A Wardrobe with Personality featuring Michael Macko

October 20th, 2011

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As I’ve written before, your wardrobe should speak to who you are; your personality, your individuality, your lifestyle, etc.

Michael Macko gets it. He’s a seasoned menswear executive with over 20 years experience in the fashion, retail and media industries. Currently he is the editor-at-large for Valet Magazine and a sought-after menswear stylist and consultant. Previously he held posts as the fashion director of Details Magazine as well as the vice president of fashion, PR & special events for Men’s & Home at Saks Fifth Avenue. Needless to say, he understands this business and has developed a personal style that is all his own.

We caught up with Michael on Manhattan’s beautiful Highline to check out how he’s injecting some personal flare into his wardrobe as he transitions to Fall.


1. The coolest part can be on the inside

What I love about Michael is his passion and appreciation for a new design with an innovative and unique backstory, as we can see in many of the pieces from his one-of-a-kind wardrobe.

“This is a nice transitional outfit for those in-between days of early Fall… I love corduroy and wool shorts and wear wear them until it’s probably too cold. This pair by Michael Bastian is fully lined in shirting fabric that peeks out slightly at the bottom as if you’re wearing long boxers.”

“The bag is from Focsle, Alex Carleton’s new gallery in Provincetown, it’s re-purposed from extremely rare vintage duffel bags and there were only 9 of them made.”

“The jacket is from the new Steve McQueen Collection by Barbour. It’s the classic quilted Barbour, but slightly re-invented for a new season: shorter and trimmer with an iconic photo lining of McQueen himself.”

  • Camo desert boots by Stubbs & Wooton
  • Grey tote bag by Foscle
  • Camo cashmere scarf by Yarnz
  • Blue polka-dot shirt by August Fifteenth
  • Green cord shorts by Michael Bastian
  • Steve McQueen jacket by Barbour
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  • Toto

    God looking guy, the gray outfit is good stuf!

  • Anonymous

    balls of steel. respect.

  • JV

    Been slacking on my SB updates but this right here is ill

  • Craig

    He’s definitely got great style. Nice guy too!

  • paul fredrick

    Excellent Piece

  • Oscar Navarro

    So cool that you show a regular guy that doesn’t necessarily look perfect. Great story!


  • Craig

    I like that he expresses himself through clothes. I feel like we need more of that in the States. Everyone usually just wants to look like everyone else. Absolutely LOVE the toggle coat. Not big on the poncho cuz I feel like it’s being different just to be different. Hats off to you bro! (But you can’t keep it, I love that hat….)

  • Adam

    Well, I wasnt a huge fan of his style to be honest, but maybe that is just my ignorance since he is so experienced.

    best regards / sweden

  • Deuxsh

    way to delete comments TSB you prick

    • http://www.thestyleblogger.com SB

      It’s no secret we moderate comments, of course, especially when featuring friends and guests.
      You’d be surprised how cruel and ignorant anonymous commenters can get.

      Thx for reading,

  • Ambyr

    All grey looks are my absolute favorite menswear styles for fall. I love the lining in that McQueen jacket, too cool. I’m also lovign the Band of Outsiders poncho. Very cool and one of a kind.


  • Anonymous

    I think it’s hilarious that comment posters gush over traditional wardrobes, calling them “elegant” and “timeless”, then turn around and equally gush at this ridiculous, pseudo-bohemian hobo look, calling it “individualistic” and “bold”. It looks ridiculous. It’s as if every rule you learn on blogs like these has been thrown out the window, and yet we’re still supposed to say it looks good because, hey, he’s a professional. I ain’t buying it.

    • cam

      and i think it’s hilarious that people make these comments anonymously

    • http://www.thestyleblogger.com SB

      The beauty of a question with no right answer is in the variety of the responses.

      Thx for reading

    • Sam

      what youre completely missing is that this post is a recognition and celebration of individual stylized expression, not a list of iron-fist rules on fashion. i peronally love the fact that a guy like macko who could exude high fashion snobbery chooses the lesser, older, meaningful things to express himself through garb. keeps fashion levelled i think.
      i love how he advises that a piece is no good if not worn and to be unfraid to modify them to our liking. good stuff SB.

  • Anonymous

    Respect it, but don’t love it.

  • Danny

    Imagine what his actual closet must look like…


  • Anonymous

    Love the bean boots!

  • Michael

    Love seeing someone on a fashion blog that doesn’t look like a model. Brilliant style.

    • D Knott

      agreed. definitely refreshing when you see someone who isnt under 180lbs looking fashionable too.

      as always you featured another person that really exhibits personal style. you know its fly when you know you would never be wear a look but still thinks it looks cool and know that not many others if any others at all could pull the look off besides that person.

  • Anonymous

    I love Valet Magazine. But 10 bracelets, 2 scarfs, camo boots, rolled up shorts, an ankle bracelet – ENOUGH! Any one of those would be great.

  • Anonymous

    The storage unit is something out of a Wolfe novel.

    • servanto

      Not familiar with Wolfe but that storage unit is indeed fantastic.
      That poncho is pretty tight too. ponchos and capes for all.

  • Vidal

    Correction: that should be desert boots, not ‘dessert’ boots…although they are sweet! (sorry, it was too easy…I had to!)I always get those two wrong!

  • Vidal

    Four words: CAMOUFLAGE DESSERT BOOTS! Ill! (The ‘Moby Dick’ swetshirt is a pretty cool knod to the fisherman sweater as well!)

    Well done, as always!

  • Anonymous

    Not sure what to say. Love/hate

  • Anonymous

    Agreed with the below poster. While he looks kind of silly in a few of these pictures (in my humble opinion), supreme kudos to him for rocking his choices with confidence

  • Anonymous

    Where is The Style Blogger ?! Keep up your work Dan.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry to be so harsh, but wearing Comme des Garcons, Michel Bastian, and Junya Watanabe just to look homeless (when there are real homeless people out there who could use the money better) seems too extravagant. The “dress how *you* want to dress” argument just makes the whole thing sound even more selfish.

    Just my $0.02.

    • wya

      I agree with both you and Darius, I wouldn’t have been surprised to have seen any of Mugatu’s Derelicte line in his closet.

      Although I appreciate a show of care and confidence in what you wear, which Mr. Macko does not lack, it seems as some of the looks are too affected. Perhaps, too fashion conscious and less sartorial elegance, which is disappointing considering the great looks you can find of him on the web.

      At times, it is necessary to tell the Emperor that he is, in fact, naked.

  • Owen

    Michael go “HARD” period!

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t know he worked for Valet. Great post!

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE IT!!!

  • DELI

    Hey ,love the post amazing. I am a huge fan of preppy with a twist. I was wondering what size the LL. Bean bag is in look 4. Keep it coming with the creative posts they inspire me to push my boundaries and comfort zones in style and fashion. thank you

  • Erni

    I couldn’t agree more w T…here is someone that
    is more representative of the size of the man on the
    street whilst at the same time being impeccably styled

  • M

    Look 4 is my favorite!

  • Jim

    Awesome post! Respect for Macko, and proof that style can always be unique no matter your age! Love all the patterns in his clothing!

  • Anonymous

    I respect the man’s individuality and confidence to wear what he does.

    And yes, thank you for publishing photos of someone who is not a beanpole size 30 waist.

  • Emanuel Iuhas

    Very personal style!Congrats Michael!
    Thank you Dan!

  • Randy Sloan

    This guy is clearly a free-spirit and not afraid to take chances and mix it up in his clothing choices. Great attitude!

  • Oli

    I appreciate the effort in these looks. Call me conservative but this is too ‘fashion’ for me. Thanks for the updates though SB, look forward to ‘em

  • Cory

    Great post! I can’t (or won’t try to) pull off most of these outfits, but they’re inspirational nonetheless. It seems he and I do have the same taste in shoes though. And it’s nice to put a face to a name. I’m a frequent visitor to his website.

  • T

    I’m so glad to see you featuring someone who doesn’t have a size 30 waist; that’s absolutely something I’d like to see more of on this site.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t love it, but appreciate it.

  • Darius

    TBH not feeling any of these looks (except the tribal vest, which is boss) – they are fashion for fashion sake as opposed to relating back to an aesthetic ideal.

    Still, props for something different.

  • kool-aid