Who is Michael Andrews?

March 23rd, 2012

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Michael Andrews studied Industrial Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology, where he was a prestigious President’s Scholar. He then went on to receive his JD/MBA from Northwestern Law School and the Kellogg School of Management.

He studied in Georgia, Chicago, London and Amsterdam then started a successful career as a consultant and a lawyer where we worked on billions of dollars worth of deals.

After 8 years of donning a corporate business suit, of which he could never find the proper fit or details, he felt the tailoring business could use some new blood.

In 2006 he founded Michael Andrews Bespoke (MAB) with the vision of crafting high-end, but affordable, custom menswear that is both modern and sophisticated.

Six years later MAB has become NYC’s premiere custom clothier and there’s a waiting list to book an appointment in their epic “gentlemen’s club style” studio.

Michael still wears a suit and tie most days, only it fits much better, it’s made exactly how he wants it, and it has his name embroidered on the inside.

Here Michael shows us what he wears through a typical week as a clothier.




“Mondays are as close as I get to a day off.  I’m usually still in the office but try not to schedule too many meetings as I use the day to catch up and get ready for the week.

Today I am dressed pretty casually so I can grab drinks with a friend right after work.”


“The tweed herringbone vest is part of a three-piece suit so it gets double duty for work and play.

One of the things we often preach in the shop, when a client is designing a garment, is to think about wearability and versatility.”


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  • Professor Black

    I love how he wears his clothes vs the other way around.

  • Mark

    Wednesday and the look for travel. Nice!


  • PewienPan.pl

    Nice story. My life is a little bit similar to Michael, but I lead on-line shop for “real” man now. Bespoke is very important for me, but Polish man (my consumers) are not too fashion….I know it is sad.

  • Scott

    For Tuesday’s look in the suit jacket there are seems starting at the pocket running up to the lower chest, what are the point of these? I can’t decide if I’d like the jacket better without them… Also what does everyone think of the black buttons on the jacket, wouldn’t that limit you to only wearing black shoes with the suit? Seems another button choice would add more versatility.

    • http://www.thestyleblogger.com SB

      Hi Scott. Not seams, darts. These darts create suppression through the midsection of the jacket, as well as fullness for the chest. Most well-made slim jackets have them, including all of the jackets in this post, and just about every jacket I’ve worn on the site.

      Don’t worry too much about matching buttons and leathers, dressing shouldn’t be this rigid. At MAB you can choose whatever color buttons you want on your suit, of course.

      Thanks for reading,

  • khordkutta

    You had me @, “enjoy one of our 30+ whiskeys”

  • Douglas Dee

    Great profile. Among other things it raised a question about the width of cuffs on trousers. I’m detecting a much wider look. I wonder if you wouldn’t mind offering a bit of a primer for us. How wide are Michael’s cuffs in those photographs and what do you recommend?

    • HarrisonK

      Although I do not know how M.A. has his pants cuffed, I’d assume his cuffs are closer to a 2″ cuff.

  • Emanuel Iuhas

    I love the Wednesday & Sunday’s outfits.
    Great Michael Andrews!

  • cam

    hands down the sharpest friend ever featured on this site. this is how a man should dress. perfect break in the pant and perfect fit throughout. simple, stylish, elegant without trying too hard. you notice the man first and not necessarily the clothes which is how it should be. thank you dan!!

  • RH

    Good post, and great style, especially in the first two days. I love the scarf on day 1. I’d be interested in hearing more of his build-up into the tailoring world. How’d he get started with that, study with someone, go to school for it, etc.? As you know, you don’t just pick up a thread and needle and say I’m going to be a tailor. Good stuff though.

  • Anonymous

    Great story.

  • TO

    Nice profile on the man “behind-the-scenes”! Very cool tux design, and I like his end of the week looks (perhaps mid-week for you guys haha)

    How long is the waiting list if one wants to book a bespoke appointment at MAB?

  • Bobby

    The unstructured jacket in the last look is absolutely amazing.

  • Willin

    Nice article, Dan. I like his Miami- the color of that blazer is sharp. The tux you designed strays from the norm in a good way!

  • E

    Great style. I’m loving the Tom Ford sunglasses for myself…

    (and I know that my boyfriend would get a kick out of a men’s studio with a full-stocked whiskey bar!)


  • Andrew

    Is it just me, or do all of his fits seem just a tad baggy? Maybe that’s just what he prefers.

    • Oli

      It looks like he’s wearing his trousers a little low, on his hips rather than his natural waist. Clearly he doesn’t have the same build or style as Dan though, so he’s got fuller trousers with a break rather than the very slim and short look we’re used to seeing on here. That’s the idea of personal style though I guess

  • Adyna

    Great post! great team!