Season 2/Episode 1: “Learning Experience”

October 5th, 2011

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The SB video series is back! Enjoy Season 2, Episode 1.

You can catch up on all the episodes from our first season here.

As always, recorded and edited by the very talented Chris Caro.

Don’t forget to set the video to HD (and full-screen if you want) in the toolbar at the bottom of the video screen.

Yours in style,

SB & Team


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  • 510

    We back!!! Nice way to start off the season with Ne-Yo, very nice dressed guy. Me and probably everyone on here are enjoying the evolution your fashion wear and yourself also. Keep up the good work

  • pve

    really great. would you consider adding some women’s items?

  • Adam

    Hi Guys,

    Sweden reporting in,
    I love that you are back with your short swagfilms.

    Keep doing this and soon ill come to USA and visit or smth ;)


  • Mike

    Good episode.

  • James H. Duncan

    If that tux price would just drop ONE more time, I’d be all over it.



  • Gabe

    Any chance this Fall/Winter collection will come in Long sizing?

  • Ron

    SO glad you guys are gonna have 36s available. Keep up the great work!

  • Marc Ryan

    So glad these videos are back Dan! Real cool features on there. Can’t wait to see more. By the way, I really like that cream sweater you were wearing with those LL Bean Duck Boots. I really want a pair now. Here in Chicago, the weather is unpredictable so those would be sweet year-round. You just showed me my next purchase. Also, love that you kept with Jay-Z for your intro theme. Raw.

  • CAS

    Make some 28″ and 30″ pants to go with the size 36″ jackets as well this time. We aren’t all former ball players you know.

    DB suits like the gray one you were rocking would be nice as well.

    • Stuart

      The 36″ jackets are excellent news. I just wanted to concur with those waistlines!

  • Carter

    great start to season 2! good luck with the f/w line as i know it will kill. respect to “the bearded man” as well. “Is success a fancy car, or longevity?” i’m going with longevity.
    be well,

  • Rory O’Hearn

    Great episode, keep up the good work DT!

  • Justin

    ahhhhhhhhhh why’d you change the intro theme?! that was definitely one of the best parts of last series.

    • SB

      I liked it too….but we had to find a way to condense the videos and make them shorter. The internet is cruel to long form.


  • Plain T-Shirt

    Great video, good interviews and awesome to see that minds are constantly moving. There’s a reason why certain people are where they are.

    • SB

      Thanks brother

  • TO

    Great job Chris! Music was so on point.

    Wow! Great interviews SB. So impressed with Ouigi, what a deep dude…:)

    • SB

      Agreed. He’s an inspiring guy for sure.

      All the best TO,

  • mlavoie

    Very nice video. Recent fan of the site

    My only complaint is that, I’m a professionnal sound designer, and unfortunnately the sound on those videos especially the voice capture is far from matching the quality of the clothes and style that are being shown in images. Any chances that Chris get himself a better mic for his camera in a near future?

    Keep the good work!

    • SB

      We have a separate mic on the camera already.

      Keep in mind these videos are shot mostly candid, by one man with one camera (no mic boom, no re-takes, no hair, no make-up, etc…). All on the go.

      Thanks for the feedback though, we will try to make it better.


      • mlavoie

        Great! A separate mic on the camera is for shure a step in the rigth direction. Now another option would be for you to hold the mic and point it your guess when you are interviewing them (reporter style) It does look more formal and less “impromptue” but it would give you results much more professionnal audiowise. Especially if you are in noisy environment: parties, city traffic, etc.

        En toute amitié,


  • FannyBoy


    Thank you for pointing to your head when you said NEYO was coming out with a “hat line.” I wouldn’t have known where to wear it.


    #1 FANBOY

    • SB

      Haha. Everyone’s a comedian – but why anonymously.

      Thanks for reading/viewing Rob.


      • Anonymous

        LOL…Nuthin but love player! Ha!

        But for real, great post as usual…for some reason that point to the head struck me a lil funny…I’m the same way though!

        Glad the vid’s are back up and running.


  • khordkutta

    Niiiice vid…When watching the BK circus portion, I felt like I was watching a Spike Lee Joint, outstanding work overall.

  • Oli

    Can’t wait to see the tweed suit in the A/W collection

  • Sergio

    Dan, is there ANY chance your suits will come in a 46 or 48 R? I really want the tweed 3 piece you mentioned but the sizing stopping at 44 I believe stops me from doing so. If you won’t how can I go about doing a special order for it in a 46R? Thank you!

  • Mugen

    Very nice episode Dan, great admirer of your site. Thanks to you I have picked my path for a career!