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#AskTSBmen: Short Sleeved Shirts, with Ties?!

Have a question about style or menswear? You can always #askTSBmen on Twitter. Just use the hashtag #askTSBmen and we’ll be right there. Consider us your new personal stylist :) For example, the other day one of our readers asked about short-sleeved shirts. Specifically, if there was ever a situation in which they can be worn with a tie… He told […]


How I Pack: Detroit Rock City

For the third and final installment of my travel series brought to you by Capital One and the Venture Card, I thought I should change it up and focus on the city that I fly to most often, and one that doesn’t get a lot of coverage in the style world. I grew up in […]


Light Layering: Outerwear Cut For Summer

If you’ve been following TSBmen, you know that I collect outerwear. It’s by far my favorite category in menswear. The variety of shapes and styles, the intricacy of the designs, the emphasis on functionality…outerwear really emphasizes what we all love about menswear. One thing we probably don’t mention enough if the seasonality of outerwear. Just […]


Ask Dan: Dining in Style, eBay Hustles, Whip Game

Q: As a big gear-head and fan of your site I was curious about your preferred ride. I figured that when everyone was living in NYC you guys just walked everywhere or used public transportation, but what about now that half of you guys are in LA where, lets be honest, you need your own […]


TSB Recommends: Hitting the Beach in Style

It’s officially beach season, don’t miss out! Here’s some inspiration to kick your feet up in style and invest in smart pieces that can be worn on and off the sand. 1) Portable Jambox Speakers by Jawbone ($149.99) 2) Tortoise Shaded by Jeepers Peepers ($34.30) 3) Straw Beach Hat by San Diego Hat Company ($26.99) 4) Band […]


Death by Iron: What Now?

Today’s tip is very simple: do not multitask while ironing. A while back I was pressing my favorite unlined, unstructured linen suit when my phone rang. I took the call, leaving a hot iron standing upright on my ironing board, pants strategically laid flat. While ritually pacing back-and-forth during a conference call about an upcoming shoot, […]


Finding Jeans for Athletic Thighs

As a former college basketball player, I can sympathize with our readers who have athletic thighs and a hard time finding jeans that fit properly. I’ve certainly dropped some weight since my playing days, but I still have the proportions problem. If they fit in the waist, they’re way too tight in the thighs (which […]


Ask Dan: Suit Wardrobe, Small Feet, Dirty Denim

Q: Hey guys.  I only own two suits.  I have a medium gray and subtle navy windowpane.  I’m in the market to add a third to my collection but I’m curious, what is the next color/fabric/style I should get?  I live in western NY where we see all 4 seasons to the extreme and I […]


Packing for the Menswear Capitals, Part II (Tokyo, Milan, Dubai)

Part of growing the TSBmen brand involves quite a bit of travel. I manage photo shoots in NYC and LA, I’m producing some new RTW garments in Toronto, and I try to attend as many Fashion Weeks around the world as possible. We’re also thinking about investing in a “TSB RV” so we can travel around the […]


Get Your Shades Fitted

Your shades, like any other accessory, should fit properly. One of my biggest pet peeves is having to continually push my shades back up after they slide down the bridge of my nose. It frustrates me to no end. Luckily there’s an easy and free solution. The reason they slide down the nose is because they […]


TSB Endorses: Clear Framed Sunglasses

I wear shades every single day, year-round. It’s gotten to the point now where I’m almost blind in the sun without them. Ever since copping my first pair of clear frames, I’ve been wearing them more than any other pair. They always add a new dynamic to my look, whether it’s casual or fully suited. […]


Get Your Head Right: Hat Styles for Summer

Nothing completes a look better than the right piece of headwear. Here’s my favorite hat styles for Spring/Summer. The sun is shining – keep it shady. 1. Straw Panama My pick online: Tan paglia straw by Borsalino 2. Linen Newsboy My pick online: Linen newsboy by Stetson 3. Cotton Bucket My pick online: Patchwork bucket […]


10 Menswear Trends Spotted at Pitti Uomo 2014

I didn’t make it to Pitti Uomo this year due to some projects I was managing in LA, but our friend Neil Watson from A&H Magazine captured some of the sartorial style for us. Pitti can be a place of aggressive peacocking, but it can also be a great place to pick up little details from […]

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The Rich History of Menswear & Functional Design

All good design starts with utility in mind. A great designer not only makes something visual appealing, but also functional. Since menswear is so deeply rooted in tradition and history, some design elements have stuck around for centuries – whether we use them for their intended purpose or wear them simply as a nod to […]


Quality Menswear: An Investment for Life

I’ve written about the advantages of buying quality over quantity before, but I wanted to illustrate the point further using an example from my personal experience. This black leather jacket by Ralph Lauren Purple Label is my favorite piece in my entire wardrobe. I paid $600 for it seven years ago. It was on clearance […]