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A Sartorial Winter feat. Angel Ramos

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After the success of Summertime Tailoring feat. Angel Ramos, we had to bring him back for a winter story. And let’s face it, Angel is one of the flyest guys in todays’s menswear game. 2013 was a big year for Angel and his brand ANGEL | BESPOKE, and 2014 is shaping up to be even bigger. […]

Casual Sartorial: T-Shirts & Trousers


Since moving out West I’ve been trying to find clever ways to combine my east coast tailoring roots with the casual culture of sunny Los Angeles. Last week I wore almost exclusively this: t-shirt, trousers, loafers, simple accessories. It’s a great in-between look that has a casual attitude, but an overall sharpness. Here’s two quick examples […]

Getting Freaky In My Dashiki


It’s amazing what you can find in the back of some vintage and second-hand shops. I often go goodwill hunting without searching for anything in particular, this way I can keep an open mind and try to find something “new”. The other day I was rummaging through a vintage warehouse in downtown Los Angeles when […]

Hollywood Entrepreneur Style feat. Jelani Johnson

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Jelani Johnson is an Ivy Leaguer, a world traveler, and an entrepreneur carving out his own space in Hollywood.  Although we crossed paths at Columbia University, we didn’t spend much time together on campus. He was wrapped up with classes and councils, and I with basketball and the discovery of fashion in NYC. When I […]

LA x NYC Style feat. Browne Andrews


In the world of menswear blogs the word “stylist” often gets abused. Every one is calling themselves a “stylist” now. Or even worse, “image consultant”. There is virtually no barrier to entry. All you need is a Twitter account and a Tumblr with an About page. The thing is, bloggers rarely get cast as stylists for […]

Sartorial Summer: The Orange Cotton Suit


Since Knot Standard delivered the best-fitting suit of the three brands we compared in our online custom suit review, I wanted to learn more about their business and their plans for expansion. After a great conversation with their CEO about the future of the online tailoring business, I set up an appointment to test their new Private Label […]

TSBmen “LA Influencer Dinner” by Carnivor Wine

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Tuesday night was one for the books! About a month ago the good folks at Carnivor Wine approached me with a simple idea. “Bring together twenty of your favorite ‘influencers’ in Los Angeles and we’ll provide dinner and red wine all night”. Hmm, deal. I started by thinking about what it means to be an “influencer” and how subjective the […]

Mr. Throwback feat. Arga Yudhistira


We’ve said it time and time again: you don’t need a lot of money to dress with style! Like our in-house thrifting expert Westley our friend Arga Yudhistira – who first recognized Alex and I in the streets of downtown LA – is an expert in the art of vintage shopping. The co-founder of Vintage […]

Statement Tassel Loafers for Spring/Summer

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We’ve done several pieces on the versatility of the oxblood tassel loafers – primarily since you can almost always find them in vintage stores or on eBay for under $40. Vintage brown/burgundy tassel loafs may very well be the most commonly featured footwear in the TSBmen archives. We’ve continued to showcase plenty of tassel loafers, but lately […]