Upgrade Your Jeans: The Casual Trouser

As you may have read on TSBmen in the past, I almost never wear denim in the summer. Denim is a thick and rigid fabric that is not meant for hot days. As the weather in NYC gradually begins to cool down, however, I’ve been dusting off my selvedge and getting reacquainted with some of […]

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How to Wear A Suit Jacket as a Blazer

Last week we received the same question from three different readers: can a suit jacket be worn as a blazer (say, with jeans) and what’s the secret to pulling it off? The answer is YES…IF it’s the right type of jacket. Here everyone’s favorite smooth criminal Wes helps us break it down. Some traditionalists will tell you […]

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The Return of the Gentleman’s Case

Classic menswear has been booming. It’s great to see guys – especially young guys – appreciating things like hand-tailored suits and benchmade shoes. I’m talking investment pieces that have the potential to last a lifetime. One thing I’ve noticed, though, is that briefcases have remained very casual and flimsy across the board. I rarely see […]


Tailoring for the Weekend feat. Neil Watson

The menswear world is a small one. You go to enough events, trade shows, parties, etc. and you start to see the same familiar faces. Introduce yourself and you’ll also learn that you have five mutual friends in the business. That’s what happened with Neil Watson. Alex and I first bumped into him at the […]

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Fall Color Ideas: Browns & Greens

The team and I have been busy in NYC with meetings and fashion week events, so today I’m starting a quick series on color palettes. As the seasons change, so should the colors, fabrics, and textures of your wardrobe. Today we highlight one of my favorite combos for Fall: browns & greens. Here’s some looks […]

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When is it Too Late for Linen?

It’s great to be back in NYC. Every time I come back I feel newly inspired by the energy of the city, and the people-watching is off the charts as always. It’s been very humid over the past couple of days, though, so Wes and I have been wearing linen fabrics almost exclusively. The other […]

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Lightweight Tweed feat. Angel Ramos

We’re back in NYC for fashion week; attending shows, catching up with our East coast crew, and shooting some early Fall content. Now that we’re spending a lot of time in Los Angeles, it’s always fun to come back and hang with our New York friends. One guy that I always look forward to catching-up […]

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How to Build a Smart Suit Wardrobe

Building a smart wardrobe is one of the most important investments a man can make. The compound benefits over time are truly immeasurable. Like any smart investment, it should involve research, planning, and efficient execution. I went through the TSBmen archives and put together a brief guide to building a tailored wardrobe. The keys to success are […]


The Tailor Game feat. Rich Freshman

Meet my new friend Rich Freshman, West Hollywood tailor and clothier. Growing up in Memphis, he learned the value of dressing like a gentleman early in life. “I taught myself to sew at 13 because of a crush I had on this girl. I was a kind of geeky kid, and i didn’t dress very […]


August Giveaway Top Ten – Vote!

It’s that time again! Time to VOTE for your favorite style entry to our August Menswear Giveaway - and tell us why in the comments! One winner will receive ALL SIX items that we’ve personally reviewed from our sponsors: 1. Handmade gentleman’s umbrella by Passotti Umbrelli Nothing says ‘gentleman’ like pulling out a handmade stick umbrella in the rain. This Italian version is sophisticated, edgy, and […]


Round Metal Shades Will Change Your Whole Look

No accessory in menswear impacts your overall look more than a pair of sunglasses; they’re often the focal point of an outfit and can add some distinct character. So rather than sticking to the same-old “updated version” of a wayfarer or aviator shape, consider trying something with a little more edge. Lately I’ve been loving […]

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It’s a Custom World: Made-to-Order Monkstraps

The bespoke suit has become the Holy Grail of menswear. In the suiting world, you know you’ve “made it” once you have an experienced tailor slanging a measuring tape around your body for 30+ data points. It’s a man thing. It’s been a man thing. Thanks to the internet and a new generation of tech-savvy and style-hungry […]


“If You See It, It’s Already Real” feat. Ali of A Noble Savage

I fell asleep on the train. I wasn’t sure how long I had been sitting there, but I was officially in Brooklyn and my stop was next. Still in a slight daze I exited the subway station and walked for a few blocks. According to my virtual map, I had arrived. But this couldn’t be […]

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Discovering New Menswear Brands

One of the joys of managing TSBmen is discovering new menswear brands. Since the “menswear boom” started there have been hundreds of new lines popping up, and they are becoming more and more niche in their aesthetic and product offering. As you may know, I love traditional menswear items that are re-invented with a cross-cultural […]

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Who Wore it Best: Tattersall by Hamilton Shirts

We’ve been very busy behind the scenes preparing to relaunch a whole new TSBmen, but rule #1 of the TSBmen office remains: always bring your ‘A’ game. Alex, Wes and I recently met the good folks behind legendary shirt makers Hamilton and came to an agreement on a custom shirting fabric for our next edition of “Who […]