And the Winner is…

Congratulations to @thezanification for being voted the winner of our August Menswear Giveaway! You will be receiving an email from our team shortly for your sizes and mailing address. Our next giveaway will kick-off later this month. In the meantime, we have some great content coming up!   Yours in style, TSBmen


August Giveaway Top Ten – Vote!

It’s that time again! Time to VOTE for your favorite style entry to our August Menswear Giveaway - and tell us why in the comments! One winner will receive ALL SIX items that we’ve personally reviewed from our sponsors: 1. Handmade gentleman’s umbrella by Passotti Umbrelli Nothing says ‘gentleman’ like pulling out a handmade stick umbrella in the rain. This Italian version is sophisticated, edgy, and […]


Round Metal Shades Will Change Your Whole Look

No accessory in menswear impacts your overall look more than a pair of sunglasses; they’re often the focal point of an outfit and can add some distinct character. So rather than sticking to the same-old “updated version” of a wayfarer or aviator shape, consider trying something with a little more edge. Lately I’ve been loving […]

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It’s a Custom World: Made-to-Order Monkstraps

The bespoke suit has become the Holy Grail of menswear. In the suiting world, you know you’ve “made it” once you have an experienced tailor slanging a measuring tape around your body for 30+ data points. It’s a man thing. It’s been a man thing. Thanks to the internet and a new generation of tech-savvy and style-hungry […]


“If You See It, It’s Already Real” feat. Ali of A Noble Savage

I fell asleep on the train. I wasn’t sure how long I had been sitting there, but I was officially in Brooklyn and my stop was next. Still in a slight daze I exited the subway station and walked for a few blocks. According to my virtual map, I had arrived. But this couldn’t be […]

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Discovering New Menswear Brands

One of the joys of managing TSBmen is discovering new menswear brands. Since the “menswear boom” started there have been hundreds of new lines popping up, and they are becoming more and more niche in their aesthetic and product offering. As you may know, I love traditional menswear items that are re-invented with a cross-cultural […]

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Who Wore it Best: Tattersall by Hamilton Shirts

We’ve been very busy behind the scenes preparing to relaunch a whole new TSBmen, but rule #1 of the TSBmen office remains: always bring your ‘A’ game. Alex, Wes and I recently met the good folks behind legendary shirt makers Hamilton and came to an agreement on a custom shirting fabric for our next edition of “Who […]

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Colorful Suit Man feat. J.S. Vann

There’s no way you could have forgotten our friend “Sox” from Toronto. His first profile “Couture Streetwear” was one of my favorites of all time. He gave us a look at some of his custom streetwear (which raised quite a few comments), but that’s only one part of his style. Sox is an experienced professional […]

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TSB Endorses: The Jersey Knit Button-Down

Firstly, my apologies for the slower-than-usual content lately. As mentioned, we recently brought on a couple new team members and we’ve been spending most of our days plotting and scheming to bring you a whole new TSBmen in the near future. More on all that soon-ish. Lately I’ve been keeping the articles true to my […]


Casual Sartorial: T-Shirts & Trousers

Since moving out West I’ve been trying to find clever ways to combine my east coast tailoring roots with the casual culture of sunny Los Angeles. Last week I wore almost exclusively this: t-shirt, trousers, loafers, simple accessories. It’s a great in-between look that has a casual attitude, but an overall sharpness. Here’s two quick examples […]


Fashion is for Fun feat. the Durimel Twins

Alex and I had just driven from NYC to Los Angeles when we met the Durimel twins. My late grandma’s Impala was still packed with camping gear and dusted with sand from our cross-country road trip. But we did it. We had finally arrived. This was our new home, even though we only knew a […]


Getting Freaky In My Dashiki

It’s amazing what you can find in the back of some vintage and second-hand shops. I often go goodwill hunting without searching for anything in particular, this way I can keep an open mind and try to find something “new”. The other day I was rummaging through a vintage warehouse in downtown Los Angeles when […]

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Hollywood Entrepreneur Style feat. Jelani Johnson

Jelani Johnson is an Ivy Leaguer, a world traveler, and an entrepreneur carving out his own space in Hollywood.  Although we crossed paths at Columbia University, we didn’t spend much time together on campus. He was wrapped up with classes and councils, and I with basketball and the discovery of fashion in NYC. When I […]


Brown Summer Suits feat. the New TSB Team

I started TSBmen, or The Style Blogger, as a hobby during my senior year of college. It started simply as an outlet for some creative writing and an opportunity to share my unfiltered thoughts on men’s fashion.  Thanks to all of you, I’ve been fortunate to watch the site grow tremendously over the past few […]

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Monochromatic Tailoring

Pairing shirts and ties can be tricky. Next time don’t bother. Forget pattern-mixing, a stronger statement is to keep everything patternless and in the same color family. Here are three color inspirations for monochromatic tailoring that are sure to make you the suavest guy in the room. Greens You already know I’m a big fan […]