That Vintage Outerwear Piece feat. Zeddie Lukoye

Every stylish guy has that one vintage piece in his closet that he’ll never let go. The kind of piece that takes hours of digging to find. You’d never find it again, and it will never be remade in quite the same way. For me, it’s this shearling bomber. For 25 year-old fashion designer Zedekiah […]


TSBmen Needs a Videographer in Los Angeles

Hi Everybody, We have an exciting project coming up and we’re looking to bring on a part-time videographer in Los Angeles. The primary tasks will be shooting, editing and co-directing a web-based video series with Dan Trepanier and the TSB team. If you, or someone you know, is available in LA and meets the requirements […]


The Best Boot this Fall: The Suede Jodhpur

The footwear purchase that’s going to enhance your entire wardrobe this fall: the suede “Jodhpur” ankle boot. It’s a kind of blend between a chelsea boot and a monk strap. Originally designed for horse riding, they were slang-named after the traditional equestrian pant style that was often worn along with them. Today they’re available in all price […]


Tailoring: A Game of Inches

Tailoring is, literally, a game of inches. And it’s all about proportions. Here’s a quick tip on pairing collars, ties and jackets together: they look best if they are the same width. Here’s two examples. 1. Slim & Minimal A collar is measured from the neckband seam to the point along one side. A lapel […]

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“Learn the Rules then Break Them” feat. Ignacio Quiles

If style is the outward expression of an individual’s lifestyle and personality, then those with the most interesting style should also have the most interesting stories. This theory certainly holds true for my new friend Ignacio Quiles. If you’ve spent time in NYC’s East Village you might recognize him – his style cannot be duplicated. […]

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Smart Watches, or Nah?

My good friend Jelani Johnson, as featured here, is a Hollywood producer/manager/agent. He’s in the client services business which means the quicker he responds, the more value he adds to his clients careers (or peace of mind, at least). That means he’s on the phone a lot; closing deals, discussing scripts, talking shit. To make sure […]


Custom Shoes Online: A Review

Good style is all about understanding the “modern classic”. It’s about investing in pieces that are inspired by (and often very close replicas of) classic menswear items, but with a slight design twist. Through the power of the internet, now you can decide what that design tweak will be. Just remember that often times the […]

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Grandpa Style feat. Ashley Owens

We’ve featured several women wearing tailored menswear as inspiration, such as Amber, Jenilee, and Karyn. For the most part, though, their jackets and trousers have been sharply fitted and body forming. Ashley Owens, founder of Grandpa Style, on the other hand, wears full-cut menswear. And she wears it very well. Turns out Ashley and I have a lot […]

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A Simple Guide to Pattern-Mixing

Pattern-mixing can be a little tricky, but not if you follow these three basic guidelines. 1. Mix the Media You can generally group all menswear patterns into three broad categories: 1) checks/plaids 2) stripes 3) repeat prints (polka dots, paisleys, wild animals, etc). Try pairing one with the other; visually these three pattern styles offset […]


The Shawl Tuxedo: A Nightlife Essential

Here at TSBmen you know we love classic tailoring; especially formalwear. There are essentially two tuxedo jacket styles in the traditional black tie handbook: a peak lapel jacket, and a shawl collar dinner jacket. We prefer the dinner jacket because it’s more versatile. If you’ve been thinking about pulling the trigger on that badass midnight […]

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Funky Fresh Flannels feat. Alexander Sumner

The world of menswear is a relatively small one, but it’s full of interesting characters. I love meeting entrepreneurs in the business to learn how they got their start and understand the vision behind the brand that they’ve built. During my last trip to New York I met with the crew behind NYC Clothier Alexander […]

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Waistcoat Layering feat. Steven Santander

If you’ve been keeping up with TSBmen, you already know one of my favorite style guys in the game; Steven Santander. His first feature was titled “Beards, Braces & Bowties” (although it was more about his use of color) and for his second piece he threw us for a loop with “The Statement Poncho“. I […]


The Dandy Doctor feat. Dr. Andre Churchwell

Remember our friend Amber, the beautiful redhead in sharp bespoke suits? Well, she introduced us to our friend Natty Adams, who happens to be an expert in all things “dandy”. In his book “I am Dandy“; a collaboration with photography Rose Callahan, they profiled some of the world’s sharpest and dandiest dressers. I was flipping […]


Upgrade Your Jeans: The Casual Trouser

As you may have read on TSBmen in the past, I almost never wear denim in the summer. Denim is a thick and rigid fabric that is not meant for hot days. As the weather in NYC gradually begins to cool down, however, I’ve been dusting off my selvedge and getting reacquainted with some of […]

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How to Wear A Suit Jacket as a Blazer

Last week we received the same question from three different readers: can a suit jacket be worn as a blazer (say, with jeans) and what’s the secret to pulling it off? The answer is YES…IF it’s the right type of jacket. Here everyone’s favorite smooth criminal Wes helps us break it down. Some traditionalists will tell you […]