1 Piece/5 Ways: Allen Edmonds Wingtip Boots

December 15th, 2011

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When you’re just kicking it around town, amp up your laid-back casual look with some sharp footwear.

Bonus Tip: Think about how textures relate to each other. The fur trim, the marled sweater and the distressed jeans all have a similar multi-tonal texture that brings them together nicely.


Yours in style,



Photography by Alex Crawford. - for freelance work (fashion or otherwise) contact him here

As always, you can find additional shots from this photoshoot in the SB Lookbook. 

  • Brown leather wingtips by Vintage Cole Hann
  • Marled v-neck sweater by Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply
  • Olive vest by Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply
  • Washed jeans by Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply
  • Henley t-shirt Vintage
  • “Stella” Watch by Brera Orologi
  • Brass railroad spike ring by Giles & Brother


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  • JP

    Will these boots pair well with black/navy/charcoal outerwear??
    What color is your pea coat in the Wednesday look; navy or black?

  • john

    Wow, I just purchased some black wingtip boots by John Varvatos, but I really like the ones you have here. I must not be the only one that loves these. I was looking for some tips on how to wear them and really found some great things on this post. Everything was very well put together. Thanks!

  • Tony

    Really like the looks here Dan. Happy holidays.

  • Mondo D’Swagu

    Nice boots….I have a pair of navy blue ankle brogue boots….the sh@t of legend.

  • Sergio Arteaga

    *sigh* tell me why the next day I walk into Cole Haan and purchased the Cole Haan Air Colton Wingtip Boot:

    • Sergio Arteaga

      …saw Dan with them at MAB the AE’s and was definitely what put me over the edge on purchasing some dress boots.

  • steezus christ

    This is a great post. This is why I see no reason to read GQ or Esquire. Thank you.

    • Mr. Andy

      If I was editor-in-chief of either I’d be shitting my pants about now.

      • http://www.thestyleblogger.com SB

        haha. or at least taking me for coffee

        Thx for reading. Plenty more to come.


  • JR

    Are these the “Dark Chocolate Calf” Allen-Edmonds Dalton?

    • http://www.thestyleblogger.com SB

      Yes, my apologies, these are the dark chocolate calf – not cordovan. I updated the post.


  • Chris

    Hi SB I’ve got a question about boots for you – do you agree or disagree with the “boot tuck”? Since you get your jeans cropped you don’t need to do it but I’ve seen you do it in the past, have you gone off it or do you still like to do it?

    Many thanks.

  • RH

    Great post. Love those boots and how versatile they are. I gave them a long, hard look and went with something else. Love what I got but still wishing I had those AE boots in the rotation.

  • Windsor

    Dammm that Sunday look is Amazing!! – However, I would pair that with your white Nike high top sneakers – that would be even better :)

  • MOZART5000

    Quick question SB- For your friday look, are your jeans shorter than normal? As far as I could tell they weren’t tucked into your boots. Do you have specific jeans that you only were with boots like this? Loved the Monday and Friday looks.

  • BLSesq.

    Some great looks, especially Monday and Sunday. I just picked up a pair of Hamiltons by Sebago today, and you definitely provided some great suggestions for how to work them into my rotation.

    • Don

      I really like those Hamilton boots by Sebago. Do you know where in NYC I will be able to purchse a pair?

  • Johnny

    Hey Dan, i’m loving the blog and i’ve been wondering what kind of product do you put in your hair; i know its a bit off but i’ve been using gel and it just gets really hard and flaky and I HATE It, so i was wondering what do you use?

    • Arron

      I’m not sure what kind he uses but I am a hairstylist and I would say anything by American crew would work well. I use difi by American crew and it works really well. Also check out layrite (a company in orange county,ca) you can order their pomade online.Also if you are looking for something cheaper axe makes a good one for six bucks, just go to target or even cvs!

  • cam

    hay dan, are these some type of “limited edition”? i don’t see this color on their web-site. that fur-lined RL vest is boss. -best

  • Evan

    What made you decide on Allen Edmonds instead of Alden? I loved the post but always prefer the latter.

  • HarrisonK

    The funny thing is, I just ordered two pairs of AE and am eyeing the Dalton (since I don’t have a pair of boots besides for bean boots). I was also one of the ones who asked for a ski post, and the “70s Aspen style” look is great.

    Great post, I look forward to more.

    • HarrisonK

      Also, Dan, the Dalton only comes in the Cordovan version in a light brown color called “Walnut” so it appears that you have the “dark chocolate calf”. Although, I could be wrong if you got a cordovan version that isn’t offered anymore, or isn’t offered yet.

      • http://www.thestyleblogger.com SB

        You are right. They aren’t cordovan – chocolate brown calf.

        Thanks for reading,

  • Anonymous

    WOW. LOVE this post. SB at his finest. Best on the net, hands down.

  • TO

    Knocked it out the park with these looks my friend. Styling is next level, really.

  • chet

    i think you mean “Dalton”

    • http://www.thestyleblogger.com SB

      Yup. Dalton. Sorry for the typo.

      Thx for reading,

  • Vidal

    Another killer post. Timely as always. The minute AE decides to give us bigger guys some love I’m copping a pair of these. I’ve been eyeing them for a while, but unfortunately they are not available in sz 16. Any suggestion for a shoe/boot maker that does offer a brogue boot in a 16 or 17? For now I’m planning on grabbing some Donald J. Pliner chelsea boots, but will continue to covet these until a suitable alternative comes my way.
    Looking forward to more info on ‘MAB by DT’!

    Peace and blessings,

  • Gary-A

    It’s official: Allen Edmonds are endorsed by TSB and are therefore cool again. Style Forum members shed tears of disappointment.

  • Ambyr

    These wingtips are so pretty, the color is amazing. I’m loving your Wednesday and Sunday looks. Easy and sophisticated.


  • B.Murray

    How much are these boots and where is the best place to find them? Also, will this look still work with guys with a more box frame (ie. Football/muscular)? Any insight you could provide would be great.

    • HarrisonK

      AE sells “seconds” at their outlets and their shoe banks. You can get the Dalton boot for about $375, or if you want the second, you can get them for $299.

  • Emanuel Iuhas

    Thank you!