Last Bite of Winter: Down Vests & Tailored Jackets

March 28th, 2012



2. Casual Friday

Tweed jacket, dark jeans, plaid scarf –  classic.

A down vest on top – twist.

These layered looks are great for transitional weather because they can be easily manipulated by adding or removing pieces.

  • François

    Hello Dan,

    Do you remember the brand of your plaid scarf ?

    Greetings from France

  • Eric


  • DaveF

    Love the Matsuda shades in look #2 but I can’t for the life of me find them online. Any idea where to look? Or comparable shades in the same style?

  • April M

    Love every look especially look# 2 casual Friday. Love Gabe’s outfit in look 3. Bring back the pleats. Very stylish. But Gabe you should smile more.

  • Jim

    I love this site. Visit every day and always excited when something new is up!

  • Oscar

    I loved the mix of jeans with a gray suit and black vest, awaiting the Brazilian winter to use this combination!!

  • Erin

    Love the layering on casual Friday. And those rooftop shots are gorgeous. New York… I miss you!

  • cam

    thanks for the post Dan but way too trendy for me. give me some of that classic SB ish

  • TO

    First two are great. No 1 is so casual, no 2 classic…+twist BOOM haha that was well put
    Am going to look for a full-length close-up of Gabe on the roof…