggestion ? Which kind of sweater, cardigan, jacket? Which color?

    I really do not which to put it aside for the whole Fall/winter.

    Thx :)

  • KAR480

    Thanks for the update, will sure keep this in mind come fall in 2012 in South Africa.

  • IgnoranceIsstrength

    For the first time since I began visiting this site (about 6 months ago and am an avid reader), I cannot see myself utilizing any of these looks. I know that each look is for the readers to draw inspiration from, but unfortunately I must say that I am not inspired.

  • Urban Renaissance

    That third look is dope. I especially like this post as i have just picked up some drappy fitting knit on a recent vintage shopping trip and love it. bravo, sir.

    Urban Renaissance

  • Jen Smith

    The last sweater is def my favorite. In Texas we don’t usually have too many of those really cool in the am and warm in the afternoon days. Its either really hot all day or really cold. :)

    Great post as usual.


  • TO

    Oh man, so much new knowledge dropped in this one! How do you continue to do it?:p
    I am very thankful! All the looks are well done as always- I especially like the last!

    Have to ask- what size leg opening did you go with on the wider, pleated chinos?

  • cam

    dan, really nice pics and great info for early fall. i’m a fan of zara as of late and everytime i see those bamboo bit guccis, i swear i’m getting them. the only thing here i can’t get behind are those pleated pants…

  • Chase

    I really like the top sweater, but I can’t ever see myself wearing it without a button-down shirt on underneath.