1 Piece/5 Ways – “Vintage” Statement Toggle Coat

February 27th, 2012

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2. Weekend Easy

It’s an awesome finishing touch to sharpen a more muted casual look.

The coat is also super warm. This is a look that is ready for any kind of weather, even though it has been mild for the most part here in NYC.

  • Grey crewneck sweater by Levi’s
  • Aviator shades by Ralph Lauren Purple Label
  • Red toggle coat by Brooks Brothers
  • Brown boots by LL Bean
  • Brown corduroy jeans by H&M
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  • Anonymous

    Like your style.

    • Adyna

      He is so creative.

  • Anonymous

    That red hot coat is just so awesome like it so much.

  • buy leather Jacket

    Looks like you are inspired from a big style icon. Just like your dressing sense. keep it up.


  • Frank Clegg

    Great post as always Dan! Love look #4.) Business Casual. Keep it up!

  • Patience

    That is one beautiful coat. Love all the looks.


  • Clothing Labels Company

    Nice collection…Thanks for sharing with us…I really like it… Clothing Labels Company

  • Joe

    Mind sharing your vintage store hookup? Great blog, thanks for all the work.

  • Ambyr

    I love the layering on the Evening Event and Long Day in the City. It looks bundled and warm and still has a great sense of styling.

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  • Emanuel I.

    I love this coat Dan!!!
    Lucky you…
    Great styling!

  • sqsz

    wow where in NYC do you get vintage/thrift stuff? i’ve just moved here recently and i haven’t found any shops.

  • Jacob

    Killing it, thanks for the constant posts recently

  • Adam

    I can’t believe you found that vintage, I just got the same coat in camel but at the Brooks Brothers store for 70% off. Nice pickup and solid looks per usual.

    • Joe

      RTFA :)

      • Adam

        Oh I know his is from BB also, I read it I read it…I was still surprised he found it vintage since it’s a recent past season item. I was just saying I found the one I have in a BB store.

        • Joe

          LOL – I did include a smiley face at least! You’d be surprised the things you find at resale (I mean vintage) shops. Pretty often you luck out and find stuff that looks brand new and never worn.

  • MOZART5000

    Sock choice could have been better on look 5, looks a tad off to me. Just an opinion. Post after post after post, the shoe game is always 110%. Your collection must resemble a gallery.

  • K.G.

    It looks like the shoulders are a bit too wide for you and the seam is hanging down your arm a bit – or is this just the way that you’re wearing the jacket?

  • TO

    #2 is my favourite. It also shows off the coat’s cool, but subtle, lining!

  • Daniel

    Another gorgeous coat. Congrats on the find! I particularly like the simplicity of look 1 and the MJ socks in the last look. Keep up the great work!

    • Daniel

      Would you be willing to say where you shop for vintage in the city? It would be much appreciated!

  • Anonymous

    that’s a sweet looking coat my man…too bad were never gonna find anything similar to that out on the stores let alone the same colour lol! keep posting though your a huge inspiration

  • cam

    hey dan, that belted cardigan is nice. i do have a few questions: can you give a little explanation as to what you actually had done to the coat to make it a better fit for you? also, and i realize you may not want to answer this, which loafer between the johnston & murphy and allen edmonds do you prefer?

  • Isaiah Johnson

    Nice Post

    How much do you want for that coat :) I’m posting something similar to your post today
    Also could I feature you in a style interview for my blog