1 Piece/3 Ways: A Man’s Umbrella

May 27th, 2012

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2. Business Casual

A quote from one of my favorite basketball coaches: “The willingness to prepare must be greater than the willingness to succeed”.

This is true in all matters of life, including building a properly suited wardrobe.

In a subtle way, having a well-made umbrella shows that you understand the benefits of buying quality products that are built to last, and that you are well prepared for whatever life may throw at you.

Unless you have a long walk ahead of you and they’re going to get soaked, your leather shoes should be fine with a quick shine in the morning using some surface-protecting polish. Just remember to rotate them daily and allow them to properly dry between wears.

Investing in a small shoe shine kit that you can use at home is another one of those things that can save you money in the long run. Nothing crazy, just a brush, rag and neutral polish. Polishing shoes is not rocket science, and the kit costs less than 3 or 4 shines.

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  • anonymous

    Does anyone know where I can find a suede umbrella? Thank you

    • Matt

      thats a Pasotti umbrella!

  • Anonymous


  • Bessie

    Love this umbrella. U have an amazing style!!


  • Dave

    Dare I ask how much the umbrella was?
    A good brolly is rather useful here in Scotland!

  • gian

    Love that Umbrella!!!!


  • TTG

    Great post, and i like the look with the braces a lot; very chill and yet classy. Funny, cos i’m also planning to do a post on umbrellas on my blog in the future. Thanks for the added inspiration.


  • Sidd

    I don’t understand how vintage braces are “keeping it simple.” IMO, if you have belt loops, use them.

    • http://www.thestyleblogger.com SB

      Thanks for reading and sharing your opinion Sidd.

      • Mr. Magoo

        Beltless look creates a fine illusion for your torso providing a slim silhouette for the whole outfit while belt adds a little bulk in to it.

        The vintage braces is another way of “paying attention to the details” & it is much understandable for those who have style of their own.

  • AggieK

    We had snow on Friday.

    Love the saddle shoes. I wore them in high school with argyle socks that my mother had knit for my father.

  • Pranav fabs

    nice post dan cool stills

  • Bosun

    Just what I needed being here in the rainy U.K


  • ChrisReetz

    Great umbrella. My sunglasses have been replaced with an umbrella since relocating to the pacific NW and I can attest to the importance of having an umbrella that doesn’t breakdown after a month of use. I opted for something completely lacking in style – black, collapse-able – but it was a function choice, it fits in my satchel. I’m going with some color when it comes time to replace it.

  • Desmond K

    Great timely post. I once heard someone say that theres no such thing as “bad weather”. U only think of it as bad if ur not prepared for it.


  • TO

    Nice post as always Dan. Love the old school touches in #3.

    When you go bespoke shirting, is there a specific collar width measurement or certain range you tend to always come back to? Or perhaps do you have a certain formula you’ve worked out depending on accompanying tie/suit lapel options?

  • Adyna

    In Romania is still raining like hell and us much us I like rain..now for the first time, I hate it. Maybe it.s just my mood. The colors of the umbrella fits very well with all the outfits (the business casual rocks). I always had a thing for white umbrellas. Good quote from your basketball coach, true.