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Spring Wardrode Boost: Easter Pastel Jacket

In the spirit of Easter (and celebrating the end of an absolutely brutal winter), here’s our favorite dusty pastel blazers to give your Spring wardrobe a fresh color boost. 1) Sky blue flax/cotton jacket by Armani Collezionne ($995.00) 2) “Gatsby” pink linen stripe jacket by Brooks Brothers ($698.00) 3) Faded lemon slim-fit blazer by Asos ($122.29) 4) Lavender lightweight pincord blazer by […]

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Online Made-to-Measure vs. Suit Supply

Following up on our Online Made-to-Measure Suit Review, one of the most common questions we received was: how do suits from e-tailors like Indochino, Knot Standard and Black Lapel stack up against Suit Supply? To compare, I picked out and ordered a suit from in my size. This is what came in the mail […]


SPRING PICKS: 25 Under $50

  Give your Spring wardrobe a quick boost with one (or a couple) of our top 25 picks under $50. 1) Tortoise shades by Asos ($22.58) 2) Clear shades by Asos ($45.17) 3) Linen scarf by Club Monaco ($39.00 – sale) 4) Card case by Ben Minkoff ($45.00) 5) Navy Linen Shirt by J.Crew ($52.50 – sale) 6) Summer Plaid Shirt by J.Crew […]

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10 Ways to Spot a Cheap Suit

Whether I plan to or not, everywhere I go I seem to get tangled in some kind of menswear debate. Sometimes it’s philosophical discussions about forms of representation and cultural shifts in gender identities. Other times it’s more technical  conversations about design, manufacturing, and investment potential. For example, the other day I was meeting with […]


“Timelessness”: Classic Cool or Basic Boring?

This weekend I fell into an interesting conversation about the boom of traditional menswear and the resurgence of classicism among young men. It’s no secret that our fashion-conscious generation appreciates tailored suits, wears classic felt hats, and understands the long-lasting value of old world things like goodyear welted shoes. That said, there exists an interesting dichotomy […]


Outfit Suggestion: Business Casual Cool

Here’s a perfect look for late winter/early spring, whether you’re going “business casual” or just “sharp weekender”. You can wear this outfit (or any of these wardrobe staples) for just about any occasion. 1) Suede Bomber Jacket by Reiss ($335 – on sale) 2) Tortoise Shades by Warby Parker ($95) 3) Cotton Sweatshirt by J.Crew ($64.50) 4) Watch by Timex […]

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How to Store a “Crushable” Felt Hat

I love wearing classic brimmed hats, but I always run into problems with storage. As proper etiquette goes, a gentleman is supposed to remove his hat upon entering an establishment…but where are you supposed to store it? Very few places offer hat check (like restaurants, bars, theaters, etc. did back when men wouldn’t leave the house […]


Spring Essential: The Lightweight MAC

Spring is around the corner, so over the next few weeks we will be highlighting some essential wardrobe staples for the season. Today we’re highlighting the MAC: a single-breasted, 3/4 length topcoat that’s lightweight and rainproof. In a neutral color, it’s one of the most versatile pieces of outerwear that a man can own. Here’s my […]


Garment Doctor Series: How Slim Is Too Slim?

On TSBmen we often highlight how style should be personal. It’s an outward expression that, ideally, should reflect your personality; who you are, where you came from, what you aspire to be, etc. We also regularly discuss the importance of fit (sometimes in great detail). Without question, fit and proportion are the most important elements […]


Outfit Suggestion: Tropical Getaway

  1) Straw Hat by Borsalino ($235) 2) Downing Shades by Warby Parker ($95) 3) Floral Print Shirt by AMI Alexandre Mattiussi ($260) 4) Linen T-Shirt by Sandro ($150) 5) Trunks by J.Crew ($64.50)  6) Moisturizer by Kiehl’s ($25) 7) Sandals by Ralph Lauren ($185) 8) Beach Bag by Ralph Lauren ($50) 9) Linen Pants by Hugo Boss ($155) 10) Beach Towel by Pendleton ($49.50) […]