Cool Colorful Knits for Spring

April 26th, 2012

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Spring weather calls for lightweight knits.

When it’s sunny but cool, reach for a fine-gage sweater and don’t be afraid of a little pattern and color.

Here’s three examples.


1. Cotton Jersey Cut & Sew

There is a difference between a knit top and a sweater, they are different departments of design.

A knit top, or “cut & sew” garment, is typically thinner and made using cut patterns that are sewn together. A sweater, on the other hand, is usually thicker, warmer and knit together.

This cardigan is jersey cotton, like a t-shirt, so it’s super comfortable and cool.

A cardigan works over a henley, but a band collar button-down gives you the same neckline with a little more swagger, in my opinion.

An age-old trick: use the trousers to pick up one of the subtle tones in the sweater.

  • Cream patterned cardigan by Marc Jacobs
  • Orange jeans by Levis
  • White henley by Hugo Boss
  • Navy shades by Zanerobe
  • Belt by Urban Outfitters
  • Navy suede loafers by Scarpe di Bianco
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  • Imperial

    i love your blog… really good value

  • Darren

    Great seasonal style ideas, Dan – innovative and dashing, as usual. I particularly love the striking implementation of color in the pants.

    Speaking of which, I’m particularly impressed by the plum Levis, but can’t find them anywhere. Any tips?


  • Ambyr

    I love the Loose Knit Drape outfit. The purple pants add in the perfect amount of spring color.


  • Carlo-Antonio

    Dan, great post as always, love the Missoni sweater. Wish I could get a better look at that Montblanc though :).

  • Lena

    All great looks. I like how you made a sweater/pant combo more chic then boring by choosing cool prints.

  • MrJBeee

    Awesome post once again. Quick question, your surface to air shoes were originally laced or no? Silly question but I see the lace impressions. Just curious!

  • Mikey

    I also enjoy sporting light knits with no undershirt – very casual Italian feel. Sweaters are a bit too ‘Cosby’ for my taste though. To each his own.

  • Underthejetbridge

    The knits look sweet. We endorse the use of light knit sweaters for travel. They’d bring back some class to flying. Above all though, we dig the sunglasses, especially the Matsudas.

  • Johnny

    Hey Dan,

    All the pants you have are great. Especially love the first look. Can you give more details of which cut the Levi’s are? 511? I hear they run real small, can you confirm>?

    Can’t got wrong with Veblems as a daily shoe

  • Leonardo

    Even that i have enjoyed all the looks, i can’t take my eyes of the Missoni sweater, it’s gorgeous!

  • Dave

    Love the third look !!! I am a big fan of blue hues :) great color combination !!!

  • Patrick

    Love the Florsheim wingtips. Looking at their website now – are those the Veblens?

    • Khalid

      Veblens have a wood-look trim on the (leather) sole. Either they’ve worn off, or Dan is wearing the rubber-soled Havilands which looks quite similar.

      There are also some (much more expensive) Florsheim by Duckie Brown shoes in the same style but with pebbled leathers.

      Be warned that these run quite large. I’m a 10.5 on the shoe measuring device, 10.5 or 11 in trainers, and usually a very snug 10 in dress shoes. In these shoes I had to size down to 9.5.

  • Sean

    I think an acrylic knit worn without an undershirt would be agonizingly itchy, but I dunno.

    • SB

      Every fabric feels different, as does every person in it. Its a good idea to try it on first.

      Thanks for reading,

  • J.C

    Harvey Specter…I see you’re back for a second season of Suits!

  • Adyna

    All 3 looks are great, the shoes in the 3rd pic look fantastic. And I thought I was crazy when I put mines without laces :) but I luv it

  • TO

    Ahh that’s the difference with cut and sew versus knitwear! Always wondered that. Cool looks

  • texan

    I wish i could still wear clothes like this. It is scorching in Texas already. Looking good, will keep this in mind for next year.

  • cam

    love those surface to air shoes