Hitting the Bars

May 24th, 2012

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A low key night at the bar with your boys (and girls)?

Here’s some ideas on what to wear…



1. Vintage Character

02 copy 2

In a casual bar setting you don’t want to be look too dandy or pristine.

Keep it easy, masculine and approachable with simple pieces that have some rugged character, like a beat-up leather jacket and basic henley.

03 copy 2

Finding a well-made leather piece at a vintage shop is a good way to save some money, and you won’t have to go through the awkwardly stiff break-in phase.

05 copy

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    i know this is a random question but, how do people pull of the “untied boots” look… I cant seem to ever get it right, the boots always get to loose.

    • cam

      @THUMBS – i figure out first how “tight” i need my boot then i tie a knot on each lace where they come out from the top eyelet of the boot. this way, you can leave the boot unlaced and they won’t get any looser as you go about your day. hope that helps

  • Gazman

    Love your blog and your fashion sense. But got to say, the disheveled look leaves me cold, especially the untucked shirt under pullover style, which makes a man look like an unmade bed. It’s also too contrived. And what’s with the untied bootlaces!

  • Víctor

    Dear SB:

    I didn’t know your blog, but it’s been a pleasurable surprise for me.

    Go on with that nice work!

    Best regards from Spain.

  • SouthFLguy

    I agree with illtek. While these looks are great it’s hard to pull them off without burning up in the South Florida humidity and heat. Any ideas for Warner weather?

  • Gary-A

    Hey SB! How does your sizing stack up in those Clarks beeswax boots? I’ve been wearing a pair I got for cheap and am now thinking they’re too large. Might have to size down a half. Your Clarks look pretty worn-in. Did they stretch enough that you can wear both wool socks and no socks, like you seem to do throughout the blog?



  • rad0ne

    all the looks are great.because thys adyna girl is a fan of SB team, i found out about this website as well as many people from our city. i appreciate that she is doing this for people she never met..the website is very helpful..all the best.rad0ne

  • illtek

    Love the blog… its way too hot for that shit. I live in florida, come may, jackets get hung up. I’d love to see some ideas for warmer climates if you have any.

    • Carlo-Antonio

      I’m with you on that! :)

  • TT

    SB, so bummed to see you getting behind the “slouchey too tiny watch cap” look in #4. Come on, man!

  • thatguy


    Missed when we could zoom into your photos and pick up on all the details.

  • cam

    very nice casual looks here dan. i think often not mentioned is how well you execute the palette in your looks. P.S. im voting this adyna girl “most likey to start a tsb fan page”

    • Adyna

      Cam, today I`m good and I`m gonna let you have the honor ;)

  • cbp

    I notice your APC jeans are cropped quite short, so that they end almost at the top of the boots. Is that deliberate? I have a pair cropped like that but often struggle to wear them so short.

  • UrsTruli

    Look 1 goes in… Big ups on the Red Stripe too. Cheers.

  • HarrisonK

    Numbers 1 and 2 are great. Keep the posts coming!

  • George

    For me, it one of the best posts! Great ideas for tomorrow’s drinks after work in London.

    Your reader

  • Adyna

    Hope you all seen the LOOKBOOK too ;)

  • Iván

    Great looks man!! I love all of them!!!

    I love your style!!



  • Steve J.

    Dan…Good stuff as usual. No 3 probably gets best look for the bar scene.

    Would love to see a post on summer wear. Tackling the heat, but remaining stylish while doing it.


  • Desmond

    Look 5 is my favorite. I love how u.modified the shirt. And I’ve always been partial to desert boots. Great post. Keep em coming.


  • Adyna

    No 2: it`s perfect. Luv the No-business blazer also (in this one I can`t give you more than 20 years old:) and yes people, don’t be afraid to dishevel the collar and roll up the sleeves, it looks great! You know..when I wear the collar like this it always gives me a nice feeling like I`m in another period of time..somewhere far in the past. Great post!