1 Piece/3 Ways: The “Shacket”

March 30th, 2012

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2. Weekend Sharp

These heavy-shirt/light-jacket mixbreeds are available just about anywhere, at a wide range of price points.

Since you’ll be wearing it with several combinations of pieces, look for something solid and neutral for best versatility – like olive, navy, grey, etc.

A vintage military shirt would work similarly as well  - although you may need some tailoring.

Make sure it is fitted through the body and sleeve, with just enough room under for a button-down shirt and a thin layer (like a cardigan, v-neck, crewneck, henley, etc).

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  • Ryan

    I can’t seem to find these boots anywhere.

    • Ryan

      The black Brooklyn bootworks ones.

  • Paul B

    Hi Dan , can you discribe how you made your scarf or can you make a photo of it . Thanks

  • TTG

    Great Piece. I especially like the first. Those tweed pants are great!


  • Dani

    HUGE fan of the first look, head to toe flawless (you look like a lost Polish boy- in a good way though lol)

    Last one, not so much. WHY do men associate being in a bar with ,well, that kind of look ??? I’m not saying it’s a bad look, just not – good.


    • Marco

      So, what exactly should men be wearing to the bar?
      Hockey jerseys, wranglers and new balance? Three piece bespoke? I don’t see how something as mundane as going to a bar could illicit such a need for a specific outfit, and that the one Dan shows above is considered totally off-base or unacceptable?

      Please help us mere mortals understand what the ‘not-not-good’ look is for going out to drink beer with our buddies. We would hate to offend all of woman-kind by wearing a shacket, reworked jersey scarf and army boots to our local drinking hole.

  • AMP

    Great! I dig this a lot, especially the first look

  • Leonardo

    An outfit like number 1 in the post is a great option to use in autumn here in Brazil. I really need to find a “shacket” right now!

  • Ambyr

    Your Business Casual look is fantastic. Each piece looks great together on you. Very cool pants.


  • MOZART5000

    Those Brooklyn Bootwork Boots are very nice.


  • filip

    why are you wearing sunglasses when its cloudy?

    • http://www.thestyleblogger.com SB

      they come and go, those clouds

  • AAJR

    Whatever you do button up that shirt!! Huge pet peeve of mine to see a man showing chest hair…otherwise great looks!

    • D Hall

      What a prude! Men have chest hair deal with it! Having your shirt buttoned down to your navel is one thing, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with showing a little taco meat. Lighten up dude!

    • Adyna

      Common AAJR, really?! Of course, it`s just an opinion and I respect that but it doesn`t mean I have to agree..it`s sexi!

  • Zach Raymond Boroff

    Nice shirtscarf bro

  • Breezy

    Awesome blog Dan! Love the last look and how you improvised by making a scarf out of old t shirts! Looking forward to the next one

  • Brian

    Awesome looks! I love the more laid back casual looks versus the business work suit looks in previous posts. Keep up the good work Dan

  • Joe

    Do you get shirts you intend to wear as jackets hemmed in any way (they appear to shorter than a typical shirt, and cut straight). Thanks! Great work!

  • TO

    All looks here are pristine… Number one- the color coordination between the tie and socks, shirt and tie under the shacket, desert boots.. that’s a great look man. I’m going to have to dress up my shacket now! Haha

  • Adyna

    Annnd you`re back! Inspiring post as usual. The shirt from business casual works for womens too. I actually wear it today :). When I have to play business and need some inspiration..here you are.


  • HarrisonK

    Great post Dan. Number 3 is by far my favorite look.

    The photography seems to have greatly improved in this post. Every picture in this post seems to jump off the page. It’s really a great improvement.