How to Wear Man Jewelry (part II) feat. Philip Crangi

February 8th, 2012

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2. Professor, “Worn in Luxury 101″

“This professorial look is achieved with both the classic signet ring and lizard loafers.”

“The vintage Saville Row tweed blazer, like the gold hook bracelet, have a kind of worn in luxury that compliment each other well.”

Brown/green jacket, brown/green shades.

Vintage tweed, worn in cords, washed scarf.

Ostrich skin watchband, lizard skin loafers.

The little touches that bring his outfits together are subtle and tasteful.

The outfit gets better the more you learn about it and see the details.

  • Brown tweed jacket (vintage)
  • Grey corduroys by RRL
  • Brown plastic sunglasses by Barton Perreira
  • Signet ring (vintage)
  • Blue linen and silk sweater by Dries Van Notten
  • Brown leather penny loafers by Churches
  • Blue linen scarf by Inhabit
  • 14k gold hook with leather lashing by Giles & Brother
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    Needless to say, I’m a huge fan of men’s bracelets and I hope the craze never dies. Guys should keep it simple though.

  • Jewellery SG

    the bracelet is so cool

  • Peter Siddle

    wow nice outfit. really cool.

  • Aimée

    In awe.

  • Addis

    After 5 minutes on your site, everyone looks the same or way to contrived. Bros, just be you…that’s the best style ever.

  • Trung

    what are those prada shoes in the last one. They are no were to be found

  • Andy

    Any idea what style the barbour jacket is? Looks great.

    • cam

      @andy – its the Bedale

  • Anonymous

    Any idea what style the Barbour jacket is? Looks great.

  • charlie

    lol “sea captain swag” haha this dude is awesome.

  • P.C. Progeny

    This is a really helpful way to try new looks. Thanks!

  • Mountain Dandy

    Phillip Crangi is one of my favorites.

  • JB

    Where did he get the hook bracelets? I like them both both there’s no mention as to where to get them.


    • JB

      Nevermind. I’m an idiot. :)

  • Daniel

    That hex nut bracelet is awesome.
    Dan, I’ve collected a number of masculine bracelets from around the world that I think Philip Crangi would enjoy seeing. Feel free to share my e-mail address with him if he’d like to see pictures or examine them in person – I live in NYC.

  • Anonymous

    he makes it look so easy to pull off fashionable brands

  • Rei Fernandez


    The “Sea Captain Swag” photos are so bad ass. Big fan of that entire look. Great post as usual!


  • mcl

    I’m intrigued by the cuffing in the 3rd look. The cuff appears to be much slimmer than the leg of the jean: Does anyone know how this look was achieved?

    • cam

      @mcl – go to Wikipedia and type in “tight-rolled pants” or “pegged pants”

    • Kevin Isola

      So funny to see it back and so prevalent. Just fold the cuff over itself on the inside of the leg and then roll as desired.

  • BillK

    Love this guy. Love this site! Keep it coming

  • Sdalsbo

    I believe that A mans shoes and a hat or fedora make the look.
    Everything else is secondary.

    • Sdalsbo

      Specifically a nice vintage fedora,and a well made pair of leather soled welted shoes are two items that finish off any mans wardrobe.

  • ian

    He is one good looking man with great style.

  • Chasin

    I too would like to know where the ring is from. Mr. Crangi has amazing style.

  • Benjamin

    This guy rocks the hell out of everything he wears–killer beard too.

  • Ben

    I love your posts mixed with other featured guests. It shows a nice range of different personal styles.

    love the artistic expression in this man of taste. now cruising his selection of jewelry online. very nice

  • John

    He kills it. I personally wouldn’t wear a lot of these pieces together, but he pulls it off with effortless style. Well done!

  • Every Man’s Closet

    Hm. I like his overall style, but the post didn’t really show how to wear man jewelry. Subtle earring and one leather bracelet, no matter what the outfit. Got it. Oh, and throw in a ring on a “crazy” day.

    • SB

      A much needed lesson in subtlety for the internets #menswear culture.

      Thanks for reading.

  • JR

    diggin the beard. wish i could grow one that manly

  • Brown

    This guy looks like Poseidon/Zeus. Great style Mr.Crangi

  • Levi

    Not my kind of look, but this guy has undeniable style.

    Something I thought was cool that wasn’t mentioned was his flathead-screw earring. Really dig that gold hook/leather bracelet as well.

  • cam

    love the suit and i’m glad to see the mention regarding too many bracelets on men. thanks for the post dan!

    • Heloisa

      I’d love to add so much of Crangi’s pieces to my wbdrroae. Alex; how skinny is the woman’s version? As a guy with pretty skinny wrists I’d hate for it to be dwarf by a huge man-sized spike FIT IS KING!

  • Johnny Hammersticks

    This dude is the CHIEF.

  • Joe

    Missed where the ring in the last set is from–not mentioned at the bottom.

  • TO

    Echo the great vintage barbour comment, the professor look hits outa the park, great 50′s coat and tasteful jewelery all around…well done again Mr. Crangi! Good call to feature him again.