Old Habits Die Hard – Grown Man Js

May 11th, 2012

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Westley and I are both basketball junkies (see here …sorry Wes). Jordan sneakers will always hold a special place in our hearts.

We’ve been wearing these legendary kicks since we were young boys on the court, so styling them casually keeps that part of our identity.

Here’s some examples of how we wear them off the court. Keep in mind, personal style is all about doing you.


1. XI – Patent Leather

By keeping the rest of the outfit simple, understated and well fit, these famed classics provide and accent that is less “where’s the bball court?” and more “that guy knows what’s up!”.

I rarely wear the 11s – only when I need a very comfortable walking shoe, and a little extra street cred.

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  • Mike

    I am so happy that I stumbled upon this post! I am 22 and have been a big Michael Jordan sneaker fan since I was about 14 or 15. Since I am getting older I have been sitting into a more sophisticated look. This post is perfect for me and my sneaker addiction and I love that you give details on outfits and where to find them. Thank you much!

  • Mons Yale

    Look #5 is probably one of my favourite looks all-time on SB. I love the mix of black and different greys with the badass red Js popping out. Such a sick look. Bravo.

  • Kenny


    love the post bro!!! Finally i find some decent men’s fashion blog that features some fresh pair of Js!

    word up!

  • Serge

    Hey, I picked up a pair of black anodized Jordan 1s and I was wondering if you could recommend just what kind of outfit I could wear with it. I’ve been rocking them with APC PS but I’m looking to dress them up a little more.


  • superduper

    Great post. Would love to see more along these lines. Jays with tailored gear is not only fashionable but I think represents alot of our generation!

  • Zach Raymond Boroff

    You still dunking at 30 bro? Not bad

    • http://www.thestyleblogger.com SB

      hahah. 25. but who’s counting.

  • Tongan KID

    DOPE concept of dressing up J’s. Something we have to do once in a while.

  • Nathan

    ill post man. sneakerheads unite! thanks for the tips. not even the 2008 true blues, dudes go the 2001 joints! i appreciate this.

  • KautiousNupe

    Very Dope Post.

    Style and Fashion is more than cardigans, spread collared shirts and wingtips. I think Look #4 — True Blue was my favorite. Those colors mesh sooo well together.

  • Ambyr

    I love this post! The Fire Red and Black Cement looks are my favorite. They have a good twist of each of your personal styles and they outfits still look well polish. Great style post guys!


  • Adyna

    cam`s comments are missing from 2 posts. cam?

    • cam

      @adyna – “take your nose off my keyboard, what you bothering me for? there’s a room full of n!%%@s, what you following me for?”

      • Adyna

        My answer is simple: just some nice comments of an old TSB reader were missing here, that`s all


  • james lowery!

    Whoa! lots of really nice stuff. not these dumb new retros.. black cements may be the 2011s not sure, either way everything looks great

    • DCRob

      What are you talking about? Every single pair outside the True Blue’s Wes is wearing are retro’s. The concordes (DMP, RETRO), Fire Red 3′s (2007 RETRO), Black Cement’s are retro’d from 08 CDP, I’ve seen these in pics from before the 2011 came out on Dan, The 1′s are from the 60+ with the celtic colors, then the DMP 6′s and admittedly retro 3 true blue’s again.

      • Nathan

        I think he meant 2011/2012 retros..

  • itsamazing

    Great post! I know you’re a basketball player and occasionally wear Jordans in posts but definitely wasn’t expecting this.

    I wear Jordans on the regular and I completely agree..one should only stick to the original colorways that MJ himself wore on court..mainly w/tees/hoodies/jeans..more..casual. Any other colorways/models are just not worth buying nor the hype. But it’s kinda funny that Wes is wearing the DMP VIs (great colorway..I just wouldn’t buy into the hype..I prefer the black/infared (or varsity red) VIs.

    And I’d stay away from wearing any Jordans w/a blazer (blazers do look good w/Converse/Vans/Nike Blazer or Bruin/Common Projects/Lanvin/etc.)..I prefer a leather/varsity jacket..hell yes but NO w/blazers.

  • LavishStyle

    i really love what you did here, this is by far my favorite post because it simplifies my basic everyday style. It seemed a bit weird for me to transition from jeans to slim chino pants and slim cargo pants with sneakers but i have to say that it almost always look better and gives u a much cleaner overall look.

  • DCRob

    Sorry, I’m a stickler for shoes, those aren’t the “banned” release, they are from the 60+ release. The “Nike Air” is on the tongue of the official “banned” re-release. And are the concordes and 6′s DMP from the same pack? I am assuming the 11′s are from the DMP pack as well, since you can see the black toe through the ice.

  • lov

    “Try to stick to the original colorways – the ones that the man himself actually wore when he made history. It’s a respect thing.”

    Found that a bit ironic considering the DMP VIs were featured.

  • mrdrpdin

    mann!! thank you!!!! i wanted something like this for a while. I have been trying to mix my sneakers with more of a casual yet not so street style. this is perfect. good looks.

  • q

    Ok, why can’t I ever find this stuff online? Went to the Alexander Wang site, can’t find the jersey short sleeve shirt. Club Monaco, no seersucker returned in search results. Happens every time!

    • Joe

      Selection changes season to season. Better to get an idea of what you’re looking for and expand your searches (other stores, other brands).

  • iLLViLL

    I’ve been waiting for this post ever since I saw your Blk Cement III’s hanging on on your shoe rack. Good show as as always. Stay Fresh, Cali Love.

    • 510

      Cuz, you read my mind. I remember seeing a post he had with the III’s and a fatigue jacket and was like that is nice. Great post SB!!!!!! One of my favorites

  • Kin

    This post definitely hit more to home for me. I grew up collection jordans since middle school and have loved every pair of jordans I had. Those III’s brings back some very good memories I had from collecting. I also loved those XI’s when I collected.

  • Trey

    Killing ‘em with the DMP

    Thanks for this post. I was actually looking to get rid of all my J’s in favor of a more “grown up” wardrobe, but this post makes me feel like a few of them could just be reworked.

  • brianandimfromchicago

    i share the same sentiments…

  • Patrick

    You can get up SB!

  • Steve

    I’m a Jordan “wearer”/collector myself, so I enjoyed this post. Aside from the XI outfit, everything else was paired nicely. Good update to the post. It’s summer time, so you gotta pull out the J’s every now and then. I prefer IX’s, III’s, & Concord XI’s myself.

  • Dominic

    I never really cared for Jordan’s. Never thought they were anything special for the price tag they carried.

    Now young people are killing eachother over these overpriced shoes.

  • UrsTruli


  • Axel Ruiz

    Love the post great for teenagerslike myself. By the way i loved weselys first outfit

  • Desmond

    Great post. Looks like u guys had a lot of fun shooting it.


  • Kyle Norville

    By far my favorite post ever. I was definitely going through it trying to transition and this post truly shows me that I don’t have to give up my habit and sacrifice my style for it.

    Good Job Fellas…

  • Brian

    Very nice!! These are some awesome fits on how to wear J’s

  • Mrjbeee

    Dressing j’s up into your outfit is pretty much like how you would win casual shoes. Personally I was never a fan I Jordan’s and wouldn’t wear them unless I was playing basketball.

  • Iván

    I love the shoes!! I have 4 pairs of Nike(s) and I love it!!

    Greetings from


  • bryan villa

    Great post! excellent styling. I shared this with all my friends, male and female who keep telling me J’s are for ghetto people. this is how i dress to work. Thank you so much for putting into pictures and in a blog what I’ve been feeling all these years!!!!!!

    • khordkutta

      Get new friends, I joke.

  • grae

    One of my favourite posts. I love wearing my Js with simple, classic pieces. Keeping them in top condition is hard work!

  • EL

    I’ve never owned a pair of Jordans. I don’t think they’re hot. I don’t care. And I’m not apologizing.

    Although, I must say, you did manage to incorporate them quite nicely into your wardrobe selections. So, kudos to you on that. Carry on, SB!

  • Adyna

    I have to say it..one of your best photos (at lest the ones I like them so much), are the ones with the basketball ball in your hands..maybe because it was something that you really really like it and you succeed on transmitting this through simple photos/words..same with the clothing. Wes, please keep your haircut like this, it fits you perfectly!! Luv all the Jordan`s..I didn`t made the investment cuz my time when I play basketball is limited (unfortunately) but I can always steal my cousin`s pair when we gather to play some game :)