1 Piece/3 Ways: Knit Crewneck Sweater

February 11th, 2012

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As I mentioned in the “Rebuild Your Wardrobe with 25 Essential Pieces” post, putting together a proper wardrobe – which should be tailored to your lifestyle and personality – is all about planning and investing in high-quality versatile pieces.

Although I put the crewneck sweater on the my list as an alternative option to the turtleneck, I realise it’s easier and guys gravitate toward it more often. Looking back I probably should have switched the two. A neutral (or subtle) crewneck sweater is one of the most versatile layers a man can own.

Here I put together three quick and easy ways you can incorporate a crewneck into your wardrobe.


1. Weekend Casual

It’s simple, masculine and sometimes it’s all you need – especially with this mild season we’ve been having.

The perfect crewneck is simple and subtle enough to be taken seriously under a jacket, but has enough visual interest to add a shot of life to an easy look.

There is a lot to be learned from traditional prep style. True “preps” believe in uniform dressing using a well edited collection of classic well-made items.

In fact, every piece in this outfit could be considered a prep “staple”. Wool crewneck, straight-leg denim, slim belt with engine-turned buckle, penny loafers, tortoise aviators…

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  • ed

    this suit is perfect, i love how he he pushed it with the cuffed flat front pants. understated, different, yet well played. also the sweater has incredible texture.


  • Victor

    I’ve one question: donning a tie with a crew-neck sweater is better than donning a tie with a v-neck sweater?

  • Anonymous

    What can i do about pants when my leg muscles near the knee area get to buff? im a size 32 but i notice that there will be some bunching near the knee and 33 looks a little too baggy.

    • http://www.thestyleblogger.com SB

      Try different brands, or have the 33 tapered slightly.


  • Rich

    #1 & #3 I like alot. Nice pair of 501 there and the gant crewneck really has a great color. Keep it up!


  • MT

    Really feeling this Bass loafers. Do you remember what model they are?

    • Khalid

      I think they are Bass Dovers. Apparently they’ll be back in production in April.

  • AAJR

    I need that bag now!! Awesome!

  • TO

    #3 is really dope, especially when considering it is “winter-ready” (for these times haha).

    Great post as always Dan!

    Btw, sounds like your starting to ‘make your mark’ at fashion week (just from your twitter, etc.). Good to see your getting more respect in the game!

  • Cory

    That corduroy suit is sweet! It seems that it may be available soon to the rest of us. I hesitate to order a suit online, however, b/c the fit is so important.

  • Willin

    I cringe every time I see a guy carrying a blatant man-purse. They scream effeminate urban yuppy and will never be acceptable in my book. Our forebears were sharp dressers but they wouldn’t be caught dead carrying purses.

    • http://www.thestyleblogger.com SB

      The bag in the shot is hand crafted leather luggage, for a man. Granted brown would have been more “manly” than red.

      If you’ve studied men’s fashion history at all, you would know how ironic your comment is. Chances are the men in your great ancestry had no problem carrying bags – they wore heels, embroidered skirts, wigs and make-up after all.

      See here for example:

      This, of course, is before the unfortunate widespread association of creative men’s fashion with “homosexuality” in todays western society.

      Thanks for reading Willin,

      • Willin

        I was refering to our American forebears rather than the red coats like Mr. Sackville.

        In particular, this is the era of gentlemen that I had in mind when I made my comment:


        Anyway – different strokes for different folks. Thanks for the content!


      • PG

        Haha owned. And so true. ‘Man up’ doesn’t mean double checking every item in your closet for the insecure.

        That luggage will age beautifully.

    • Mr. Andy

      Quit foolin’, Willin.

  • cam

    it must rock living in NY and being able to thrift such a nice sweater. i would never find something like that in my neck of the woods. #envy

  • Michael

    Terrific post! While I loved ”Rebuild Your Wardrobe with 25 Essential Pieces” (and turned several friends on to your blog because of it) I have to say that I’m definitely one who leans toward the crewneck sweater and would think of a turtleneck as an alternate. And that, by the way, is a great sweater.

    Now suppose one has acquired those 25 essential pieces—can we look forward to a post someday on the best pieces to add to that foundation?

    This website is an inspiration and a wonder. Thank you!


  • Ambyr

    I’m always most drawn to your business casual looks. Maybe it’s because I live in California and that’s a chic enough look for a classy day in the office, or because you could also transition that look from the office to happy hour. Love the look.


  • Jay

    Hey Dan, awesome post. I’m an avid reader of your blogs and I was just wondering what’s your take on suede shoes in the summer? Random I know but I was about to invest in a pair but didn’t know if they were doable for the summer. Thoughts?

  • Emanuel Iuhas

    great sweater.
    Great styling!
    Hugs from RO!

  • Ivan

    Hi Dan,

    This is a great post. I am interested in buying a pair of Florsheim longwings, could I know what kind you’re wearing?

    Also would you be doing a post on them soon?


  • Steve

    Just wanted to mention that beyond the obvious style, the photography has been spot-on lately.

    Fantastic work.

  • John

    Another amazing post Dan, regular reader here. A comment on sunglasses in the winter, appropriate or not, I don’t see many people doing and I would expect it to be somewhat different, but then again there is no wrong in that.


    • http://www.thestyleblogger.com SB

      If it’s bright out, I wear shades. Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean the sun isn’t shining. In fact, it’s sometimes brightest in the snow…just ask any skier who’s gotten a face sunburn.

      I prefer to keep brightly colored shades for the summer, but I do wear shades year-round. When necessary.

      Thanks for reading,