Season 2/Episode 4: “Not So Ready to Wear”

March 6th, 2012


Enjoy Season 2, Episode 4

Don’t forget to set the video to HD (and full-screen if you want) in the toolbar at the bottom of the video screen.

As always, recorded (for the most part) and edited by the very talented Chris Caro. You can catch up on all the episodes up to date here.

Thanks for watching, more episodes coming soon.

Yours in style,


  • Mr. Andy

    My hat’s off to you, sir. BRILLIANT, FORWARD THINKING.

  • JT

    Great as always; but have you considered upgrading to a better microphone or doing some voice overs? I’m no expert, I just think the overall production could really benefit from some better audio.

  • Fan#1

    What is the style of buttondown shirt that Michael Andrews is wearing? Never seen anything like that

  • TO

    Sorry to hear about production in China. Everything happens for a reason!

    This was one of the most enjoyable episodes yet; scored masterfully Chris! Great video. Excited for the new improvements! Cool stuff.

  • cam

    “Suited in Prada..stay Melo like LaLa”….loving the music!!

  • Bosun Lewis

    This is the only blog I consistently visit and draw inspiration from, such great work.

    Keep it up!

  • Victor

    Nice video, but I’d like to see more info in those video. For example, you could share some info about hats in this video.
    Regarding the “SB shop”, you’re going to the right direction. Often I see myself looking after a clothing pieces that you featured in one of your posts.
    Keep the awesome work!