Sock it to ‘Em featuring DJ McDonald

November 3rd, 2011

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2. The little touches that bring it together

When wearing bold footwear – like these wicked yellow longwings – it’s a good idea to keep the rest of your outfit relatively neutral/conservative in color and classic in shape.

An even better idea is to bring everything together with other subtle touches of the same color. Notice the yellow thread on the marrowed seams of the denim and the tiny yellow tennis balls on the socks. Genius.

  • Longwing Brogues by Duckie Brown x Florsheim
  • Tennis Socks by Ralph Lauren
  • Herringbone Cap by J. Crew
  • Blue Jeans by Uniqlo
  • Navy & Red Rugby Shirt by American Apparel
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  • Scott

    Everyone, be sure to check out for the most original statement socks I have ever seen.

  • Ace F.

    I definitely like the first one. Simple yet very eye catching. The entire outfit say “I’m classy yet not boring”. Love the socks.

  • Brandin

    I have similar hair to DJ, being of mixed African-American and Caucasian ethnicities, but I don’t know how to get that textured look like he’s sporting in the first picture of look 3. Any tips for a man with difficult hair!?

  • Desmond

    I LOVE your blog. Check out mine @

  • AB

    I know this guy. I work with his mom.

  • Nick

    Great post. Do you know where the watch is from?

    • EM

      HI Nick,

      The Watch is ESQ!

  • mark

    I have the same red blue tipped pocket square by Brooks Brothers!

  • Gary-A

    I’m going to have to reconsider the American Apparel rugby, after seeing this post…

    Agreed with Mike below, with nicer clothes comes needing more time needed to care for them. Proper care and feeding articles always make my day.

    Keep up the great work fellas!


  • Francis

    Really put together! Definitely drawing a bit of inspiration from these looks. Shouts to DJ!

  • Mike

    Wondering if you would consider adding a post about caring for your clothes. Admittedly not THE most interesting topic as I’m sure guys are constantly looking for more style tips, but what’s the point of investing in a wardrobe if you aren’t going to take care of it?! Keep up the great work, love your “function-first” attitude, it’s what makes looking good make sense. -M

  • Leon Gallego

    SB, where can I get the socks that have the knife in holster that you posted on your tumblr?


  • JHenry

    Phenomenally great post. absolutely am inspired by these looks on Mr. Dj.

    The Black suiting was excellently and perfectly paired in subtly of colors.

  • Anon

    Killer stuff right here. My favorite was the third look with the corduroy blazer. The first look was slick and the sockless one had me rolling. Excellent post that I will see if I can incorporate into my own style.

  • Anonymous

    Good post, except brown suits & black shoes go well together. Although burgundy shoes would be more ideal for brown suits…

  • Kyle Norville

    This is NOW one of my favorite postings you guys have done. Bold! I laughed loud at the sock as a pocket square. NEVER seen or heard of that, keep it up guys.

  • Flytye06

    DJ killed it w/the Glen Plaid…

  • Plain T-Shirt

    Nice selection of shoes and well fitting clothes.

  • Ishaan

    I’m totally stealing the sock = pocket square idea, but will cite you as the source.

  • TO

    The no-sock reply- LOL!

    DJ’s got it down..

  • Awn

    Love this post…. especially socks as a pocket square :)

  • Ambyr

    Seriously, this guy has the best socks. Hands down. I’m loving the wool ties again and the green pocket square. I totally agree on the brown shoes with a black suit, but the key that makes his look so fantastic are those striped socks. Great style.


  • Keaton

    Generally, I like the posts of Dan himself better than any of the “featured” guys, but this was an exception. SB always kills it and his advice is always something to that I can easily use to add to my look. This post was exactly the same! I can easily take these tips and put them to work. Now I will be just as excited for the featured guys’ posts as I am for SB himself.

  • Brian

    Super fly

  • NY

    SB, you are such a delight, man. The logician in me has to say though, you are a fountain of contradictions! I love it all though, man. In one sentence: “functionality first”, in the VERY NEXT PARAG, using a sock as a pocket square. Do what you do, buddy. You are a microcosm of this crazy world we live in.

    • SB

      Haha. Style is not a perfect science.

      Some accessories are used only for visual interest, not practicality or functionality. Pocket squares are one of those things (socks are not).

      Thanks for reading. I will try to clarify better going forward.


  • ramsay

    Wow – simply put, wow! Killer swag – how all men should dress, yes, especially young men. So dapper, so right, so killer.

  • Anonymous

    I like that he uses no belts and the faint purple/lavender color, it looks great on black people I think.



  • Anurbanrenaissance

    All of these looks are superb. Particularly the last one. And that damn handkerchief with the socks, killed it. One of my favorite posts.


  • Khalid

    Superb post! Everything’s fresh and the cord blazer look is nails.

    • Fergal

      In the first look what particular shoe is our man wearing ? Also Dan what is the shoe every guy should have in their wardrobe ? I mean the number one , versatile shoe ? I appreciate you may have answered this before . Cheers