Winter-Weight Suits feat. Gabe Schulman

March 1st, 2012

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I’ve been meaning to bring back my friend Gabe Schulman since his feature last year on corporate style: Fitting-In While Standing-Out.

Since then Gabe has taken strides in his career and is dressing bossier than ever. More specifically, in sharply-tailored, season-appropriate power suits.

We caught up with Gabe for a week to see how he’s been taking care of business.


1. Monday


What better way to jump-start a Monday morning than a flannel chalkstripe double-breasted suit. No overcoat needed (especially this “winter”).

Gabe is a bigger guy, about 6’2″ with a 44-45″ chest. He proves that broader guys can pull off double breasted suits, even in a beefier cloth. The key is a slim fit through the body (and sleeve – which also accentuates the sides), a narrow panel overlap, and a slightly longer jacket to avoid boxiness.


It’s a good idea to pair a heavy cloth, like this 12oz flannel, with other substantial fabrics as Gabe does here with the textured shirt, beefy silk tie, and suede shoes.


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  • Shawn

    Great post!

    I see that Gabe is wearing Shoepassion double monks in Thursday’s look! Good thing I noticed cause I’m currently trying to gather some information on those shoes as there is none on the Internet and I’m about to purchase some.

    Dan, if you talk to Gabe soon, could you ask him how was his experience with Shoepassion? How’s the quality of the leather, the fit, and such?


  • Anonymous

    Hi Gabe and Dan!

    In Thursday’s look, I see in the description that the double monks are by shoepassion. Are we talking about the Berlin-based store

    If so, I was wondering how was your experience with this store and the quality of the shoes because I was eyeing those shoes but there isn’t alot of reviews on the web.

    Thanks for the reply!

  • Eric

    Mr Schulman, if you were my boss i would cook you up fantasti soup for you and also take you out for hot turkey or ostrich wings know what i’m saying to you?

  • TO

    Thought that similar shot of you two on the bench was coming…but it didn’t, ha.

    (Then I saw it in the lookbook:) Lol.

  • Adrian

    Do you know anyone that’s “bigger”?
    Maybe you can do a post once with larger men’s style? :)

  • Young

    I like this post alot since I have a similar body type. Could you do more post for more muscular/bigger guys like Gabe.

    Thanks and keep up the nice work

  • leather jacket

    This outfit is really made you a boss.

  • Edward

    Hi there!

    Love the looks…

    Hope you can do a series about “Colors”..

    What is the best match for reds, navy, yellows, greens just to name a few…

    This would truly help us your followers, in incorporating more of your trends by going back to the basics.

    Thanks in advance and more power SB!


  • Spencer

    Great post.

    I miss living in the east coast where I could dress and be comfortable.

    Living in the SoCal desert now, it takes a real touch to manage a professional style when it can reach over 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

    I lean heavily towards linen shirts, linen blend suits, and very loose weave high twist wool suits to stay comfortable. One big benefit, is I can play with spring summer colors over a much larger chunk of the year and pastels are considered acceptable paired with a suit. I do loose the tie over 85 degrees though.

  • Sean

    Great post.

  • Victor

    I’d love to see a Summer/Spring version of this post. I live in Brazil, so I’ve to deal with 105º F at summer and 10º F at winter.

    Thank you for the awesome content.

  • CJ

    BAWSE!!! This guy (especially in Tuesday’s look) makes me want to ditch medical school and go into finance. By the way, SB, could you please do a post sometime about style in the medical field? Seems like there is a fine line between looking sharp and looking pretentious around patients. I want to look confident and capable, but it seems like it’s easy to overdo it and come off as more of a salesman than a surgeon. You must have some stylish friends who work in the medical field!

    • Sean C.

      Ditto. Except I went from finance to med school… ouch. The old boss gear doesn’t fly.

  • JM

    Love those Shoepassion monks from Thursday. Went looking and they’re German. Good looking shoes but can they you get them in the US? If so how? The Tuesday outfit would work the best at my bank.

  • Dylan

    No Audemars this time :(

  • TO

    Wow Gabe is looking as sharp as ever! It must be nice to have such a wide range of suiting to choose from!

    Did not expect the Supreme suit or contrast heels on the loafers, love the subtly to the stripes on stripes on Wednesday, and wow, Monday’s suit is…beefy

  • Ambyr

    Tuesday is my favorite look. I really love the greys and blues together. They’re very corporate friendly yet still have a sense of personal style with color. Friday’s tort heels on his shoes are amazing.



  • SNP

    I love Dan’s reaction to the leopard print on the soles!

  • Emanuel I.

    Awesome looks…My favourite is the 2nd one.

  • Mick Swagger


    I noticed that Gabe was sporting the same tie knot in each look. Was that by choice and do you feel there’s an appropriate knot for each style of collar?

    Thanks and great post as always.


    • Andrew

      It really does depend on the width of the tie. Most of Gabe’s ties seem fairly wide which makes sense as he is a bigger guy with bigger shoulder and therefore bigger lapels, so the tie needs to match that width. Therefore it’s practical to use the four-in-hand tie so it won’t overcrowd the collar, but for example in the last piece, he could have definitely used a Windsor knot with that wide collar.

  • JBM

    looks SO MUCH BETTER than the last post. also, you could wear all of these things to a legitimate corporate setting. bravo.

  • HarrisonK

    This is a really great post. Every look is flawless. Dan, you should post a picture of the blue cord suit it looks like you’re wearing in the background.

    Also, if I can ask, was does Gabe do for a living that he can afford these suits as a younger guy?