One Week in My Grey Flannel DB

November 29th, 2011

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There is no suit more style-forward than a softly constructed double breasted, and it’s much more versatile than you might think.

In a solid flannel, it’s the ultimate suit for just about any occasion.

As with all of my designs, I try to maximize versatility and usually “test drive” them by wearing it in different ways for a week straight. Here, six days out of the week in my grey flannel DB.


Monday Morning

[Click Photo to Enlarge]

If you’re worried about it being too much for the office, keep the rest of the outfit very classic – like a simple white/blue striped shirt, rep tie, and chocolate brown wingtips.

Bonus Tip: The most modern and flattering DB, in my opinion, has a slim fit, a low button stance, narrow overlap and minimal shoulder padding.

Bonus Tip II: A 6×2 (6 buttons, 2 fasten) is typically the easiest button closure to pull-off since it is the most common. I designed this one with gunmetal buttons so it can be worn with black or brown leathers, and patch pockets to give it a more casual feel. Also, a half lining let’s the jacket breathe, extending the wearability period of this suit. So you can sneak it in early Fall or late Spring (because I know you will want t0 ;)

Bonus Tip III: A DB is typically easier to pull-off in a heavier fabric cut for colder climates. It’s more fitting as the additional fabric is functional in keeping you warm.

Bonus Tip IV: Keep it sharp and buttoned up at the office, at least when standing.

TSB-for-Her Teaser Tip: “A flowy lightweight fabric (like this semi-sheer) is a more feminine approach to a basic button-up, especially with a cropped top (or fitted vest) over it to accentuate your shape. Also try nixing the tie and slipping a bold necklace under the collar for a fem take on “business casual”.


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  • Andrea K. Castillo

    So excited about the women’s site, but definitely looking forward to the additions to this site. Congrats Dan! Also loving the cheetah print smoking shoes, have been eyeing a pair for myself :)

  • Anonymous

    Wow she’s smoking. you guys make a great pair

  • Ken

    Suggestion for the new women’s blog: The Style BlogHer. ;)

  • Ken

    Thanks for this, SB! I’m actually traveling to two weddings cross country and planning on bringing my DB suit. Looking at the versatility of the suit is going to help me efficiently pack and not look too crazy with an overstuffed bag at the airport. Cheers to another great post!

  • Charity

    100% your biggest fan for starting TSB for Her!! I’ve wanted to ask about that for the longest time!!!!! I can’t wait for more posts:) Any other blogs for women you would recommend?

  • Arsene

    Monk straps mare all this man needs!

  • Plain T-Shirt

    Good selection of shoes.

  • Nick

    What cut are the nudie jeans? Slim Jim?

  • CollegeStudent

    One word, SWAG. You are a true inspiration!
    It’s getting cold down here in Florida, I will definately try the Saturday Afternoon look.

    Thanks Dan

  • Mtl_F

    I apologize if this topic has already been addressed, but in the first two looks, what seems like a black leather watch band is being worn with brown shoes. I can’t see what colour the belt is. Are there any guidelines on matching a watch band with other accessories?

    • SB

      The watch band is dark brown. I typically recommend keeping all your leathers in the same color family and trying not to wear black and brown together.

      Thanks for reading,

  • James

    Once again, Dan, great content. Always an inspiration.

  • Chris in TO

    Dan, you inspire me.

    I know you arent able to visually see the impact you have on your readers but I asure you that what your doing is well apperciated.

    Your blog allows us (the readers) to live vicariously thorough your experiences in the “arts”.

    Thank You.

  • April

    You sense of style is great, always looking good.

  • DCRob

    Congratulations and continued success of the site. I have enjoyed watching the evolution of your personal style as well as the transformation from mensstyleblog to what we have today. Much respect


  • paul fr3drick

    Love the post , its creative.

  • Chasin Turnier

    Super excited about the additions. Glad you are starting a “for her” site, I know so many people that want a female equivalent to your site. Keep it up Dan.

  • John

    Great looks as per usual, but what’s going on with the Sunday morning bread flipping? Is this how you make (french?) toast?

  • Miguel Ramalhão

    Cool… can’t wait for the new additions to TSB…. and i’m sure my GF will love The style blogger 4 her…

  • Chris

    Definitely saw the two of you at the J. Crew sample sale today.

  • Emanuel Iuhas

    Great post man!
    You are awesome , she’s very beutiful & both look very cute togheter!
    Thank you for showing!

  • Collin

    put a ring on it she’s beautiful

  • Lena

    Love the leopard loafers on the woman.

  • Keaton

    Congrats Dan. I’m really excited to see all these new changes! I am especially excited about the new collection and the vintage selects, that’s a great idea! Can’t wait.

  • can’t stop

    This site gets better every week. I wish I could fast forward a year or two and see what has become of all this. DT/SB is taking over!!

  • WOW


  • sebastian

    question: in photo 6, denim and shoes with the straps. are the denim jeans suppose to be that high up from the shoe for the socks to be noticed. i see its done with the pants?

  • SO

    What’s the cardigan in the last fit?

    • SB

      Sorry, it’s by Benson. Just updated it, thanks.


  • Alex

    This site just keeps getting better and better.

  • Justin

    My wife has been looking for a “for her” equivalent to your blog for a while now. Super pumped!

  • Ambyr

    I can’t wait for The Stylish Blogger for Her. It’s gonna be good, I can already imagine it. Your first blazer is great. The button details and fabric are perfect for winter weather.


  • Dan O

    Really like the story-telling aspect of this post. You know how to make menswear look fun.

  • cam

    great post dan and i look forward to the updates. the very last pic is absolute proof that a beautiful woman looks best “unmade up”. so now i have to envy not only your wardrobe? haha

  • Alan Gurkin

    You should really stop using/saying “” since you don’t own that domain. Might confuse people and muddle your brand. Just a little tip from someone who works in social media/marketing.

  • bbqsanchez

    great post as always. i love that i can come here and “borrow” and “edit”ideas for my own daily style. sidenote: last years thanksgiving i was wearing two size bigger and i thought i looked “ok”. since reading your blog specially your youtube episodes WHICH WE NEED OF MORE!! LOL. i trimed those two sizes and the compliments i got were 9/10 if not 10/10. from my barber all the way to the cashier at the supermarket. thanks D for doing you and inspiring me to do ME.

  • Anon

    I will sign up for a shopping tour as soon as they are available. Like a dream come true for clueless ones like myself. (Working on it though!)

    Furthermore, all the looks were great as usual.

    A female counterpart to the styleblogger? Fashion crime fighting dynamic duo. Stylistic overload!

  • colamaniac

    Beautiful girl

  • TO

    The styleblogger for her is a huge addition! I’m curious to know more about the meaning behind “vintage selects”. Congratulations TSB team!

    Lastly, where’d you grab that cardigan. Blanket chic.
    Looks so cozy..

  • DR

    This is the SB I know and love! Phenomenal post super cool and inspiring! keep up the good work!

  • HarrisonK

    This is a fantastic post.

    What are your rules for mixing different pieces of suits? Lets say there is a dark grey wool suit with a light blue over check, can you wear the coat from that as a blazer like you do here in look 2?