Spring Layering: Thin V-Neck & Tailored Jacket

April 18th, 2012


As you may know, I’m a big supporter of dresing “down the middle”. Not too dressy, not too casual. Presentable for just about any occasion.

An example for early Spring: layering a lightweight v-neck knit with a tailored jacket.

Here are some examples.


1. Weekend Trip

The things some people wear to the airport baffle me. I know some folks whose routine air travel outfit involves sweat pants and gym shoes – which they bring on the trip only for traveling. This doesn’t make sense to me – granted I’m a fanatically light packer.

Having a “travel outfit” only makes your luggage heavier and puts a dent in your trip’s itinerary since you now have to head straight to the hotel to change and straighten up.

This is an ideal travel outfit for me. It’s plenty comfortble: broken-in chinos (with stretch), a lightweight cotton/cashmere sweater and rubber-soled chukka boots (I typically remove the jacket on the plane and fold it in my carry-on).

The key is that each piece can be worn for a range of events/purposes (keeping my carry-on as light as possible) and as soon as the plane lands I’m ready for wherever I need to go.

The oldest trick in the book: use the color of the sweater to pick up one of the subtle tones in the blazer. The more subtle the better.

  • Burnt orange v-neck sweater by J.Crew
  • Tan chukkas by Scarpe di Bianco
  • Vintage belt
  • Blazer by Michael Andrews Bespoke
  • Tortoiseshell sunglasses by Persol
  • Watch by Montblanc Timewalker Automatic
  • Slate chinos by Helmut Lang
  • Canvas & leather duffle bag by Filson
  • tgis

    how short should your pants leg be? in a lot of your photos they seem quite short? what s a good rule of thumb for pants length

  • TTG

    Nice post again SB. I especially like the outfit with the white pants. But isn’t there a rule about when to wear them (white pants)? Please advise.


  • Emily

    Now this is a sexy look! So simple but so classy, especially with no shirt underneath the sweater. If a shirt is necessary (perhaps to prolong the life of the sweater by fewer washes) do you think it should be the same colour as the sweater?

  • Kyle

    That second look is KILLIN’! Sharp, complementary basics. Boosh!

  • Anonymous

    Such a nice jacket.

  • Adyna

    “The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively”
    ― Bob Marley

    Positive post/team.

  • hana tajima

    omg, your jacket.. where did you get them? they’re such in a nice colors, and i like the boxes pattern!!

    tbh, i dont like wearing pants that are too short, exposing ankles, but you look just nice :)

  • Emanuel Iuhas

    Love the 3rd one…

  • TO

    I can’t believe GQ scoffed at Iron Man when recently wore a suit similar to your burgundy number… which may work even better as separates as shown here! Love the pallets here especially #3, which reminds me a lot of the “country party” outfits they wore in Mad Men last week:)

  • Zac A

    Those Friday shoes are gorgeous.

  • Salomon

    I cannot seem to find the shoes in look #2 from Martin Dingman. Anyone know where to look?

  • Big Jon

    What’s the best way to keep white jeans (and light chinos for that matter) clean? Washing? Spot clean? What is the best product(s) to use?

    • Adyna

      Pre-treat the stained area with some powdered detergent like Tide. Moisten the area, put on a little Tide and scrub lightly with a used toothbrush. Rinse & repeat. Brush off the stain – do not scrub it into the fabric. Check before putting the jeans into the dryer or line dry.
      Add a little bit of Clorox chlorine bleach in the wash or a color-safe bleach.
      Do not use chlorine bleach too often because it is hard on the fibers and can cause yellowing over time.

      Color-safe bleach is the safest.

      Only wash them with other white clothes or if you must wash them with other light clothes add a Shout Color Catcher sheet.
      ..from a woman point of view..I onestly dont wash clothes that offen, someone helps me with that but..hope this helps

      • Dave

        Vanish Oxi-action
        in case of red wine/ coffee or other stains, soak for a few hours in a mixture of vanish & cold water
        then wash in a regular washing machine
        chor, bleach e.t.c weakens the ibres of your garment, no problem if you wash H&M pants but use only vanish for the more expensive incotex, kiton range pants.
        Do not leave stains too long otherwise they will set, also using a dryer to dry whites is discourage.
        For stubborn stains apply vanish powder mixed with sparkling water to spots & leave for a while :)

  • Ambyr

    I really like the Weekend Trip look. The colors pop well and the v-neck looks casual and cool.


  • Oscar

    Eu gosto muito de camiseta básica gola em V!!
    I Love basic V-neck!!!
    Very comfortable!!

    • http://www.thestyleblogger.com Townsend


  • Dominic

    I’m not a fan of not showering after I landed from a long trip so I’m in sweats. It’s just to the airport and to the hotel or if I’m staying with family.

    Unless it’s a really quick dash for business meeting, I can understand.

  • pierre

    I noticed that you dont wear socks in any of your posts today (great posts btw as always:)) As a person who prefers a sockless look but only really applies it to loafers, i was wondering if you simply wear any of your shoes both with or without socks or if you have certain pairs reserved just for a sockless look? Any tips?

    • http://www.thestyleblogger.com Townsend

      Hey Pierre,

      There are lots of tricks in achieving the “sockless” look. From no-show loafer socks to sprays that keep shoes from stinking up too much. Post/more on this coming VERY soon… Thanks for reading!

    • Adyna

      Those sprays that keep shoes from stinking are very good, my brother use them. Great tip from Townsend!

      • Dave

        Not wearing a pair of shoes two days in a row
        And keeping every unworn pair of shoes with a cedar shoe tree in it, takes out any moisture from resting shoe, kills any bacteria and smells and also keeps the shoe in shape.
        It works well for me.
        Going sock less is not for the poor :)

  • Anonymous

    I noticed that you dont wear socks in any of your posts today (great posts btw as always:)) As a person who prefers a sockless look but only really applies it to loafers, i was wondering if you simply wear any of your shoes both with or without socks or if you have certain pairs reserved just for a sockless look? Any tips?

    • mm

      I just picked up some no show socks from Journeys. I have been using them for a few days with my boat shoes and so far they are great. It was 10 bucks for 5 pairs. Probably not phenomenal quality but it seems like 2 packages will get me through the summer.

  • Mike

    … so Dan, when will the shop be back online? :)

  • Adam

    Love Casual Friday and the colour combination of the Purple Jacket.

    Plaid jacket is cool too. Almost in ‘Don Cherry’ territory.

  • mrdrpdin

    Ive been waiting for a post like this for a while. I love wearing v-necks but I get lost with dressing them up. Sometimes they may be too long for me to wear a blazer underneath. Do you have any suggestions for any other brands of v-necks that are of good quality and also good length. Also if I wear a white v-neck do you think an undergarment should be worn underneath or completely forget them?

  • Ian

    Great post as usual!

  • Luis D.

    What is the model of the Montblanc watch which you are wearing?

  • Adyna

    No, no..that`s it! My nr. 1 is the friday trip..no wait! love the casual friday also! dammit…the weekend business is awesome! love all of them. It`s my brother`s birthday, Leo, in June..I have to send him to MAB. I really can`t find a better gift than this! ;)

    Keep up with the good work!