Dan Trepanier x Rich In Clothing – “The Dressy Tee”

July 17th, 2012

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I love the idea of dressing up a t-shirt, but I always have a hard time finding tees with the right fit and details to keep up with a dressier look.

I came together with one of favorite basics companies Rich in Clothing, known for their super soft tees made in downtown Los Angeles.

Together we designed the “The Dressy Tee”.

There are a million ways to wear it, below are four examples.



1. With a Suit


“The Dressy Tee” comes in 7 versatile colors that can be worn in countless ways (whether it’s to the gym or the club) and add a new element to any man’s wardrobe.

The crewneck is very slightly scooped, for a clean and elegant neckline.

We also made the ribbed cuffs narrow enough to hug the wrists, which keeps the sleeves in place under a jacket. (Yea, they’re stretchy enough to push up).


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  • Robert

    I love the new site! I don’t know how I originally stumbled upon your site, but it has been my “go-to” guide for over a year now. Anytime I need an idea or help making decisions, this is where I go. Thanks for being such a great mentor.

  • Marco

    Shoe line, please?

  • chrisd

    thank you for inventing this tee. neckline is precisely what i hate about most crew necks and this looks just right.

  • AggieK

    Just looked at Bill Cunningham’s latest video on NYT.there’s someone who looks like you in it. Was it you?

  • Alex

    How high should you wear suit pants? Does it matter if your skinny or not? Thank’s.

  • Felix

    How would these tees differ in quality to, say, Everlane’s own (recently re-released) dressy tees?

    Loving the long sleeve though, its a seller.

  • Sabir M Peele

    Hey Dan,

    Congrats on the t-shirt line. People will definitely hate on the t-shirt/suit combo, but, when done with the right tshirt it can look great! Bravo.

    - Sabir

  • Peter Leung

    love the first outfit! I am wondering what other colours trousers you could fit on the first look.

  • Anonymous

    $50 is not excessive for a good tee…I see stores selling “designer” tees for $200+

    Love These!

  • Anonymous

    Congrats on another great collaboration!

  • Ambyr

    I love both your “with a suit” and “relaxed weekend” looks. These tees are a great color and the fabric looks nice and sleek.


  • Pipp

    Gawd..you are so hot!

  • Vidal

    When they are available in Tall sizes (2XLT please) I will have one (or more) of everything! I used to wear alot of ‘dressy tees’ a few years back, but have had trouble finding any suitable ones lately. Looks like you are ‘putting paint where it ain’t’! I look forward to more product collabos from DT x ______ (fill in the blank)!

  • Desmond K

    Your doing big things with the recent collaborations. Keep it up man!!!


  • cam

    much congratulations on the collabo dan! what size are you wearing?

    • http://www.thestyleblogger.com SB

      Thanks Cam!
      I’m wearing size Medium in the shots.
      See the “about” section for my measurements as a fit guide.


      • cam

        @SB – cmon dan…u know i know this web-site inside and out..haha

        • http://www.thestyleblogger.com SB

          Haha. I know. Actually, you, and some of our other loyal followers, might play an important role in helping us beta test the new site soon…

          • @SB

            however i can help.

          • Adyna

            waiting for the new site ;)

          • Herbert Morrison

            holla at cha boy

  • Carlo-Antonio

    LOVE Look 4! Nice Job as always Dan!

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  • Jimi Brady

    These are amazing. You did well, Dan (surprise, surprise, eh?). I’ll be ordering the burgundy one soon.

  • Jelte

    Damn love the second look!

  • Adyna

    Gongrats! Finally it came out :) very nice!

  • Santiago

    Qué buenos looks. Adquiriendo y adaptando a mi estilo.


  • Don

    Awesome colors, and love the subtle heathering.

    You really understand versatility.

    Oh the possibilities.

  • Anonymous