Frank Clegg x Dan Trepanier: “Heirlooms with Style”

June 16th, 2012

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About the Collection

As we documented here, legendary American leather artisan Frank Clegg and I teamed up to put together “Heirlooms with Style” – a collection of leather bags and accessories designed to make an elegant statement and crafted to last a lifetime.

Teaming up with Frank was a no-brainer. I own one of his signature duffles and it’s easily my favorite bag. Like me, he truly loves his craft and is always looking for ways to improve, which is evident in the world-class products he’s been hand-making in his Falls River Massachusetts workshop for over 35 years.

For this collaboration we set out to create ten essential lifestyle pieces at different price points so that each TSB reader would have a chance to add a beautiful, limited edited piece to their wardrobe. The collection centers around Frank’s shrunken leather – a rare vegetable tanned leather that is allowed to shrink naturally during the drying process, giving it a very unique and luxurious texture.

Each piece in the collection is available in three colors – black, chocolate and chestnut – and will be hand-made by Frank in his Massachusetts workshop upon ordering. Expect 2-4 weeks for delivery, depending on the item.



1. Travel Duffle

This carry-on size duffel, with it’s rich shrunken leather body, will make you the envy of fellow travelers. It can also double as a gym bag, or simply to hold your day-to-day carry.

Product Specifications:

  • 20″ wide x 12″ high x 10″ deep
  • Shrunken leather & drum dyed vegetable tanned leather
  • Convenient easy-access patch pockets on both sides
  • Removable shoulder strap with three-layer solid leather pad and adjustable strap
  • Ergonomically balanced solid leather handles for a smooth carry
  • Fully lined with ultra durable Sunbrella fabric
  • Solid brass hardware and solid brass Swiss made RiRi zippers
  • Inside zipper pocket
  • Retail Price $995

Click HERE for more pictures/info and to BUY IT NOW.

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  • Linkson Jack

    The heirloom collection is indeed elegant and masculine.

  • Raimele

    I think the classic double breasted suit , will never get old and never go out of style. I believe that its a look for any man not just the executive decision maker. The bag will surely compliment any business or casual look a man may be going for on any particular day! Keep up the great style and pizzazz.

  • m.c. modadicoppia

    Your style looks classic. I like it very much but i think that is not a style for everyone.
    Nice clothes but quite expensive for many people!

    Bye, m.c. modadicoppia

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  • MOZART5000

    Damn, I truly want one of everything.

  • Adyna

    PERFECT! :)

  • Mike

    I’m saving up! These looks AMAZING!

  • cam

    very well deserved dan. all the best

  • juliemarg

    Nice look, sexy and best fit…

  • gian

    Love the double breasted jacket, I always recommend it!

    Very nice the iPhone case by the way

    take care

    Consultant Style Advisor

  • Lauren

    The briefcase in these photos is Chestnut? That bag is a must-have.

  • TTG

    Great collection. A bit pricey but everything looks worth it. My favorite is the Business Briefcase, would get two of those if it were a bit cheaper. haha

  • Marco

    Document/laptop case and rucksack is mine in both black and chestnut. Everyone needs to realize this collection is an absolute bargain for handcrafted leather pieces by Clegg! Masculine and timeless, these are the definition of heirloom. Congratulations, Dan! Now let’s see a shoe line!

    • Sam

      Agreed. I want a shoe line from the man who has possibly the greatest shoe collection in the States!

  • Rene Ng

    I want them all.

  • Axel Ruiz

    Love the first DB suit!
    Just wanted to say you guys really inspire me im 16, You guys really opened me up to the wonderful world of style.


  • Carlos

    man too bad the most expense thing i can afford out of these is the passport case. do you guys think you’d collaborate on a canvas collection anytime soon? hahaha

  • Brandon

    If Japan wasn’t a country where the smallest bill wasn’t 1000 yen (~$12) then I would invest in one of those card holders or the money clip but you get too much change in this country.

  • TO

    Couldn’t have found a more perfect graduation gift. Thanks for the amazing backpack (which I hope to pass on to my kids)! Great collection, Dan.

    Best Regards,


  • Desmond

    Hands down, that backpack is the bee’s knees…