1 Piece/5 Ways: Wool Down Vest

March 5th, 2012

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5. Casual Layers

If you have versatile, well-selected pieces you can just start piling them together. I remember when we shot this last March in Noho, I originally put the look together using only the pieces I had left at a friend’s apartment on separate occasions.

See the original post on Turtleneck Layering.

  • Wool herringbone down vest by Penfield
  • Navy cotton/ poly nautical stripe turtleneck by Caufield Prepatory
  • Navy corduroy trucker jacket by Caufield Prepatory
  • Neutral chinos by Helmut Lang
  • Tan leather gloves by Hugo Boss
  • Beeswax desert boots by Clarks
  • Bracelet from NYC street vendor

Thanks, as always, for reading.

Yours in style,



Photography by Alex Crawford.

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  • James

    Hey Style Blogger
    Great site! Keep it up,

    Let us know if you ever feel like doing guest post. We’re always looking for new writers.


  • Alessio

    I really like the jacket. I was also wondering, what’s your take on logos? (lacoste, Ralph lauren, brooks,burberry, fred perry etc..) because you never seem to wear anything with a logo.

    • Adyna

      Good remarck Alessio :). But he doesn`t really need a logo to show style and that`s just great!

    • AFJ

      Logos are for people with low self-esteem

  • MOZART5000

    So in love with the cords from look three. Will admit it has a cowboy esq feel to the vest.


  • ed

    i’m not sure if i’m totally convinced of donning the down vest, but the red socks and vintage tie in look #1 are too good.


  • Ambyr

    I love the Corporate Casual Friday and the Hanging with the Guys/Hitting the Bars. The jacket and the denim top are perfect for layering and the colors look great together.


  • T

    Your looks of late have been very…theatrical. But I would wear the hell out of every outfit above. Well Done!

  • Brooks

    Awesome post. I’ve just gotten back into down vests after thinking they were too poofy and unwearable, so thanks so much for showing again and again how to swag them out. Props.

  • Chad M.

    How do you keep your shoes clean/ perform maintenance on them? Keep up the good work

  • exhaze

    Look #3 is awesome. I really gotta get a down vest and try that. I think your down vest’s color scheme really helps it since the cream is pretty neutral, and the brown in the shoulder area really helps it match against a lot of your other pieces in your outfits (against in the tie in #1/#2, against the knit design in #3, etc). Great post, Dan.