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What I Wore Today: TSBmen NYC/LA

TSBmen rule #1: Always bring your ‘A’ game. Use the comments to vote for your favorite outfit, and tell us why! [outfits]   Thanks for reading. Yours in style, TSBmen   Photography by Alex Crawford & Westley Dimagiba. Photos from this shoot are now added to the TSBmen Style Guide. 

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The Heritage Mash-Up Feat. Alejandro Rodriguez

Alejandro Rodriguez  is a menswear designer born and raised in Los Angeles of Mexican and Native American decent. And when you look closely at his laidback cool personal style – that is exactly what he’s putting down. That, in my opinion, is the definition of good personal style. “I’m born and raised in Los Angeles. That’s usually […]

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Transition Game feat. Dahntay Jones

It may be April, but at times it can still feel like Winter. This part of the year is all about having one last fling with your Fall/Winter favorites before you put them away for the season. If you follow basketball as closely as I do, you know Dahntay Jones has a reputation as a highly […]

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1 Piece/3 Ways: The Off-White Spring Suit

It’s no secret that I love suits. Nothing makes a man look sharper and more sophisticated. And from my experience, a well-tailored suit can open doors and bring opportunities, especially in LA (as I wrote about here). Most guys already have a navy or grey business suit, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. […]

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Tailoring for a Small Frame feat. Dennis Thompson

Similar to our friend Waraire Boswell, Philadelphia native Dennis Thompson got into custom tailoring out of necessity. At 5’5″ 125 lbs, everything off-the-rack was way too big and provided no shape. Dennis studied fashion design at the Art Institute in Philadelphia, followed by fashion merchandising at LIM in NYC – “I thought it was important […]

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Designer by Necessity feat. Waraire Boswell

Through TSBmen I’ve had the opportunity to meet many fashion designers, and get up close and personal with a lot of menswear collections. Waraire Boswell is my new favorite designer. Not only because he has great story and a sharp eye for style, but also because he’s one of the coolest and humblest guys I’ve […]

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Get Nappy: Suede Jackets for Spring

Early Spring is the perfect time of year for a lightweight suede bomber (as long as there’s no rain in the forecast). I’ve always loved the soft napped texture of a quality suede; it ads a depth and richness to even the most simple look. Here’s three of my favorites Spring suede bombers, each of […]

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Patterns & Pastels feat. Curran Swint

Our friend Sabir Peele has been documenting and cultivating an up-and-coming style scene in Philadelphia, PA. So I asked him to recommend a couple guys who were bringing a fresh perspective to menswear in the city of brotherly love. Meet Curran J. Swint, designer and founder the uplifting streetwear brand Kings Rule Together. Curran’s positive, uplifting message (such […]

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1 Piece/3 Ways: Cognac Chelsea Boots

I love finding affordable footwear with simple, elegant design. After writing so much about the value of expensive footwear, I think affordable shoes have gotten a bad rap.  After all, I think one of the best things you can do to make your expensive shoes really last the test of time, is to add a couple pairs […]

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Fashion Makes Fools of us All

Style is not something you are born with. I believe it is purely nurture over nature. It’s learned by observing others. Whether it be your father, your friend, or your favorite style blogger. Like any other skill, dressing well and developing good personal style takes practice. It’s a journey. And like every journey, there’s ups […]

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Modern Menswear: Oh So 70′s

It’s amazing how much a pair of glasses, or sunglasses, can change an entire look. I recently found these vintage-inspired Matsuda gold aviators in the pocket of a jacket that I hadn’t worn in a long time (that happens to me quite often) and I’ve been wearing them steady. They give my look an instant […]

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Three-Piece Spring Suits feat. Ryan Devens

Ryan Devens runs the made-to-measure suit program at San Francisco based Taylor Stitch, but he honed his style while apprenticing for a master tailor in Nashville Tennessee. “I wore suits every damn day there. Parties, coffee shops, mexican restaurants, the grocery store. You see, in Nashville, or really the South, wearing a suit is easy. […]