Two-Tone Gingham shirt feat. Westley Dimagiba

June 11th, 2012

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My man Westley shows us how versatile a two-tone ginham shirt can be.


1. All Business

Everybody and their brother has a simple gingham shirt: one color crossed with white. Give your Spring shirt wardrobe some new life with a two-tone check.

Of course it works with a suit, and I like how Wes straightens out the collar by leaving the buttons unfastened. 

When the weather gets warmer, dress codes typically loosen up. Wes ads some personality with some vintage accesories and a pocket square that is all summer.

  • Floral pocket square Handmade
  • Khaki cotton suit jacket by J. Crew
  • Blue gingham shirt by Gant
  • Red knit tie Vintage
  • Brown basket weaved shoes Vintage
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  • jack

    i think i saw this guy in a porn on the bangbros website. is he a pornstar?

  • Mrjbeee

    First and second look is dope! Lovin the shoes on both. Great post as usual.

  • Joe

    Here’s an interesting article about a guy with interesting style. Would love to see him play. I thought y’all would enjoy it.

    • Joe

      Maybe even a guest appearance on these pages…

      • cam

        @joe – how bout ‘no’

  • Adyna

    :) well done Wes!

  • T Man

    Great job Wesley! Looks great!

    I think peeps from the Philippines can definitely pull off look number 2 depending on the season. Heck, I’m wearing a vintage big E Levis denim jacket here in Manila right now(it’s rainy season)!


    2nd and 3rd looks are solid but feel like there’s too much accessorizing in the 1st. Pocket Square, Lapel pin and Tie Clip? Sometimes less is more.

    • Mrjbeee

      I concur w the too much accessorizing. Would look more sharp if kept simple.

  • Khalid

    Westley is always charming, but it’s especially nice to see his thicket of hair growing back! Great colours on that gingham shirt; really highlights how to tie everything together tonally.

  • Pablo Honey

    I’ve noticed in a lot of outfits you all wear, like the ones above, you appear to not have any socks with your shoes. Whenever I wear shoes without socks they end up making my feet smell and aren’t very comfortable. Do you guys wear almost invisible socks or suggest a way to keep your feet dry, comfortable, and smelling nice when you wear shoes without socks?

    • Wilmer

      you can get loafer socks at Journeys. It comes in white or black. Its made of cotton so its absorbent and wont make your feet smelly. I wear them with my oxfords, boat shoes and converse sneakers. Its barely noticeable specially when i used my oxfords.its almost that im not wearing socks at all.

  • Desmond K

    Nothing beats gingham in the spring/summer. That last look is definitely my favorite. That’s one that I do quite frequently.

  • TerrencePC

    I love the Ginham trend with a crisp white suit. Like a Tom Ford or Sherman Preston white suit which would be amazing with this trend.

  • Joe

    Nice Post! The soft colors and the fact that blue and brown go well together make this two-tone gingham looks really nice. However, I’ve seen a lot of two-tone ginghams that look way too busy and confuse the eye. Sometimes both colors are too strong and fight for attention, or the check is too small, making the shirt too noisy. Maybe you could mention what kind of two-tone combinations to look for when picking a shirt like this.

  • thecomebackkidd

    Westley, i’ve been meaning to ask if you have Filipino blood? look number 2. definitely worth swagger-jackin. the denim jacket could be to warm for Manila though..cheers!

    • westley

      late response I know, but yeap… you guessed right, Filipino blood… good luck styling in the homeland!

  • cam

    really like the 3rd look..esp the face tat ;)

    • Michael

      Yeah, I almost thought it was a faint tattoo before realizing it was just a shadow. :)